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Still here

9 May

Yep, I’m still here but I’ve lacked the blogging spirit lately. I blame the pesky thesis, because after spending hours on that each day, I just don’t have anything to say on here. Sometimes I get an idea of what to blog while I’m at uni and I draft it on my notepad but when I finally get to go home the moment’s kind of passed and I don’t feel like saying anything anymore.

Don’t worry, I still plan on writing those posts because they are not bad but need more brain activity than I’m currently willing to devote to them.

Today’s a holiday where I live and I thank the heavens for it because I could use the extra hours of sleep. I keep having weird dreams again, some of them I could really do without but we’ve already been over this. I’m so happy when it’s the 31st of May already and I am done with all of it.

The problem is that my mind is already planning my after thesis time, like, I already have my Facebook update drafted in my mind that I’ll be putting up as soon as I hand in my work. And then there are my various vacations I am so looking forward to that get more real with every hostel reservation and train ticket I book. Summer, here I come…or…you know…in 3 weeks.

There’s also a self-imposed curfew I’ve got until the end of May; no going out after midnight because otherwise it takes me like 2 days to recover and I don’t have that kind of time right now. Wow, this turned into a whiny post way too fast, sorry. Just wanted to say I’m still here and haven’t forgotten about this blog, just that I’m out of words at the moment. Take this snipped of a song instead. Unfortunately the whole song was never released but I still like the little piece we got from it.

How are you? What have you been up to?


Winning Adulthood … Or Not?!

13 Mar

Like any self-respecting 20-something blogger I struggle with the concept of adulthood in one form or another. Most days I consider myself a failure at being grown-up. I eat all kinds of shit and not the most appropriate things in regard to the time of day, watch too much telly and dress in all colours of the rainbow. Also, referring to adults as grown-ups should clearly show that I’m not yet a full member of that club.

I couldn't find a bloody gif for this scene of Gilmore Girls so you get this instead. Also, reciting life-advice from TV shows?! No adult!

I couldn’t find a bloody gif for this scene of Gilmore Girls so you get this instead. Also, reciting life-advice from TV shows?! Not an adult!

Last week I tweeted how I again failed at being a responsible adult because I stayed in bed instead of getting up at a reasonable hour to go working on my thesis. It didn’t matter that I planned to get up in the morning on the night before because against better judgement of myself, I turned my alarm clock off. Kirsti was kind enough to put things into perspective for me though.

Please ignore the typos. I was still in bed and only typing with one eye open because the screen was so bright.

Please ignore the typos. I was still in bed and only typing with one eye open because the screen was so bright.

So, as it turns out, I’m actually winning adulthood. BAM!

The thing is, I don’t even know what makes an adult and adult. Working? – fail; Catching up on responsibilities? – about 50/50; Being able to call non-family members on the phone? – Only if I mentally prepare myself for a couple of days; Being asked if I’m old enough to drink? – Too many times to count.

That’s all I can think of and it doesn’t even sound legitimate as a point of reference. Maybe I’m better than I give myself credit for; maybe I’m worse. Who knows?! I sure as hell don’t! After all, there are days I have cheesecake for breakfast but because I’m 25 years old and nobody sees me while I do so, I actually can do it. I may have the ingredients to someday make a decent adult (if I ever figure out what that exactly entails) but so far, I’m taking the best parts of both worlds, mix them together and make my life up as I go along. Hello there, yellow brick road, where are you taking me?

“Is there a point to this post at all”, you may ask. Not so much, sorry. This is a long winded and contrivance-y approach for putting the link to my first awkward vlog on this blog.

rmiles, remember when I told you I don’t have a real German accent? This is your opportunity to find out if I was right even though I know you are more of a reader.

Blog Stuff

3 Mar

I’ve been making minor changes around Lazy Happy Bored Happy Sad over the last week or so. Took some stuff out of the sidebar, added a footer. Nothing major really. Just trying to improve my little corner of the interwebs I so dearly call home. I also changed my handle from Wilhelmina Upton to WillieSun because I have it on Twitter and Tumblr and thought Gravatar should match. Not sure if I’ll keep it this way.

Even though my blog’s anniversary is in August, I really started doing this in February 2012, so for a little bit over one year now. Creating a blog has been one of the best decisions I made in a long while. There are people I met through this medium I never would have gotten to know and my life would be emptier without them, their stories, support and friendship. Yes, friendship. I may not have met any of them (btw, I hope you know who you are ;-)) in person – yet – but that doesn’t matter much. Through reading this blog, they probably have a much better idea of who I am than many people I meet IRL.


Today I had this crazy idea of making a vlog. No, don’t worry/get your hopes up, I haven’t actually gone through with it. I just tested my webcam and SLR to get a sense of what it’s like and if I could do it and so on. I still need to do some homework on this topic but I really want to vlog. “Am I crazy?”, you might ask. I say: “Probably yes!” But so many have done it before so why not try my hand at it. I am a little bit creeped out by putting my face on Youtube but I’ll probably get over it. What do you think? Do you have advice for this vlogging novice?

What else? Um, not much I guess. It’s already Sunday evening here which means I’ll have to get up tomorrow morning and get back to uni and my thesis. Yay NOT! Whatever, my due date is May 31st, then I’ll be a free woman, well, after I made my presentation that is, but whatever. I can’t wait for it to be the end of May because of obvious reasons and theatre! I love my part in this years play which is a little bit like Once Upon a Time. It’s called: A Zeitgeist in Fairyland and I’m playing a good fairy. I’m actually only in two out of 10-ish scenes but still. This part is awesome and because our director wrote it himself, there is a lot of room for crazy things! So. Much. Fun!

I think this is enough randomness for one post. I really just wanted to get the vlogging idea out here and see what comes back. Probably not much but I’ll still do it, once I figure out how and what to say.

My Life in Numbers

17 Jan

This is a post I saw over on Kirsti’s blog and I thought it was a neat idea so I’m following suit.

-22: (°C) Coldest temperature I’ve ever experienced.

5.5: Number of years I will have spent at university by the time I finish my degree.

2: Number of times I’ve broken bones.

3: Number of significant scars on my body.

1857: Number of songs on my iTunes.

241: Of them are part of Paul Temple radio plays.

5: Number of complete DVD boxsets I own of TV shows.

3: Number of languages other than German that I’ve undertaken formal education in.

3: Number of those languages I can vaguely understand now.

2: Numbers of cousins I have.

0: Number of siblings I have.

2007: The year I finished school.

129: Number of posts I’ve published on this blog including this one.

13: My favourite number.

28: Number of followers on Twitter.

182: Number of photos best friend boy and I have exchanged via WhatsApp in a little bit over a year.

9007: Number of sent messages on WhatsApp.

9536: Number of received messages on WhatsApp.

2-3: Number of people I regularly talk to on WhatsApp.

16: Number of books I read in 2012 for pleasure.

1,600,000: Number of words I read of Rizzoli & Isles fan fiction as far as I can remember in about half a year.

538: Number of kcal that is included in 100g of my favourite potato chips.

9197: Number of days I’ve been on this earth.

3: Number of operations I’ve had.

2173: Number of times I’ve tweeted.

5: Number of different glasses I’ve had so far in my life.

0: Number of instruments I can actually play.

5: Number of different tea boxes currently sitting on my desk.

8: Number of hours I need to sleep when I don’t want to turn into a bitch.

1101: Day I was born on written in binary.

1011: Month I was born in written in binary. (See how they mirror each other? Still not over the beauty of this.)

10: Number of plays I’ve done as far as I can remember.

There you go. How does your life look like in numbers?


25 More Things

10 Jul

Another lazy post is coming your way, be prepared. In lack of anything special to write about I’m giving you a list with 25 more random things about me.

26. I don’t like cheese unless it’s been grilled or been in the oven.

27. It took me 23 years until I finally ate my first hamburger.

28. This is because I don’t eat ketchup, mayonnaise or mustard. Good thing there are also burgers out there with other ingredients than those 3 things.

29. I don’t drink coffee.

30. I’m still reading Great Expectations, it’ll probably take me a long while until I finish it. I’m sorry to say it, but it’s kinda boring.

31. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, mostly earrings and a whole lot of nothing else.

32. Most days I don’t even put on mascara before leaving the house.

33. I love radio plays but never listened to an audio book because I believe them to be boring.

34. I love counting money. As a kid I wanted to have a bunker just like Scrooge McDuck.

35. My books are not alphabetized or arranged by author. They are arranged by publishing house so those of the same height are standing together.

36. I was a volunteer for the 2009 athletics world championships in Berlin.

37. My favourite sport is athletics because it has so many disciplines, running, jumping throwing stuff, it never gets boring.

38. Of course, I failed my goal of not getting a sunburn in 2012. Hello skin cancer, I’m one step closer to you.

39. I only like to go swimming in the summer when you can do it outside and don’t have to go into a stuffy swimming hall.

40. The only plants I have are mini cactuses because I can’t forget to water them :D See, I’m not a nurturing plant person. Never have, never will be.

41. I don’t have a bucket list but if I had one, skydiving would definitely be on it.

42. I talk to everything, food, computers, books, you name it, I probably have had an argument with it. Not all of them are conducted in outspoken words though because people look at you funnily when you talk to yourself out loud in public even though you’re actually talking to a bag of chips.

43. There’s a wall of pictures of swedish places because I was very homesick after I came back from my semester in Sweden last year.

44. I’m struggling to come up with more random crap about myself. Also, I should be doing something else, like almost all the times I end up on WordPress.

45. I consider cake a valid substitute for all kinds of meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack…whatever.

46. I wish I could move out.

47. I wonder whether I should have pursued a career as a cop. They probably wouldn’t have chosen me anyways because of my hip.

48. If I had failed that one exam I was really afraid of and had to take a re-exam in, I would have wanted to study physical anthropology, just because it is so darn interesting what you can tell from bones.

49. Sometimes my life feels like a box of chocolates where all the good bits have already been eaten.

50. Ah, finally, number 50. I prefer big animals over small ones, elephants, giraffes, hippos can all be found on my favourite animals list.

And here we are again, 25 more bits of crap about me which I hope you enjoyed. If not, you won’t get your money back.
The pouring rain has also decided to join me again. Wait, this is still summer, right? Hahaha, good one, as if. There hasn’t been a decent summer in 2-3 years.

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