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Becoming rather British – Downton Abbey

28 Apr

After making my way through Doctor Who I decided to give another British series a try, Downton Abbey. I watched one episode last year after it became popular in the US as well but I didn’t have the patience then. Also, my ear wasn’t used to the British accent as it is now after seven seasons of Doctor Who and multiple viewings of Sherlock.

Now that the understanding problem was out of the way, I really enjoyed the show. The cast is brilliant, I especially love a lot of the employees but also the family is pretty incredible. I could go on and name all the pretty faces and great characters but I really love them all, even Thomas and O’Brien. They tend to plan intrigues like I change my socks but during season 3 I really started to enjoy them. Thomas is not all bad and you get a glimpse into how difficult it is for him to be gay in the beginnings of the 20th century while it was technically illegal to out yourself. Everyone at Downton knows about his sexual orientation but it wasn’t a real  problem as long as nobody asked and he didn’t have to tell. But he is lonely and I can hardly imagine how difficult it must have been to find companionship in those days.

The estate is just gorgeous. If I had the money, I’d love to live there.

As the UK is not the biggest country, the more shows you watch, the more people you see reappearing in different roles. One of those is Penelope Wilton who played Harriet Jones, Prime Minister on Doctor Who. Even after three seasons I still expect her to introduce herself as: “Harriet Jones, Prime Minister” like she did on DW all the time. For those who know DW will (probably) understand me.





Then there is the amazing Maggie Smith, forever ingrained as Professor McGonagall in my mind. She plays the Dowager Countess of Grantham (I had to look it up cause I usually get her title wrong) and is the sassiest of them all. God, she is fantastic in this role, I wish I could hang out with her and snark the hell out of the high society. Oh the fun we’d have together.

I wasn’t on board with all the plots, some made me cringe because I hate seeing things go off course but in general the writing is very pleasing. Some story lines made me cry, of course, this is a British drama after all, it can’t go down without tears and character death. Some hit me harder than others and I am looking forward to how this show will continue in the future.

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