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A to Z Bookish Survey

27 Aug

Another post, another meme. I recently stumbled upon this bookish alphabet survey on Books, Tea & Me and thought it would be fun to fill out.

Author you’ve read the most books from:

A local German author whom none of you will even have heard of. He writes crime novels set in my city and he publishes one per year these days so I have quite the collection by now.

Best Sequel Ever:

I like reading series so I’ve actually read a number of good sequels. Number 1 for me is probably ‘Lost in a Good Book’ by Jasper Fforde, followed closely by ‘The Restaurant at the End of the Universe’ by Douglas Adams.  

Currently Reading:

 ‘Looking for Alaska’ by John Green and ‘The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes’ by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Drink of Choice While Reading:

A lot of the times I read in bed so I don’t drink anything or maybe water.

E-reader or Physical Book?

I want to buy an e-reader but I don’t see the e-books as cheap enough considering that I don’t get a physical copy of the book to carry around with me. I get that e-readers can be really handy, especially when you read and travel a lot but I haven’t made the jump yet.

Fictional Character You Probably Would Have Actually Dated In High School:

Gosh, I don’t know. Hermione or Ginny probably, they would have been on my wish list at least.

Glad You Gave This Book A Chance:

‘Alexander’ and ‘Alexander in Asia’ by Gisbert Haefs. My uncle gave me the book a long time ago and when I finally decided to read them it was very interesting. It’s a historical novel about Alexander the Great and I now know a lot more than I knew before I read that book.

Hidden Gem Book:

I don’t have any great picks that nobody has heard of bla bla bla. If you want to gain insight into why someone becomes anorexic and cannot leave that sort of thinking, go read ‘Unbearable Lightness’ by Portia de Rossi.

Important Moment in your Reading Life:

I don’t think there is one important moment in my reading life. Sorry.

Just Finished:

 ‘Whitethorn Woods’ by Maeve Binchy.

Kinds of Books You Won’t Read:

I’m really not into vampires, also Fifty Shades and all his little crappy friends. Not because I dismiss erotica but this is nothing worth my time.

Longest Book You’ve Read:

See G I guess.  

Major book hangover because of:

Not that I remember.

Number of Bookcases You Own:

Four-ish. I blogged about that before.

One Book You Have Read Multiple Times:

‘Leaving Unknown’ by Kerry Reichs and also most of the Harry Potter books.

Preferred Place To Read:

My bed, the couch, on the balcony…

Quote that inspires you/gives you all the feels from a book you’ve read:

Reading Regret:

Probably the Twilight saga, especially the last one of them. Ugh.

Series You Started And Need To Finish(all books are out in series):

The Sherlock Holmes canon. I started strong with the novels but the case studies are a bit dull in my opinion.

Three of your All-Time Favorite Books:

‘Pride and Prejudice’ by Jane Austen
‘The Eyre Affair’ by Jasper Fforde
‘Leaving Unknown’ by Kerry Reichs  

Unapologetic Fangirl For:

Kerry Reichs, Harry Potter and John Green.

Very Excited For This Release More Than All The Others:

 Not currently excited for any new release because I have no idea what’s coming out. I saw that ‘A Casual Vacancy’ is now out in paperback so I’m kind of excited about that one.

Worst Bookish Habit:

I don’t like it when the backs of books get rips or whatever you call it. You know, when you bend them too far. I get crazy over that. My books need to look pretty. I also solely use pencils to mark stuff in my books.

X Marks The Spot: Start at the top left of your shelf and pick the 27th book:

 ‘Dubliners’ by James Joyce

Your latest book purchase:

‘Looking for Alaska’, ‘Paper Towns’ and ‘An Abundance of Katherines’ all by John Green.

ZZZ-snatcher book (last book that kept you up WAY late):

‘Looking for Alaska’ but more so because I took a nap and couldn’t fall asleep so I read a long time. Also, because it’s really good.


Bookish Q&A

15 Aug

I saw this meme on two of my friends blogs, Charleen and Kirsti while I thought of my poor and neglected Book section so I decided this needed to be on my blog as well. Enjoy and feel free to copy this meme if you like as I’m not going to tag anyone in this.


  1. Post these rules
  2. Post a photo of your favorite book cover
  3. Answer the questions below
  4. Tag a few people to answer them too
  5. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them you’ve tagged them
  6. Make sure you tell the person who tagged you that you’ve taken part!

Favourite book cover?

This one is easy:

Isn't the cover beautiful?

What are you reading right now?

I’m a bit stuck with ‘The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes’ by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and I’m also reading ‘Whitethorn Woods’ by Maeve Binchy which I enjoy a lot but have not finished yet because I fell into my usual summer reading hiatus. Not sure why this keeps happening but apparently it’s a thing for me.

Do you have any idea what you’ll read when you’re done with that?

I have the first book of the Game of Thrones series on lend from a friend. Maybe I will give that one a shot or finish my attempt to make it through the entire Sherlock Holmes canon.

What five books have you always wanted to read but haven’t gotten round to?

  1. ‘My Life’ by Bill Clinton
  2. ‘Living History’ by Hillary Rodham Clinton
  3. ‘War and Peace’ by Leo Tolstoy
  4. ‘Gone With the Wind’ by Margaret Mitchell
  5. ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ by J.D. Salinger

What magazines do you have in your bathroom/lounge right now?

None, I feel pressure with magazines because there is a lot to read and depending on the number of issues per month I feel like I’m cheating on my books. So no magazines for me. There’s a book about mathematical anecdotes in my bathroom though.

What’s the worst book you’ve ever read?

Easy, this one. Also, Twilight was not great either.

What book seemed really popular but you didn’t like it?

Damn, I mentioned Twilight too early, didn’t I?

What’s the one book you always recommend to just about anyone?

See above for best cover, Lauren Groff – The Monsters of Templeton. Amazing prose and storyline.

What are your three favourite poems?

The Panther by Rainer Maria Rilke. I mostly love it for its sound and it loses a lot through the translation into English. Sonnet XLIII by Edna St. Vincent Millay. The last three lines always get me. They always do. And the third one is Song by Allen Ginsberg.

Where do you usually get your books?

I like to actually purchase books. Unfortunately due to my location I end up ordering a lot of them from Amazon because German bookstores only have a very limited choice of English books and I prefer to read books in their original language as far as I am able to.

When you were little, did you have any particular reading habits?

Umm, not that I’m aware of. I remember reading mostly mystery and adventure books instead of girlie books though.

What’s the last thing you stayed up half the night reading because it was too good to put down?

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Very captivating and pulling at your heart strings.

Have you ever “faked” reading a book?

I don’t know what that means ;)

Have you ever bought a book just because you liked the cover?

Not exactly, I definitely decided to give a book a closer loo because of its cover and then decided to buy it because it sounded good so yes-ish?!

What was your favourite book when you were a child?

The Miss Marple series by Agatha Christie.

What book changed your life?

Tough one. I don’t know if there is a book that changed my life per se.

What is your favourite passage from a book?

I answered this in a recent VEDA video:

Who are your top five favourite authors?

Jane Austen, JK Rowling, Kerry Reichs, Lauren Groff and John Green.

What book has no one heard about but should read?

Delicate Edible Birds by Lauren Groff. It’s a collection of short stories and even though I am usually not very into them but this collection was something else. Go check it out!

What book are you an “evangelist” for?

I don’t know! I haven’t read a book that I liked but had to defend myself for liking it if this is what you’re asking.

What are your favourite books by a first time author?

I am not very up to date with the new trends so my first time authors are not first timers anymore.

What is your favourite classic book?

Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre I would have to say.

Five other notable mentions?

Anna Karenina – Leo Tolstoy
Wuthering Heights – Emily Bronte
Every Jane Austen novel ever
The Bertie Wooster series by P.G. Wodehouse
Leaving Unknown – Kerry Reichs

Do you ever skip ahead?

19 Jul

Today I came across a blog entry by one of my favourite authors, Kerry Reichs. If you’re a long time follower of Lazy Happy Bored Happy Sad, you may remember me declaring my love for her previous novel Leaving Unkown/ The Good Luck Girl. Anyway, Kerry has published a new book, ‘What You Wish For‘ and I cannot wait to read it. There’s only one problem, if I buy it now, I buy the US version and then the book won’t match the two I already own and my shelf would be in more disarray than I would like it to be. Yes, I know I sound quite OCD but damn it, I love order. So I’m hoping ‘What You Wish For’ will be published by Orion in the UK rather sooner than later. Or else I need to mentally prepare myself for yet another series (no they’re not sequels but still belong together) of books that do not match. Like these:

My heart still cries silently over the fact that my Thursday Next collection is now officially out of order every time I walk by that shelf but I wasn’t able to resist the dumping price on the last book so I decided my heart would have to get over it. Nope, still isn’t but whatever.

Moving on.

With her guest post, Kerry got me thinking about my reading habits. Yes, I do peek at the end of books as well. Book lovers all over the world are now officially allowed to disrespect me for it. But, tell me, have you never looked ahead? Never? Not even while reading Harry Potter?? LIARS!

I even look ahead chapter wise when the book is not very fascinating or I’m tired. Can I justify staying up for another 10-20 pages or do I turn off the light and try to sleep instead? I like reading chapter-wise. I hate having to stop mid-chapter because I just can’t keep my eyes open any longer or because I get disrupted so I need to plan it. Is there enough time before the appointment for me to get through this or not?

But it’s not always about planning, sometimes I skip ahead to see if things turn out the way I want them to, or if there is (finally) something interesting coming up, or when this stupid part is finally over. Let me tell you though, all my skipping ahead, stealing glances at the end, hasn’t helped me with ‘Great Expectations’. I’m now over halfway through and I’m still waiting for something interesting to happen to Pip, Estella and Miss Havisham. But NOTHING EVER DOES!! Sure, the narrative is fine but the storyline is extremely boring to me.

With the last Harry Potter, I couldn’t help but read the very last chapter first, I needed to know he survived in order to start reading the book. Nonetheless my first reading of The Deathly Hallows was done in such a haste, that after finishing it, I started right at the beginning again to get in everything of the story I missed in my hazy attempt to find out what happens to every single one of the characters I loved and cared for for so long.

I read a lot of crime and mystery novels and even though I know the protagonists survive because, let’s face it, there will be sequels, I still need to reassure myself of the fact that they get out of harmful situations alive. I get scared for the characters, which is probably the whole point of it but I’m a sissy that way.

Reading the last page first is not as bad a thing as many people want you to believe though, or at least, that’s what I think. Reading the last page is mostly confusing and without understanding what has happened before, you’re not even able to understand the ending. Last pages are not endings! They’re just last words to a story you cannot fathom unless you understand the lead-up to those last words. Real endings happen sometime before the last page.

Another thing I do to books is read them simultaneously. I never did that while I was younger, because I thought it would be better to read one book at a time. I’m long over it though. Like right now, I’m reading ‘Great Expectations’ and ‘The Help’. The first one I carry around when I take my mom to appointments because then I actually cannot get out of reading it while ‘The Help’ is what I read in bed. Some books just require more effort to get through them than is good but I stick by them.

Most of them, anyways. I’ve so far, rarely given up on a book. I never made it through ‘Moby Dick’ though. Maybe one day, I’ll find the strength in myself to give it another try just right now, time is too precious to waste it on an old man’s obsession with a white whale. Technically I also never finished ‘Dead Souls’ by Gogol but as the last chapters were incomplete I gave up one day and haven’t regretted it.

Now you know my reading secrets. What are yours? Do you peek at the endings? What books did you gave up and never looked back at?

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