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30 Days of Books – Day 22

22 Nov

Favourite book you own

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This is gonna be a short post because I already talked about this book. Sorry it’s featured on my list twice but I love the cover so, so much, there’s just no other choice. The Monsters of Templeton by Lauren Groff.



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30 Days of Books – Day 14

14 Nov

Favourite book of your favourite writer

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My favourite book by my favourite author is The Monsters of Templeton. I bought this book at the central train station in Cologne. Due to the fact that there are a lot of international travellers coming through, this nice bookstore has a big selection of english books, much to my delight. I was attracted, yes I’m actually saying this, to said book because of it’s beautiful cover. See:

I just could not not buy it. And I regret nothing. The story is very nice and of course well written. ‘Willie’ Wilhelmina Upton, also called Sunshine by her mom, returns home after having had a failed affair with her much older and married professor. She returns to her family home in Templeton, New York. (Now you know where my alias comes from. I’m not very creative but it’s also a testament to how much I adore this book.)

And like that the story unfolds. Willie stays in town, trying to figure out what to do next while she also uncovers the story of who her father is and where her family comes from. On the day Willie returns to Templeton there is also a prehistoric monster discovered in the town lake.

Throughout the book not also characters from the present get to tell their stories but also those of the past that Willie uncovers as she digs deeper and deeper into her ancestry and the people who founded their town.

I can’t do this novel justice by how great I think it is. You have to see it for yourself!!

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30 Days of Books – Day 13

13 Nov

Your favourite writer

Previously: A book you used to love but don’t anymore

I already mentioned her name and I also said that it wasn’t the last you read of me talking about her when I made her short stories the most underrated book – or better a book everyone should read. I’m talking about Lauren Groff.

So far she has only published 3 books and a couple of short stories, I’ve read two of those books and I’m blown away by her talent for writing stories and creating settings. Her first novel is The Monsters of Templeton, then there’s the collection of short stories, Delicate Edible Birds, that I’ve already mentioned and her third book was published in March this year. I’m still waiting for Arcadia to come out in the right paperback version so it would fit with my others books of her.

Tune in tomorrow for I’ll hopefully have something clever to say about The Monsters of Templeton.

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30 Days of Books – Day 07

7 Nov

Most underrated book

Previously: A book that makes you sad

I’m not sure if this counts as an underrated book but I haven’t seen it around a lot and I believe everyone should read it because it is written beautifully. Usually I’m not big on short-stories. I can’t help it, I prefer having more to a story than 40 pages or so which is why I love book series so much. There’s always more goodness coming your way even after you finished one book.

In this case though, I’m going with Delicate Edible Birds from Lauren Groff.

Lauren Groff is an amazing young writer and this book includes 9 very different short stories. Some of them even made me cry which I think is a good sign. It’s been a while since I read it so I won’t recap it, which is also hard when it’s 9 different stories. You should discover them for yourself, I can only recommend reading this book. This will also not be the last time I’ll be mentioning Lauren Groff during this challenge so be warned.

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