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Aaron Sorkin = Genius

26 Jun

I’ve been in love with Aaron Sorkin’s writing since the first episode I watched of Studio 60 which led me to watch the whole show, then The West Wing and Sports Night afterwards. I even watched The Social Network just because he wrote it but I believe his talents are put to better use writing TV shows. So it’s completely natural that I wanted to check out his new HBO show called The Newsroom. I love how Aaron Sorkin’ themes are always about behind-the-scenes stuff. He shows us little worlds most of us will never get the chance to get a glimpse into.

And he had me, from the moment Will McAvoy starts to explain to the college girl why the US is NOT the best country in the world. He sends of a stream of reasons, words put together, forming sentences and I knew immediately, this is why I love his writing. Sorkin is simply a genius when I comes to putting words together into sentences. 8 minutes in I knew I’d love this show.

Then Emily Mortimer walked in and I thought I didn’t like her because I only ever saw her on 30 Rock but boy was I wrong. She is perfect for the role of Mackenzie MacHale, the new EP for Wills news show. Along with her adorable accents she brings in a woman that can stand up to Will which is what every good show needs. Two characters who stand eye to eye when the fight for what they think is right.

I won’t recap this episode in regards to content, you should just watch it, the 1 hour and 13 minutes will breeze by with witty dialogue and a quick pace that is astounding. I’ve been drawn to quick shows since I started watching Gilmore Girls and it amazes me that people can get words out of their mouths so fast.

There are so many things happening all at once during this episode and it’s amazing, it produces an energy and you feel the world is a better place because this show is in it. It’s the same feeling I had after I watched the pilot of the West Wing.

I hope that The Newsroom can live up to its fantastic pilot episode and that it will bring many more of these great hours of television to me and the rest of the world.

I would love to gush on about how much I adore Aaron Sorkin and his writing abilities but I have to leave for a performance soon so I’ll have to leave you with this incomplete assessment of his new show. Just go and watch it, you won’t be sorry!


My all-time favorite shows

16 Mar

When it’s Friday afternoon and you feel sleepy even though you didn’t do anything real that day, it’s time for a new blog post. Maybe it’s also just me, procrastinating some more since I know any attempt at studying would be a colossal waste of time at the moment. After all, I do know my brain (though a little less lately, if it were a computer, it would desperately need a reboot). So here it comes, the essence of my tired mind.

As you may have already figured, I love (and by that I mean really LOVE) TV shows and I wanted to put together a list of the shows I love the most. I don’t know exactly where this will end (like with every post I write) but I’m going to try it.

The West Wing

I fell in love with this show very late in relation to it’s original air date but what can I say, it never aired on german TV, so it took some time to eventually stumble upon it on the net.

The West Wing was created by genius Aaron Sorkin, (creator of Sports Night, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and writer of The Social Network) and lasted for 7 seasons on NBC.

For those of you, not familiar with the show I’ll try to give a short summary of it. The show centers around fictional, democratic (of course, duh!) President, or POTUS, Josiah ‘Jed’ Bartlett (Martin Sheen), his close staff and family located in the West Wing of the White House. Together they have to deal with the day to day crisis of running the most important office of the USA while encountering problems as everyone does at their own job. I love it when Josh Lyman (Deputy Chief of Staff portrayed by Bradley Whitford) screws up a press briefing simply cause he thinks he has it in his pocket, or when he goes on-line and finds this fan site of himself and he’s almost overthrowing the government. One of my favorite characters is Press Secretary C.J. Cregg (played by Allison Janney) who later becomes Chief of Staff. She’s a strong, smart and confident women, what more do I need say more?! I could go on and on, but that is not the point here.
These characters made me  believe in governments and I know more about american politics than german ones, thanks to them. I’m a proud owner of an all seasons boxset I ordered off Amazon.co.uk because I just had to have it, to enjoy the show over and over and over again. It’s simply THAT good.


I really shouldn’t have to tell you what this show is about, if you don’t know it, seriously?! Where did you grow up? Me, I grew up watching reruns of this show every day of the week anxiously awaiting new episodes. Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, Joey, Rachel and Ross are part of my family, I still watch them on DVD. Just last Sunday, my best friend and I sat down to watch a couple of episodes since I had a rough couple of days and they were the only DVDs he had with him at his parents house. It doesn’t matter which of the 10 seasons we turn into, we know them that well and still laugh at the jokes. I must be in the double-digist in my viewing them, but they never get old. I remember when I was on a school-trip in Leeds in 11th grade and I had to buy season 10 there since they already had DVDs out when it hadn’t even begun to air over here. It’s also the time I started watching them in English and not dubbed as everything is here by default (I hate it, and it’s probably why I don’t watch a lot of real TV anymore).

Gilmore Girls

I know, there may be better shows out there and whatever but I love them. Actually I am currently in season 6 out of 7 re-viewing them, I haven’t done this in maybe two years because I was watching other shows and re-watching some other old ones. I like season 7 the least since it’s the one show-runner and creator Amy Sherman-Palladino left and it just wasn’t the same after that. Nevertheless, I enjoy the show, still! Although I was Rory’s age when they first appeared on TV over here, I always liked Lorelai more, she is just amazingly strange. I don’t even notice that they talk particularly fast, for me it seems normal, maybe because I tend to speed-talk myself or because I watched them so many times.
A big part of the show are references to mostly 80s and 90s pop culture trivia and it’s always fun to see if you get it and know WTH they are talking about or not.


Another show I didn’t appreciate while it was on TV, only later. But I made up for it, big time, I can tell you! Haha. Although it’s a comedy about interns in a hospital it never failed to portray the hard parts of being a doctor. It was silly a lot of the times and then suddenly made a cut and was really serious. It never felt wrong though, which I think is amazing. Creator Bill Lawrence did an outstanding job with it. To be fair, I don’t include season 9 of Med School in Scrubs. For me, Scrubs was over with the finale of season 8, the rest was ok if you think of it as it’s own show and a disaster when you consider it to be a season 9.
This, along with FRIENDS is a show I can always watch with best friend boy. We know it so well but never fail to laugh about the same jokes over and over again.

30 Rock

Ah, how I love Tina Fey! She is smart and funny and don’t even get me started on her portrayal of Sarah Palin.  From week to week I’m awaiting new episodes to see what ridiculous thing happens next on TGS and if Jack’s wife Avery will ever be released from North Korea. This show is rather new in comparison to the others I mentioned before, but I still managed to watch it like 3 times at least by now.
Sometimes I think, Liz Lemon and me are not so different, well of course she is over the top crazy but in a sweet and lovable way. Who wouldn’t want to set Jenna and Tracy on fire sometimes if you had to deal with them on a daily basis? Also Liz’s love for the original Star Wars movies makes her dear to my heart. What a geek.
The show is an assembly of strange characters, especially Kenneth the Page who now works for Standards&Practices (oh, my!) and they couldn’t be more different but they still manage to come off as this family although they would maybe disagree when asked.
I’m looking forward to find out, how long the show can stay on the air, since NBC has troubles with it’s whole program and 30 Rock is not really a ratings magnet. Will Jack rise to the top again? Who knows, but I hope we will see it in the future. After all, NBC was very gracious with this show so far on the numerous occasions 30 Rock made fun of it’s network, for example when Conan left or NBC was acquired by Comcast.  You can’t throw a thing like this away, NBC!

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

My second favorite Sorkin show that unfortunately only lasted one season. It’s the counterpart to 30 Rock. Both shows started around the same time, both on NBC with a similar premise only one was a comedy the other one more of a drama. As 30 Rock managed to gain an audience Studio 60 didn’t and was axed.
It’s about a late night sketch comedy show like SNL which has to start anew after the producer Wes gets on live camera saying the show is crap, the writing is not good anymore and Standards&Practices is embarrassing itself because they don’t allow a sketch called ‘Crazy Christians’ even though it killed at dress rehearsal. After Wes is fired Matt Albie and Danny Tripp (Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford), two former writers for the show, take over and have to deal with the aftermath of Wes’s bold move. It was a great TV show with a terrific cast and writing and I was sorry to see it getting axed as soon as NBC could. Fortunately for me, I own the show on DVD and can watch it again whenever I feel like it.

Cougar Town

Is a bad-titled show about friendship, hanging around with your friends in a cul-de-sac somewhere in Forida while drinking lots and lots of wine and playing Penny Can.
After the first couple of episodes it became clear to the shows creators (Bill Lawrence from Scrubs and his crew) that this show is absolutely not about older women chasing young dudes, but by then it was too late and the only possibility was to stick with the title but mock it in every opening. They still do it and I always look forward to see what they did come up with.
If you haven’t seen this show, well, you should! I laugh my ass off every time, because the writers just come up with the most ridiculous stuff and you wish to hang out with the gang and have the time of your life. Unfortunately the show’s 3rd season was cut down from 22 episodes and only programmed in mid-TV-season. I hope they can attract enough viewers so ABC won’t cancel the show. It would be a shame if they did!


It’s the only procedural show I watch. It’s smart and fun and David Boreanaz and Emily Deshanel have definite chemistry as Booth and Bones. And they’re awaiting a baby soon, so that’s great.
This show is not solely about solving crimes by looking at bones and dirt samples, it’s also about friends you make while working and how you grow together over a period of time. That’s probably what attracts me the most, since the case of the week is always changing, the characters aren’t. You get to know them a little bit better every week which makes you tune in week after week. The crime solving is just a gimmick, at least for me. I don’t know what else to say about this show and if you made it this far through the post, you’re probably appreciating me cutting it short while introducing my last favorite one. So here it comes:


This is also a rather new show, currently in its third season on NBC. The Braverman family is a rather big clan with Zeek and Camile as the parents to Sarah, Adam, Crosby and Julia who also have families of their own. It’s a clever big cast show which is always good. It has many many more stories to tell which I look forward to see in the future. The cast is great so is the writing and the sets. Don’t get me wrong but for me it’s a mix of West Wing and Gilmore Girls.

And this concludes my favorite TV shows. When I look at the list, I am really attached to NBC because 7 out of the 9 shows listed aired on the network. Only Bones and Cougar Town don’t. Does it mean anything? I don’t think so, or I just can’t think of anything. I’m close to 2000 words now and you’re probably wondering if this post will ever end. Well, it does, now.

See you soon.

I can’t walk away…

17 Feb

…so I’m burning down the house. That’s how I feel like lately and I can’t get this line from Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip out of my head. Matt talks to Harriet about their on-again-off-again relationship. Neither of them can leave the other and thus find closure because they’re working for he same late night comedy show. After their relationship fell through the last time it seems to be really over but as Harriet is the star of the show and Matt it’s head writer neither can take time off to get to the bottom of their feelings, to breath again and get a different perspective on everything.

“You can’t walk away so you’re burning down the house?”

I seem to be doing the exact same thing although I am not freaking out because a relationship didn’t come through for me. It’s just that I am annoyed as hell by my Mom and I can’t really go anywhere. I can’t leave because it would mean leaving here alone while she is ill and can’t even drive a car on her own. That’s the problem when you’re an only child of a divorced single parent with a severe illness. You’re stuck! And it sucks from time to time, now being the time it sucks majorly.

I should be thankful for the time I can still spend with her, yada yada yada. I know that! Nonetheless am I 24 years old and living at home, where I feel like I am still treated like a kid. On the contrary I am more than capable of taking care of my own, I proved it to myself when I spent 5 months in Sweden as an exchange student. I survived and I did pretty well on my own might I add.

So here I am, stuck in a house I don’t want to be in with my Mom who is making plans where to go and what to do and all I keep thinking is, that I am not planning on doing those vacations with her because although I desperately need a holiday, it’s not a holiday with her but from her that I need. Obviously I don’t want to crush her spirits but I also have to look out for myself. Which brings me back to the beginning of this post.

Since I am unable to leave my cage some people may call home, I keep snapping at my Mom and not being nice. I get annoyed whenever she opens her mouth. I was never a rebel, not as a teenager and not now but I am perfecting the one-syllable-answer because it is all can manage without every tiny thought I want to tell her but can’t because she would start crying and I don’t want to be the trigger!

My Mom and I always had a good relationship but a big part of it was that we were not seeing that much of each other and I was letting a lot of things fly by with a “If it makes you happy I am going along with it” attitude. I can’t do that anymore. I am still upset about the last time this behavior maneuvered me into a hell of it’s own. When you have ever been on a cruise (or other happy event) with hundreds of happy people and you were the only person who would’ve rather been anywhere else than on that cruise ship for your birthday miles and miles away from all the people you cared for, you might understand me. In order not to let anything similar happen in the near future I am not committing to anything anymore.

I don’t want pity, I just want to be able to walk away and not feel guilty about living my own life. After all, I am turning a quarter of a century old this year. It has to mean something, don’t you think?

Well, I hope I did not came across as a total d-bag, and if so…I just can’t help it. I will embrace my d-bagness!

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