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Niagara Falls *flail*

4 Apr

It’s not difficult or takes long to get to Niagara Falls from Toronto so that’s what we did towards the end of our stay in Canada. And it was the best thing we could possibly had saved for almost last. We decided on Coach Canada for means of transportation and it was pretty cheap and an easy way to get there.


We did this after Labour Day weekend which meant, after the official end of tourist season so when we got to Niagara Falls around 3pm the last Maid of the Mist boat just returned without us. We were a little bummed because this is THE tourist-y thing to do there and we missed it. Alas, we found something even better.


The Journey Behind the Falls. It’s cheaper, it doesn’t sway and you can get close to the Falls to take pretty pictures for as long as you want…or…you know…until the whole thing closes down. There are also two tunnels dug into the rocks where you can stand behind the Falls as the water rushes down mere inches in front of you. Which is amazing! The sheer force of the water falling down in front of you, breathtaking.  As we got to one of the tunnels, a couple of black ladies were right up front singing and dancing. What a crazy sight but I liked it. Not sure if they were doing a rain dance or something similar. Just keep on rocking, girls!


There are the American and the Canadian Falls, the Canadian’s are also known as Horseshoe Falls and they are way cooler than the Americans. Sorry USA. Since my friends and I are european, we could not just go over the border and look at it from the other side as it would have meant immigrating to the US for us. And that costs money, needs an online application, a sacrificial goat slaughtering and whatnot. Doesn’t matter because you get a better view from the Canadian side anyway.


I was never good at following instructions.
Danger? LOL, WHUT??!!

We were lucky, it was a beautiful day, clear blue sky. We saw a lot of rainbows which is nice. I mean, who doesn’t like seeing rainbows?? It couldn’t have been better than that, except for the malicious gull stealing A’s cheese croissant right out of her hand. That thing was quick and angry and I’m glad it was not the half of my croissant.



To pass time until it got dark and the light show started, we ate dinner at Planet Hollywood because you can go into a Hard Rock Cafe everywhere in Europe, PH was a bit more exotic for us. The place was a little run down though, to be honest. Nevertheless we had a good time.


When it got dark we went outside again because the Falls get illuminated and it’s so damn pretty!! Still not over the beauty of it! I wish I’d had a tripod to take nice pictures but I didn’t so most pictures I took are a bit shaky and unfocused. I could have stood there for hours, listening to the sound of the water as it rushed over the abyss while it shone in all colours of the rainbow. Another place I need to visit again. I just love everything concerning big amounts of water in nature.

DSC_0302And this concludes the recount of my trip to Canada. I had a blast, saw amazing things and added new cities to my “Visit Again”-list.


Capturing the Moon

26 Mar

First, let me say a few things about the weather. It’s the end of March and it’s freezing here. It hasn’t snowed recently but when I look out of my window I can still see snow on some meadows. Ugh. I love winter and snow but by now I’m done with this season until December. I want spring so my kin finally gets a break from the cold. The skin of my hands is cracked and no matter how much lotion I put on it, it’s never enough. Also, the wind is blowing really strong making it feel much colder than it actually is.

Nevertheless I needed to try out my new tripod today because there is an effing huge full moon on display only waiting for me to capture it with my camera. Or, attempt to at least. Still figuring out how to properly set the blends and time.

I was not completely satisfied with the result but it’s as best as it will get tonight and I kinda like it so here it comes.


There were also some minor mishaps but the way they looked in my folder after transferring them to the computer looked kind of nice so I made this.


And those are all the crappy non-photography skills I’ll torture you with tonight. I really couldn’t keep myself from sharing though. (My poor hands still haven’t recovered and are cold btw )

Ottawa – Where I became a Supreme Court Justice

14 Mar

Welcome to another instalment of Travelling Thursday on this little blog. Today I take you with me to Ottawa, Canada’s capital.

I was kind of glad to leave Québec City behind me, mostly for language reasons because being in Ottawa meant being in another province – Ontario – where most people speak English. Ottawa was specially picked to be the capitol because it’s right on the border of Québec, only separated through a river and thus as close to the French part of the country as possible while also being away from the US border. Canada has two official languages, English and French so everything in Ottawa is bilingual, kind of like Montréal only here, the english description is on top followed by a smaller french version. Leaving the province of Québec also meant leaving a cheap and tourist friendly public transport system behind. Ontario is not as gracious and a bit more expensive so we tried using the bus as seldom as possible whereas we used the hell out of our prepaid cards in QC.


Ottawa is not big and full of government buildings and offices. Also museums. Only, we were slobs and didn’t manage to visit one single museum *facepalm* We did visit the Parliament and Supreme Court though. We got to Ottawa right before Labour Day and stayed until after Labour Day. I mention this because it changes a lot of things, like where to register for a tour of the Parliament or the fact that you actually have to register for a tour of the Supreme Court as Labour Day marks the end of tourist season or something like that.


The tour of the Parliament was fantastic, free and we didn’t have to register for anything. We just showed up and waited a couple of minutes for the next tour. Our guide was probably a law student and she did her thing very well.

Rule Britannia!

Rule Britannia!

For the tour of the Supreme Court we had to register in advance which we didn’t actually do (see above) and it was also free. However we wrote the visitor’s centre an e-mail the day before we wanted to go there because after Labour Day, there are no scheduled regular tours. It was not a problem even though we didn’t end up being on a list, they still let us in. There wasn’t as much to see as in the Parliament but there was a nice photo-op where we were allowed to dress in judges robes and sit in their seats. Actually, this was my highlight for Ottawa.



We also managed to see the last instalment of the Mosaika Sound and Light Show on Parliament Hill. So. Worth. Seeing! I only managed to take crappy pictures as I didn’t have a tripod and it was dark but the thing was amazing and I can only recommend seeing it, before Labour Day that is ;-)

Other than that, we spent one day by the outdoor pool of our hotel partly because the weather was nice, we were relaxing before getting to Toronto and we had to do laundry.

Yes, we were actually drying part of our clothes by the pool ad not everything is tumbler approved.

Yes, we were actually drying part of our clothes by the pool as not everything is tumbler approved.

There is also a fantastic and huge bookshop I could have spent days inside only I didn’t have the time to do so. There is a lot to see in Ottawa if you like museums which I don’t mind but just picking one out of the many was a hard thing to do. Also, one day it was too hot to walk there the other day it rained like crazy and we needed another bus pass to go there as they were technically in Québec or exact change in coins. I don’t know. It was just a bit too much logistics involved. I actually don’t mind that we didn’t go to a single museum. Sure, it would have been nice but museums are also much alike, at least the standard Natural History and what-are-their-name ones. It was nice to have some downtime as it was after all a holiday and we knew we would have a lot to see in Toronto.

At least we saw some museums from afar ;-)

At least we saw some museums from afar ;-)

My Sanctuary Under The Open Sky

14 Feb

If you expected consistency from me, then I’m sorry to disappoint but things don’t work like that over here. Sure, I will eventually get around to telling you more about Canada but for today’s Travelling Thursday I take you with me to one of the most special places there is – at least for me.

For as long as I can remember, I spent one holiday every year at the North Sea on one of those islands and most times I ended up on Amrum. It’s one of the bigger North Frisian Islands and the happy place I go to in my mind when I need a distraction from reality. My family spent so many vacations there, I know the island very well. I’ve been there for Easter, New Year’s, fall but only once during summer because then it’s overrun by tourists which is just not a pretty sight. I don’t like sharing my little sanctuary with thousands of other people, I prefer the solitude of off seasons.


I love the ocean or really any big space of open water – probably because I grew up around it, water and sand beneath my feet and the ever blowing wind in my hair. The play of high and low tide, water that is always in motion, waves crashing down on the beach. I’ve never felt closer to nature than on a beach with the crashing waves and wind singing their infinite duet. It doesn’t get much better than this because it’s raw and uncensored but still so beautiful.


The number of books I read while being on the beach of that island I cannot even count but it’s what my dreams are made of. Those simpler times, when it was just Mom, me and a book of my choice, together on the beach, forgetting all the troubles around me, reading till my eyes hurt.


I’ve built sandcastles when I was younger or dug holes. Collected sea shells. Had my bare legs assaulted by sand storms. Landed in shallow waters in attempts to jump over puddles and ended with my shoes drenched in salt water. Walked miles on that beach in either direction without a destination just walking for walking’s sake. Cut my feet on broken sea shells.


The sunsets on Amrum are some of the happiest moments stored away in my memory. Usually there are not a lot of people around in the evenings and those that are, are scattered far enough to no bother me much. When it wasn’t cold, I liked to sit on one of the benches that were up a little higher in the dunes. When I closed my eyes, it was like I was the only person on earth. Nature drowning out all noises. Just me and the sea. Winds tugging at my long hair but it’s secured in a ponytail. And then watching the colour of the sky change, seeing its reflection in the wet sand. Breathing in the salty air and I’m never more at peace than in that exact moment.


I long to go back but I’m also dreading it because it will never be the same, knowing that Mom is not waiting back in the hotel room for me. It’s too early to go back to the place that is so filled with memories.


While nurturing my dreams of becoming a writer I thought that if I ever managed to become one, I’d had to rent a small house on Amrum to write. Whenever I got stuck in my story, I could go out, take a walk on the beach and let the winds blow my mind back into perspective. I know it’s not too late for it and somewhere in the back of my mind, I’m not letting this dream starve completely. It’s just not yet the right time for it but when it is, I’ll have to return to my sanctuary that is an island in the North Sea.


All of the above pictures were taken by me.

A Not Crack of the Dawn Run

10 Oct

This morning was so beautiful I knew it when my alarm went off. I knew that I needed to go outside and run but since I’m not much of a morning person it wasn’t really that early. Even if I would have been up earlier, it wouldn’t have been as lovely as it was at 9am because it was too foggy before. But you know what that means, a foggy start of the day almost always brings along a lot of sunshine.

It’s autumn in this part of the world and even though I really like all seasons, autumn is my favourite followed closely by spring. It’s just so pretty when the leaves start to change their colours and the forests are suddenly shining so much brighter and you know that it’ll all be over way too soon when winter comes around. The air is not that cold yet and …. ah…. I’m at a loss for words. Just, nature’s beautiful.

Knowing that days like today won’t come around too often I laced my shoes and took my phone with me to take some pictures I can share with you. Sadly the quality is not the best but I hope you can enjoy them nonetheless.


Isn’t it lovely, isn’t it wonderful?

Here I am again, one of my favourite places on earth. The faint sound of traffic mixed with the silence of the woods, which is not that silent at all. It’s where my heart plops back to the right place in my body and is at peace. It’s as if time stands still and I can just breathe and enjoy while nothing ever hurts.

Oh no, what’s that? A giant is loose in the forest.

A giant anthill which means winter will be a strong and cold one. Especially since it’s not the only big one.

My phone tried to convince me we had -1°C which sounded at little harsh since I was wearing shorts but the night was pretty cold indeed as the frost shows.

I wrote about it before, that running keeps me sane, and how can it not? Also, it’s cheaper then therapy (ok, this line, I borrowed from ‘The Lucky One’ movie which was basically the best I could take away from it even though I really like watching Taylor Schilling but I was yelling finally when the credits started to roll on the screen).

I was feeling so good today that I took an extra half loop, something I don’t usually do but it felt right at the moment. After a good run, you don’t feel exhausted but energised which is a pretty amazing feeling. And I leave you with that. Have a great day every one, hope they are as lovely as mine is!!!

The Little Actress in Me

20 May

Some of you may already know that there’s this little actress inside of me that gets out every summer while I perform with a bunch of other actors on our beautiful open-air stage. I’ve been enchanted ever since I laid eyes on that stage five years ago.

This year we perform Peter Pan, the story about a boy who never wants to grow up. He lives in Neverland, a magical island with fairies, pirates and indians. I’ll just let the following pictures I took yesterday during the third dress rehearsal speak for themselves.

Wendy, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell at the Darling’s home

Tiger Lilly and her fellow indians about to steal the pirates food

The hollow tree, home to the lost boys.

The Girls entertaining Captain Hook. (My role is the blonde girl but since I was taking pictures, this is not me :D)

Poor Peter Pan, it looks like he is loosing to Hook.

Thank god the little bear survived! Thanks to a great medicine woman :-)



I could upload 200 pictures more but nobody wants to see all of them and there wouldn’t be enough space on my wordpress account either so these are the ones I selected to put on here. I’m not totally happy with the quality of the pictures even though they seemed fine while I was taking them.

Tuesday in a week will be the first performance and I’m looking forward to it. Hope you enjoyed this little trip to Neverland. See ya!

A Nonsense Post

13 May

Today is such a beautiful day! The sun is shining, it’s neither hot nor cold, everything is just right.

As I went running today I saw all the trees were full of those pretty, light-green and new leaves. Just two weeks ago it was still looking like winter outside. Now it’s not. It’s spring ready to become summer.

Oh, and I finally finished the book I was reading so I can start reading ‘Sing you Home’. My list of books to read is continuously getting longer and I cannot keep up with it. In order to document my slow process I added a page to the Book’s menu on top of this page. I imagine this makes me look embarrassing because I only read so few books until now but I wanted to document my journey not only for your pleasure but also to get an idea of how much I actually read.

This is a nonsense post with nothing much to say (see above) I’ll leave you with this cool picture I took. It’s the result you get when you mix up the letters which stand for programs on your DSLR camera. Nevertheless I like it because it looks a bit creepy but also fascinating oh and just see for yourself…

I hope you guys have/had an equivalent magnificent day!!! See you soon :-)

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