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The Problem with Living in Germany

13 May

I seem to not be conform with the German standard in more ways than one. For example, I haven’t watched real TV in at least half a year except for the snippets I get when I visit my grandma. Not that I don’t watch TV shows like there’s no tomorrow but I can’t do this the right way. German TV translates every show into German which delays their broadcasting to at least half a year or never. The West Wing for example was never broadcast on free TV over here and the show has been off the air for 7 years.

And I don’t want the translated version, I want the original voices and jokes and references. I don’t understand how we can live in the 21st century and not have found a way to allow broadcasting a show in two languages at once. Why is this not possible? I don’t think I’m being unreasonable here. Maybe I could even deal with the time delay and I don’t care for add breaks but it just bothers me that the translation is thrown upon me. Not that they are all bad but it’s just not the same. Watching FRIENDS in German is a real challenge because the voices of Ross and Phoebe make me want to throw stuff at my TV.

The next big issue I have is finding english books in bookstores. Granted, I live in a city with about 120,000 inhabitants, not that big but I can be lucky to at least have an international section in most bookstores. Most of the books I read are written in English so why should I not read them in their original language? Not unreasonable right? But here’s the problem, the books I want to buy are not available there.

Every time I pass a bookstore I have to go in and take a look around because I really can’t help myself in that regard. The last couple of months I have taken it upon me to look for John Green’s books. I’ve been to 3 stores semi-regularly and I’ve never found one of his books, in German or English, until today. In bookstore number 3 I found two copies of ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ in English. Huzzah!!

Still, this makes me sad because it has taken me many months to find this and the last time I was in the same store they didn’t have it. But hey, why would you even want a John Green book when you can have the Fifty Shades trilogy in both English and German wherever you look? There are enough of those books on display to last you as toilet paper for an entire year which is the most useful thing to do with them, really.

Not all of Germany is this terrible though, when you get to bigger cities the international sections expand. Last December when I was in Frankfurt I found a whole store with international and mostly English books. It was like walking into heaven. But the thing is, I cannot travel to Frankfurt any time I want to buy an English book. Sure I could order them at any local bookstore but then I’d have to go their first to order and another time to pick them up. Sorry, no, too much trouble. So I order most books and DVDs from Amazon. Hate me all you want for their destruction of the publishing world and whatnot. At least they have every book I want and I can also pick the format. (Yes, I am that person who checks the measurements of the books to see what size they are because some english publications come in very weird formats.)

There’s Amazon Germany and they ship my books free of charge no matter the size of the order. And if they don’t have the DVDs I want, or they are way too expensive I can go to Amazon UK and order my complete box-set of The West Wing or Doctor Who series 1-4 there and it’s almost as fast as ordering in Germany but usually much cheaper even with the added delivery charge.

I just seem to live in the wrong language for my own good. Why must I be this demanding? I have a couple of books and DVDs I tend to look for in the respective stores that allow me to rank them in my own little universe. Thanks for reading my ramblings as I am now done with my anger. Phew, it feels good getting things off my chest like this.


No, 30 Rock, why do you have to leave me?

1 Feb

Yesterday the last episode ever of 30 Rock was broadcast and I feel like this:

lemon crying

I don’t want it to end. It’s one of my all time favourite shows because it was funny and smart and nerdy and just everything. ALL THE FEEELS!!! Tina Fey is the woman I want to be one day, well, kind of. Except for the being on TV part. She is smart, sassy and incredibly funny and talented and she loves Star Wars!! I on the other hand have no talent for purposefully making a fool out of myself or doing it with style.

I could write so many things about this show but I won’t. 7 seasons is an alright run, well for Comedy it’s rather short but overall it was good. The show never was a ratings hit much to my dismay so I’m glad it even stayed on this long. It coined so many wonderful phrases and catchwords that I’ll celebrate with my favourite 30 Rock and Liz Lemon/Tina Fey moments in a gif-parade. Sorry if you expected more but my little heart is broken and I don’t know what to do in the future except re-watch 30 Rock, maybe. But it’s just not the same. There will never be a new episode *imagine the Piano of eternal sadness playing in the background*

bad ideas

That’s right, the Jack and Liz bromance has taught me everything about business and life that I’ll ever need to know.

I want to go to there

Blergh, I never go to there.

Running for food, duh!


I especially agree to the staying in more part.

stride of pride

Yup, Stride of Pride, that’s how I roll!



Liz struggles through 7 years, trying to have it all, love, a fulfilling job, friends, a family. And in the end, guess what? She’s got it all! Liz Lemon is my spirit animal! Also, she got married while dressed as Princess Leia. GAH!!



(Maybe, when I’m not so sad about this show ending and I have more time (LOL) I will do a best quotes post because there sure are a lot of them. Maybe, maybe…but don’t get your hopes up)

If you were looking for something more substantial from me today, I was asked to do my first guest post (YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY) by my lovely friend Anju so be sure to head over to her blog and check that out. It’s about actual dreams and what happens to my dream-stalkers.

I Want More Veronica Mars!

27 Jan

You want to know how I spent my weekend? Watching season 3 of Veronica Mars while nursing my sore throat back to health. Now I’m out of episodes and that just makes me sad because this show was awesome and should have continued.

In the beginning, I was not so sure, the whole Lily Kane murder thing was a bit much to deal with and there was so much story the viewer wasn’t aware of yet while being aware of the fact that there was a lot of backstory to where the show started. The characters were great, first and foremost of course Miss Mars herself. That is a sassy, smart woman and if I had known her in real life, I would have totally been at her mercy because she is the epitome of cool to me. Maybe this is due to me wanting to be a PI ever since I was a little kid.

Veronica Mars to me is like Buffy but without the magic and vampires but with criminals and crooks instead. What is better than Buffy though, is the parent-kid relationship of the main character. Since I’m re-watching Buffy thanks to SnarkSquad, I’ve come to be very judgmental about Buffy’s mom Joyce. She is a negligent parent, sometimes a real bad mother and rarely a decent one. Keith Mars on the other Hand is pretty awesome and I want to trade in my scumbag father for him.

Keith is genuinely interested in his daughter’s life, doesn’t always approve of what she is doing but never fails to come through for her, protect and rescue her. There have been rare moments I didn’t approve of his character which is much more than I can say for Joyce Summers.

Veronica goes through a lot of relationships in these 3 little seasons and the whole Duncan-Logan-on-again-off-again-thing gets a tad annoying at times but I can deal with it because I got crimes and teenage drama to disturb me from it.  There is usually a big case that spans through the whole season and in most episodes a little piece is added to the puzzle, leading to a conclusion in the finale.

Have I already mentioned how much I love the characters? Yes? Well, let me say that again. The characters and the cast are fantastic. Wallace, Veronica’s BFF is a great dude, then there is Mack, the computer geek whom I’d like to hang out with if she were real. Veronica’s dad of course. Weevil, the gangsta-kid who really is an old softie and has a big soft spot for Veronica. Seriously, I love them all!

There have also been a long list of great guest stars on the show, such as Charisma Carpenter, Alyson Hannigan, Amanda Seyfried, Max Greenfield, Ed Begley jr., Matt Czuchry, The Todd and Keith from Scrubs, Dianna Agron and Paris Hilton. One episode even featured George-Micheal Bluth and Maeby Bluth from Arrested Development, which was completely freaky. And there are more but I leave you at this.

One of the best things of season 2 you ask? Um, Charisma Carpenter in her bikinis!

One of the best things of season 2 you ask? Um, Charisma Carpenter in her bikinis!

Aside from the crime fighting, which, let’s be honest would never sustain in real life, they are a bunch of teenagers and go through stuff we all can relate to in one way or another. There’s the peer pressure, not belonging to the cool kids, unwanted pregnancies, coming outs and so on.

I’m also in love with the opening credits, well, mostly the song by the Dandy Warhols.

I leave this requiem review with one of the best quotes…um…ok…the only one I can actually remember at the moment:

It’s like you’re this giant jackass piñata, begging for someone to beat the candy out of you.

Ryan Murphy, We’re Done!

24 Jan

There is a reason behind me watching the shows I watch or have watched in the past. It may be a recommendation by a friend or the internet, an actress I like that is playing a role in it, the fact that my friends talk about it non-stop and I need to watch it so I can talk with them, there being lesbians or non-canon-canon shippable couples or I liked another show from the same creator and so on. The list is endless.

For example, I watched Friends because it’s awesome and it was on TV back in the days when there still were new episodes. And bestfriendboy made me watch Scrubs and I loved that too, so I started watching Cougar Town (that I made bestfriendboy watch and he loved it) which is from the same creator, Bill Lawrence, as Scrubs and stars his real life wife, Christa Miller, who also appeared in both shows. What completes the circle is is Courtney Cox from Friends and now on Cougar Town who also made a little stop on Scrubs. There a many other examples of this but I will spare you the details.

Coming back to why I’m actually writing this, so far, I’ve watched 3 Ryan Murphy shows for various reasons. My first was Glee, it was a sensation when it came out (remember those days? me neither) and lured me in with it’s singing and dancing and sometimes good dialogue, mostly delivered by Sue Sylvester and Santana. Then I watched a part of Nip/Tuck because Portia de Rossi (whom I first saw on Ally McBeal way back in the days) had a story arc playing a lesbian and because it’s Portia. And last but not least, there is American Horror Story Asylum which I watched for Clea DuVall and Sarah Paulson being lesbians and the amazingness that is Sarah Paulson whom I loved on Studio 60.

Aside from being all created by Ryan Murphy these shows share another trait, their very short expiration date.

Glee lost it’s appeal to me halfway through season 2 and is now unbearable. When they have the New!Rachel, I think her name is Marley, convinced that she is too fat thus giving her anorexia and bulimia things are not ok with me. Also, Sue lost her bite, Santana had to graduate, move away and break up with Brittany. Kurt and Blaine broke up because things got stupid and don’t even get me started on Mr. Schue. Murphy basically recycled the characters that graduated at the end of season 3 and substituted them with new actors and new names, not much more. Except for Santana, as far as I know, there is no New!Santana as she is impossible to replace but it also makes me sad.

I don’t know much about Nip/Tuck, only that I was glad when I was finally through with Portia’s episodes because that show was really crazy and not my type of show. The few, around 10-ish, episodes I watched started out rather good but ended terribly. It felt like everyone slept with everyone at least once up to the point where it got even worse than Grey’s Anatomy. Bestfriendboy watched season 1 and 2 last summer even though I strongly advised him not to and after he was through he told me I was right.

And then there is my current Murphy nightmare, American Horror Story Asylum. It started out scary, what I of course expected and was ok with. But, and there’s a big BUT, the way the show turned out to be, is just a big NO! NONONONONONOOOOOOOO!! Sure it has some good scenes, the actors are fantastic but the horrors of a 1960s mental institution run by the Catholic Church combined with women abducting and impregnating aliens is just too much for me. One or the other I could have gone with but both combined was just a weird clusterfuck of craziness. I mean, how hard is it to choose one? For me, the alien part was completely unnecessary, the writers should better have focused on one of those things instead of both. Oh, and then there was also the ex-Nazi doc now doing weird experiments with the helpless inmates of the Asylum essentially turning them into zombies, a serial killer hidden as the harmless looking psychiatrist and the devil taking over the soul and body of a helpless nun. All of that in just 13 short episodes.

Actually I was ok with AHSAsylum until the second to last episode. The characters, mostly that of Sarah Paulson, started to act so out of character it was unbearable. After watching the season finale I’m a bit more gracious towards AHS because that was a great episode all in all but it makes its predecessor stand out even more. There was not a lot in it that was needed and it hurt more than it helped. I cannot shake the feeling of it being a filler-episode but whatever.

Lana Winters, aka Sara Paulson’s character, was back to her sassy self, I might say the best one she ever was and it is congruent with how she acted throughout the season except that dreadful episode. The alien-storyline still left me kind of baffled. It was never fully explained and I truly do not understand why it was necessary at all to be included.

Still, even after having reconciled with AHSAsylum, I’m still done with all Ryan Murphy shows. He may tease me with fantastic actresses, such as Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson, lesbians and singing but I made a decision not to give him another chance. I just reached the point where the good bits don’t outweigh the bad ones and that is that. I walk away from Murphy’s shows and I am fine.

<\end rant>

Can I be re-born as a Special Agent?

1 Dec

As I spent November talking about books, I will kick off December with fangirling over NCIS.

Two weeks ago, I got the overwhelming urge to watch the first two seasons of NCIS because those were the episodes with Special Agent Caitlin ‘Kate’ Todd, played by Sasha Alexander. I’ve never been into the CSI franchise, it never sounded appealing or I never liked an actor/actress that was in more than one episode of it, so I never felt the urge to watch them. I am however no stranger to police procedurals. As you can see NCIS was not that far out of my comfort zone. It was also my luck, that Agent Todd was in the first 2 seasons, so I didn’t have to go through hundreds of episodes to get to where I wanted to be.

NCIS started back in 2003 and is currently running its tenth season, I’m a little late to the party again. In the beginning I didn’t expect much of this show but the pilot episode was mostly playing inside of Air Force One with Agent Todd being on POTUS’ protection detail with the Secret Service and I was SOLD! This was so awesome. A fitting black suit and her handling a gun, what more could I ask for?! Also, the storyline was not as flat as I expected and all the other characters were pretty cool too.


There is Abby, the forensic genius working for NCIS and Ducky, their M.E. Oh Ducky, you’re so adorable!! I ended up watching the 48 episodes in a week while I still watched other shows and went to uni. To my surprise, I was never disappointed with the writing, well most of the times not. There is still that season 1 finale that puzzles me a bit (well, not so much after watching it again but still a bit) but overall it was good. I was especially pleased by the way they handled Kate’s death in the beginning of season 3.

Kate gets shot by this terrorist that showed up first halfway through season 1. His name was Ari and he held Ducky, his assistant Gerald and later Kate hostage in the morgue. Kate being the kind of badass Special Agent that she was, attempted to kill him but couldn’t. Not because of lack of opportunity but because she hesitated, she saw good in his eyes and couldn’t go through with it. It was implied that she got emotionally attached to him, like Stockholm Syndrome, but that would have probably taken longer than a couple of hours to develop. Ari reappears in a couple of more episodes and kills Kate in the season 2 finale. She had just jumped in front of a bullet in order to protect Gibbs, her boss, (she WAS wearing a Kevlar west but still) and the team is happy that all of them survived the terrorist attack when out of nowhere, a shot to the head hits Kate. Roll end credits!


The beginning of season 3 handles the aftermath of the shooting. Gibbs furiously tries to hunt down Ari but has to prove first that he actually was the killer. Meanwhile Ghost!Kate stays around and haunts her colleagues. This was all sorts of fantastic in my opinion. McGee, Tony, Ducky, Abby and Gibbs all remember her or fantasise about her in different ways that are so fitting to both Kate’s character but also the one she is appearing to.

Kate: “We’re NCIS agents, there’s a chance one of us might die everytime we walk through the door.”

Gibbs is literally haunted by Ghost!Kate because he feels responsible for her death even though it was highly likely due to her job. It’s a risk every police officer, soldier or agent accepts in order to do their jobs, save lives or protect lives and rights of others.

McGee is too scared to look at Kate’s body until the very end but Ghost!Kate appears as Trinity in front of him #amazing. Ducky performs the autopsy on Kate and as is his habit (he talks to the body’s of the victims on his table) he speaks to Kate but shock: Ghost!Kate answers him. Tony has inappropriate thoughts of Kate in her catholic school girl uniform and who can blame him. It’s both sad and funny. As is, when Ghost!Kate appears in full goth costume to Abby. The two of them together always had fantastic chemistry.

I admire strong female characters and a female ex-Secret Service now Special Agent for NCIS is definitely a strong character. She’s a badass, handles her gun like a pro and is a member of the boys club, her gender doesn’t matter much in her performance as an Agent.

See, all kinds of badassery going on here

There’s for instance the scene where Kate and McGee wrestle and Kate is totally kicking his ass. It’s perfect! They get to do so many cool things, like fly on all sorts of military aircrafts, go on a submarine, jump down from heights, be on aircraft carriers and so on. I want to do all of those things!!! But then again, I’m the kind of girl that stares dreamily at big cranes and dredges because they are amazing and huge and all sorts of cool. I can’t even imagine how awesome an aircraft carrier is. The thing is HUGE and planes land on it and it FLOATS on water, you know, without sinking. I could go on and on but I will restrain myself for now.

There is only one scene I really have issues with. Tony, Kate and Gibbs are on a shooting range, this is somewhere in season 1, and they have to do practice shots or something. In order to make both of them take more care with their aim, he sticks a valuable item for each of them on the hostage’s face so they will only shoot the bad guy. But Kate misses and shoots her Palm-Pilot instead. I don’t believe this. Kate is supposed to be ex Secret Service, she was on the freaking protection detail of the President but she cannot not shoot her Palm Pilot under ideal situations on a shooting range? This really bothers me! Unless she is the one who jumps in front of the bullet for the President, she should have been able to take out any person that was trying to kill the President under stress and in a crowd and everything but she can’t? Maybe POTUS should be afraid if that is what his detail is made of. #justsaying

There are also a lot of great quotes, Tony and Kate banter and bicker a lot which is funny. Here are some of my favourites:

Kate: I earned my jock strap.
Gibbs: Ever give you that empty feeling?
Kate: What?
Gibbs: Your jock strap.
Kate: No, like some species of frogs, I grow what I need

Kate: What’s your clearance?
Confidential? What’d you do, kill someone in high school?
Hah! Funny, Kate. No, they screwed up my paperwork with another agent’s.
Apparently, DiNozzo died in a car crash last month. Very tragic.
 Gibbs’ll get in. He’s got clearance that’ll let him see the dead aliens at Area 51.
Kate: ‘Cause he probably killed them

Tony: Have you ever been in a men’s room before?
Kate: No. Have you?

Kate: Oh!
Abby: Are you all right?
Kate: Gibbs is driving.
Abby: I’m saying a prayer in many languages.

Gibbs: [while Agent Todd is talking to Tony about sleeping with a gun under her pillow] You sleep with a gun?
Kate: Well… ah… yes.
Gibbs: [impressed] Good girl.

Kate: Give it five seconds.
McGee: Until what?
Kate: Until he notices there’s a…
Tony: Bikini contest!

Tony: Come on Kate, you’re only going 10 miles over the limit!
Kate: And that’s pushing it.
Tony: What good’s it being an armed Federal Agent, if you can’t drive fast?
Kate: You get to shoot bad guys!
Tony: True.

Abby: Even though the drive was reformatted, all the information it contained is still here. It’s just a matter of Humpty-Dumptying it.
Tony: I thought they couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again.
Kate: That’s because the king only had horses and *men*.
[Abby snickers]

I wish I could do all those things Special Agents or cops do, wear a service weapon, get to shoot it, fly on Marine One, Air Force One, tackle criminals and so on. Sadly though, I’m not a badass like that and also, life is no TV show. Believe me, I know that. Nevertheless my inner kid never let completely go of the dream of being in law enforcement or becoming a P.I. So maybe, in my next life, I will be reborn as a Special Agent…or a cockroach *hmpf* #karma

A new Season is upon us!

4 Oct

No, not speaking about autumn, although I love it. Leaves changing colour and the air that is not yet winter but isn’t summer anymore either. It’s gorgeous except when it rains like this morning and you start to think about how to best build an ark #truestory

What comes with autumn though, is the new TV season which means a TV junkie like me gets to see all his precious shows return to the screen, along with many new shows to explore. This year, I’m a little late to the party, it took me some weeks to catch up with everything TV-wise that was already going on but I finally got caught up this week, thanks to the national holiday in Germany yesterday. (Side-note: Yes, yesterday was the Mean Girls day but it was also the day we Germans celebrate the re-unification of our very own country, which happened on October 3rd, 1989. You’re welcome for that history lesson btw)

Continuing with what I wanted to write about (yep, sometimes there is an actual point to my posts), here’s what I watch right now:


So, so good. I love this show to pieces and all their characters! It saddens me though, that Haddie left for College and is not featured as regularly than she was before. Also, Kristina’s breast cancer hits a little bit too close to home after my last 2 years but I won’t let it keep me from enjoying one of my favourite shows.
Also, also, what will become of Sarah’s fiancée considering she has quite some chemistry with her new boss. They’re more age appropriate for each other as well *fingerscrossed*


Same as Parenthood. Cannot get enough of Brennan, Booth and the hot Angela. Now that Booth and Brennan are finally an item with baby and all I’m looking forward to their whole new dynamic.


It’s annyoing as ever but I can’t get away. They sing, you know? So, I’m hooked until they pull a Grey’s Anatomy on me. The new McKinley High students that joined the choir this year are just replacements for those who left the school. Sorry, but Marley is so set up to be the next Rachel. Unique will be a combination of Kurt and Mercedes. Also, 3 episodes without a real appearance by Santana is just wrong. I don’t care much for Brittany without Santana. Same goes for Blaine, he’s just boring without Kurt. Really, Kurt and Rachel are my favourites and I like that they reunited in New York. Although I’m dreading all that Finn drama which is coming our way but ok. Let’s hope it blows over quickly.

New Girl

Adorable, but I mostly watch because Schmitt is hilarious and CeCe is HOT! Jess and Nick are the characters I like least, I know it sounds stupid but what can I do?! This whole will-they-won’t-they set-up has just been done too much.

How I Met Your Mother

Please, let Barney and Robin marry and tell us who that damn mother is! Love it though! Just bought Season 1 on DVD which is a huge commitment from my standpoint. What I’ve seen so far was hilarious and I can’t wait to see the rest of the season and hope it’s as good. Need a 1 minute recap of all seasons? Let Barney help you with that:


Eh, I think Season 1 was probably enough for me. Will try watching another episode and then I think I’m done. Too much intrigue for my liking. I probably already fell off the wagon a couple episodes before the season 1 finale.

30 Rock

Tonight the final season will begin and I’m sad, oh so sad, about this because it means I will not see Tina Fey on a regular basis anymore. I don’t know how many times I watched this show but it’s a lot and I can only hope that the end of 30 Rock will allow Tina to make more movies like Mean Girls. At least she’s under contract with Universal for a couple of more years. We will have to see what that brings.

Also, here’s the Liz Lemon Guide to Life and Love. It’s perfect!

Go On

This is a new show on NBC staring Matthew Perry, also known as Chandler from Friends. His new character, Ryan, just lost his wife and has to deal with all his emotional shit by going to a transitional help group which is very, very funny. I laughed a lot and cannot wait for more episodes to come. NBC just gave this show a full season order which is all I can ask for at the moment. It’s much better than Perry’s last year show Mr. Sunshine which, despite it’s great cast, just wasn’t so well rounded and funny.

The New Normal

Is a new show by Ryan Murphy, the dude who created Glee, yes. This gay couple wants to have a child so they look for a surrogate who turns out to come from a family of women who get pregnant as teens. She’s 25, has a 9 year-old daughter and a grandmother who is such a Republican, it’s basically the best thing about the show. Leisha Hailey will do a story arc soon, so I’m sold!

Cougar Town

My favourite cul-de-sac-crew will be back in January and it’s gonna be awesome because all they ever do is hang out, have fun and get drunk. Seriously, what is not to like about that? It’ll be interesting to see what the switch from ABC to TBS  changed for the show, or if it changed anything. Here’s your 30 second recap of the entire show.

And another adorable clip where they all sing.

Rizzoli & Isles

Those lovely ladies will be back in the beautiful month of November with 5 more episodes to their 3rd season. They’ll probably still not go canon but for that the gods invented fan fiction and subtext recaps on afterellen.com

The newest promo photo is just such a tease, candlelight, them staring at each other…

Rizzoli and Isles

5 Aug

There’s so much on my mind and it’s mostly dark so what I do is dive into fictional worlds. In the last weeks, I grew to love the TNT show ‘Rizzoli and Isles’. It’s similar to Bones so I really had no chance of not liking this show.

I don’t really want to get into summarising the whole show here. But, maybe just real quick…Jane Rizzoli is a homicide detective in Boston and Dr. Maura Isles is the Chief Medical Examiner for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Together they fight crime but mostly it’s a show about their friendship.

The case of the week is usually not the most interesting thing about the episodes but that’s exactly how I like it. I never watched Bones or Crossing Jordan for the cases but for the connections between the main characters. To see their friendships, impending heartache and whatnot unfold.

Rizzoli and Isles are supposed to be heterosexual characters and that is fine by me. Only, they have more sexual tension with each other than with any other male character on the show. But no they’re so straight! Sure. Except when they stare longingly into each others eyes, touch each other over and over or fall asleep next to each other in bed. Just stuff good friends do, right? Um, no?!

And would it be so bad if these two gorgeous women would actually hook up with each other? The show is set in Boston after all…they could even get married #justsaying

But I am getting too far ahead of myself here. It took Booth and Brennan a long time to acknowledge their feelings for each other so there’s still hope, right? Until then I’ll just enjoy watching these two being just ‘friends’ and reading the hilarious subtext recaps on afterellen.com Because, believe it or not, there can be a lot of subtext in just 40 minutes of television :D And one can never get enough of Angie Harmon holding a gun *fainting*

So, I’ve never been a fangirl, never read fanfiction until now. Maybe that’s because until now the pairs I liked to see happening in TV shows actually had a chance of happening and eventually did happen. But these two? I’m not sure if they will ever go canon. Luckily there’s a lot of fanfiction out on the interwebs about them. I’m not alone in wanting them to be a couple, which is good.

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