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A Swedish Reunion

3 Jul

Today was the day I finally got to see my swedish friend family again. They’re currently on a holiday tour through northern Germany and were so kind to stop by my town and watch me perform in Peter Pan. Thankfully the sun was shining warm all day and it was just a lovely day.

I actually got to see them before the play as it’s my duty to help the audience members to find their seats before the play starts. Since Björn acts himself and directs plays I was anxious if he would like it, but as fas as I could tell, he and Lotta enjoyed it very much.

There were no major mishaps today during the performance either. Most of them, the audience doesn’t even notice. Well, we had to rush the girl who plays little Jane into wardrobe and make-up because the girl who was scheduled to play the role today was not there and nobody noticed until well before the play starts. This is kinda bad because Jane and the old version of Wendy are the first to go on stage. But only we actors knew that and little Jane was ready immediately and rushed out on stage. Then young Wendy missed her first entrance and the others on stage had to improvise a bit. Maybe some people noticed this but they didn’t know anything for sure :D

I love this about theater, it’s the beauty of live performances, nothing goes perfectly there is always something happening behind the scenes that the audience isn’t even aware of most of the time. I love that. No two performances are alike, because the cast varies so it’s always different people acting together. Sometimes one of them misses a cue or forgets his lines or some of the equipment doesn’t work properly. Still I’m amazed that I’m never really nervous. I just enjoy every minute of it. Especially this year cause I like my part a lot.

Ok, maybe I wandered a bit off topic here again so I’ll try and get back to what this is actually about. After the play I showed Lotta and Björn around the stage and everything. And then we went out to dinner with my mom. I had picked a nice restaurant with the best view over my city and as the weather was so nice we could sit outside and enjoy it even more.

We spent a great evening eating and chatting in a mish-mash of German, Swedish and English. Sadly my Swedish is really bad mostly because I never use it. Thankfully their German was pretty good.

Have I mentioned how much I LOVED today? No? Well, I did!!! I kinda wish we had more time together as the two of them are so nice but they’re leaving tomorrow morning for another german town to visit and slowly make their way back to Sweden.

Unfortunately I can’t show you any pictures of this lovely reunion as Lotta took some pictures with her camera but I won’t get them until they’re back in Sweden. Instead I’ll leave you with this lovely version of  ‘Come Again’ by John Dowland performed by Sting.


A little bit of everything

20 Jun

There’s not much happening right now except that I am tired even though it’s only 4pm. I blame the weather because it’s been raining for a while now and the grey in grey mix of not really bright days is getting a little bit to me. Hopefully tomorrow will be better because I have two performances and it really sucks when you have to play in the rain. The forecast says it will be dry but I’ve been burnt before, I don’t trust the forecasts blindly. One never should!

Other than that, it’s only 13 days until I will see my friend family from Sweden again. They are doing this amazing thing of visiting me only to see me act in Peter Pan! Can you believe it? – Me neither! I mean, they’re coming from Sweden!! This is crazy but so lovely and I admire them for it. It’s been over two years since I saw them last but they were so sweet to me while I was in Växjö. He is a trained opera singer who teaches at Malmö University now and she is a teacher for adults. During my stay in their hometown they took me to theater rehearsals which he was directing, I got to tag along when she went to junta with her friends and I was treated to lovely dinners and fikas!

In front of Lantcafé in Öhr. A lovely place for a fika on a sunday.

If you have no clue what a fika is, let me try to enlighten you. A fika is the best thing coming out of Sweden after IKEA and Astrid Lindgren! Not kidding. There is not a simple translation, like in one word, for it. A fika is a get-together with friends, you have coffee or tea, something simple to eat or so. It’s a meeting with friends and some food. I don’t know how to better explain it, but it’s cool, maybe just because I like the word so much. You see, it can be used as a noun and verb (amazing right?)! Oh, and it’s just so swedish :D Maybe you want a better explanation, click here.

In the same instance my mom is driving me nuts in the last couple of days. She is weaker than ever, well not ever but she hasn’t been this bad in a while. She forgets a lot of stuff, can’t keep her few appointments in order and so on. Simultaneously she tries to tell me how I have to do certain things and I’m sorry, but I refuse to be told what to do by someone who is unable to remember taking her meds three times a day. I have to keep not only my affairs in order but hers too and that is a big ugly mess.

Everything is so complicated with her, I prefer to let things come and then I’ll deal with what is right in front of me rather than going bananas way before anything even happens. You don’t have to complicate simple things, it’s ok to let them be the way they are. Clean and simple.

We don’t talk much anymore, the thing is, I don’t have much to say to her aside from asking her what she wants to eat, when her next appointment is and if she has taken her meds. I don’t want to talk about what shit they’re selling on QVC and I have no private stuff to share with her because it always comes back to haunt me (aside from there is nothing happening in my life anyways), because again she makes everything bigger than it needs to be. It’s sometimes like we don’t even speak the same language anymore. I don’t know. All I can think about is, that I want to move out and away as soon as possible but that I have no clue how to do that because it means leaving her alone and she cannot take care of herself at the moment.

Damn it, still too early to go to sleep. What do I do now? Oh, right, watch the pilot of Heroes, because, my will is weak and I’m too lazy/tired to read.

Answering Requests

29 May

There’s something very satisfying about starting your day with performing a play in front of 800 school and kindergarten kids. This morning was our theater’s first performance and it went down pretty smoothly, which is always a good thing.

Last week I promised Miss Addie to upload a photo of me which I didn’t do along with the other pics from theater. So this is for you Addie :-)

And another one from the last dress rehearsal on saturday because I liked how my make-up was done (unlike today when I looked all but that pretty). I admit it’s not the best and I could have put more effort into trying to smile but I didn’t.

Then I also promised Addie to throw in and additional pic from last year’s Wizard of Oz in which I was an evil witch. I spent more time getting my hair and make-up done than on stage but whatever.

I feel so pretty :D

Ok, and now I only have to bore you with one more photo. This one’s for Tom Baker, he demanded a pic of the cherry-tartes I made for the picnic yesterday. As I told you, Tom, they didn’t look so good :-)

And now I’m done for today. Bye for now.

The Little Actress in Me

20 May

Some of you may already know that there’s this little actress inside of me that gets out every summer while I perform with a bunch of other actors on our beautiful open-air stage. I’ve been enchanted ever since I laid eyes on that stage five years ago.

This year we perform Peter Pan, the story about a boy who never wants to grow up. He lives in Neverland, a magical island with fairies, pirates and indians. I’ll just let the following pictures I took yesterday during the third dress rehearsal speak for themselves.

Wendy, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell at the Darling’s home

Tiger Lilly and her fellow indians about to steal the pirates food

The hollow tree, home to the lost boys.

The Girls entertaining Captain Hook. (My role is the blonde girl but since I was taking pictures, this is not me :D)

Poor Peter Pan, it looks like he is loosing to Hook.

Thank god the little bear survived! Thanks to a great medicine woman :-)



I could upload 200 pictures more but nobody wants to see all of them and there wouldn’t be enough space on my wordpress account either so these are the ones I selected to put on here. I’m not totally happy with the quality of the pictures even though they seemed fine while I was taking them.

Tuesday in a week will be the first performance and I’m looking forward to it. Hope you enjoyed this little trip to Neverland. See ya!

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