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Local Food – Travel Edition

7 Feb

So far, I haven’t written about my big vacation last year. Those of you following me for long enough to know about my trip to Canada may also know what happened after I got home which is partly why I haven’t felt like sharing but I’m trying to give this blog at least ONE scheduled post per week or maybe semi-regularly instead of posting just whenever the hell I want. I’ll see how it goes. Also, I have this tab on my blog devoted to Travel and it’s the category I least post in so I’m trying to right that wrong. Y’all may take a guess but let me tell you, this will be Travelling Thursdays from now on or something similar. It doesn’t need a name as I’m probably abandoning this idea way to soon anyways.

Moving on. (Sorry for the long prologue.)

This week’s episode of How I Met Your Mother *may* have left me craving for Tim Hortons and Canada in general. I know, it’s the dead of winter there right now but still. I like winter and I loved Canada. People saying sorry after YOU accidentally stepped on THEIR feet, what’s not to like?

When it comes to food, Canada is not that different from my home country but then again it’s also bordering the Unites States so you know what that means?! – Burgers everywhere! Yay! During my three weeks touring the east I mostly ate burgers, maple glazed donuts and blueberry muffins from Tim Hortons. God, how I wish Tim Hortons would open a franchise over here, I’d end up in a sugar coma but it would be so worth it.

Still on the topic of burgers, sorry, this was not supposed to be entirely devoted to them but you have no idea how nice it is to have all these places aside from McDonalds and Burger King to eat a good burger and order it according to your taste. So, I ate a lot of hamburgers and I’m not even sorry. We walked a LOT so all the calories where ok to eat. At least, that’s what I’ve been telling myself.

When you’re visiting Québec though, there is a special dish you just have to try and you either like it or not. I am on the verge of not liking it but then again, I’m a purist when it comes to fries. What I’m talking about is Poutine.

What is Poutine? It’s THE traditional dish as far as I understood it and it consists of french fries with a special gravy and squeaky cheese. See, I was fine with the gravy on my fries but the cheese was not my thing. However, it was the exact other way around for one of my travel companions so it’s highly subjective.

My very first Poutine and also my last for the foreseeable future.

My very first Poutine and also my last for the foreseeable future.

We were very Québecois and tried to have the truest Poutine experience possible, so we ordered it only after arriving in Québec City (Ugh, who would have thought I’d regret forgetting all the French I learnt in school? – Not me, duh!), the very heart of the Province Québec. And we went to Chez Ashton, it didn’t look like a lot of tourists frequented the place and frankly, if it wouldn’t have been for the Poutine, I don’t think I’d have entered it either. But I did and lived to tell the tale.

It was good but not something I need to eat regularly. However if you’re a tourist visiting Canada and especially somewhere in the Québec Providence, try finding a Chez Ashton or other place that sells it and eat a Poutine. It’s like the Ice Hockey of foods, so-ho-ho Canadian.


Answering Requests

29 May

There’s something very satisfying about starting your day with performing a play in front of 800 school and kindergarten kids. This morning was our theater’s first performance and it went down pretty smoothly, which is always a good thing.

Last week I promised Miss Addie to upload a photo of me which I didn’t do along with the other pics from theater. So this is for you Addie :-)

And another one from the last dress rehearsal on saturday because I liked how my make-up was done (unlike today when I looked all but that pretty). I admit it’s not the best and I could have put more effort into trying to smile but I didn’t.

Then I also promised Addie to throw in and additional pic from last year’s Wizard of Oz in which I was an evil witch. I spent more time getting my hair and make-up done than on stage but whatever.

I feel so pretty :D

Ok, and now I only have to bore you with one more photo. This one’s for Tom Baker, he demanded a pic of the cherry-tartes I made for the picnic yesterday. As I told you, Tom, they didn’t look so good :-)

And now I’m done for today. Bye for now.

Dear Cheesecake,

16 May

Why do you have to be so goddamn perfect? Just why?

I know I’ve been absent lately, I even fondled around with some of your friends that one weekend not too long ago. Hell, I fell for that amazing chocolate-cake friend of yours but as soon as your sweet tastiness touched my lips again, I swear it’s over and I’ll never love a cake more than you. We’ll just remain good friends, chocolate-cake and me. After all, it wasn’ that serious, unlike you and me.

I admit that I pay for your, I never make you from scratch, except that one time, years ago but it  was a disaster. Do you remember? Maybe I should try it again but I’m afraid I’d ruin it again. I’m good at baking but you’re perfect the way you are.

Now I finally have you again, downstairs in the kitchen. You’re still a little bit frozen in the middle but I like you that way. I’m impatient, you know? As soon as you’re mine, I can’t wait to rip open that carton you come in and dive right into your deliciousness but I usually have to pace myself until you’re at least a little bit unfrozen so I’m able to cut you into pieces.

Seeing your perfect circle makes me dizzy, the butterflies in my stomach begin to flutter with anticipation and I’m anxious to cut you, to hurt you but it’s how we roll. You lie there, perfect and all, to let me take advantage of your helplessness. And I do, out of love.

Love for your tasty filling, that is so soft and creamy, just everything you wish for in a cheesecake. I wan’t our love affair to never end! Do you hear me?

I know our relationship had up’s and down’s over the years but I also know you’re the one. I love you, I crave you and your powers to make me feel wholesome again when I’m lost in a world of pain. Every good feeling I feel deeper and happier when you’re there with me. So…

Will you marry me?

Would you like another piece of cake?

1 May

Yesterday I returned from my cousin’s confirmation (that word sounds strange in english but my dictionary says it’s the right choice, so I’ll stick with it). My cousin lives with his sister and parents in the south of Germany, not so far away from Lake Constance.

My granny and me set out friday morning to make our journey south via train. We had to change trains twice which is always a given from our location. Fast trains never come through here (that’s how my father used to tease me, he said santa wouldn’t come to me because the ICE doesn’t stop here). In Frankfurt we changed into said high speed train, also known as InterCityExpress. The thing is, we already left the station with a delay which was bad since we only had 5 minutes to change trains in Ulm. But I knew as soon as I looked up the connection some days eralier on the internet that we were going to miss this one. Despite the world seeing germans as very punctual beings and the Deutsche Bahn (German Trains) as an institution for accuracy and punctuality, they’re almost never on time due to various known and unknown reasons, like signals failing, bad weather, engine problems…the list goes on and on. So, we spent an hour at the train station in Ulm until the next train came and we could arrive at our destination where we were picked up by my uncle.

"Grüß Gott" (Salute to God) is a lovely and typical greeting in the south. This was one of the stations we passed through and I just loved the building :-)

From then on, my weekend consisted of constant eating. We ate so much, I sure was going to burst, fortunately I didn’t. On Saturday the other guests arrived, since they all had a longer trip to make, so we had lunch together, we had cake for tea time. We had 9-10 different cakes and were 13 people at the most. I love cake, and I rather eat cake than breakfast (which I also did) so it wasn’t a big problem for me, but after the 5th slice, you are so full even though you want more of that sweet sugary taste in your mouth *sigh*
Me and my aunt’s nephew (who was also staying at their house) had to transport the cakes downstairs into the cold and upstairs again four times over the weekend, haha. The good thing was, the cellar was pretty cold and thus a nice place to be from time to time.
Oh, I almost forgot the dinner we had, I don’t know where all that food managed to go in my body, but it worked somehow.

The little protestant church we would never have fitted into.

Sunday morning marked the actual day of the confirmation, so we made our way to the church, even though the ceremony wasn’t held in the actual church since it was way to small for this purpose. Protestants are a minority in the south as most people there are catholic, so the churches are accordingly small. In my opinion, the service was a bit to hippie for m taste, we sang a lot, which I usually don’t mind, but I didn’t know the lyrics or melody of the religious songs. Also they had this gospel choir (don’t even get me started on gospel choirs) which sang a couple of songs as well. But they sang in english and abused the language because they all had terrible accents. They even sang Amazing Grace which made me sick to my stomach but I couldn’t change it.
I was relieved when the service was finally over since the air in the community center was terrible even though all windows were open.

The community center was called House in the Vineyard. They had this lovely garden.

After church we had lunch, good thing I only ate a banana for breakfast and my starting headache due to the bad air was slowly subsiding. Lunch was good, but so-ho-ho-ho much, and I knew that back at my uncle’s house, 10 cakes were still waiting to be eaten at tea time. So we ended up eating cake again, as you might have guessed already. I just can’t resist, when it’s sitting right in front of my, stupid week will xD

Then we finally stopped the eating marathon. Everyone was pretty beat though, so we sat outside and talked for some time, which was nice, the sun was shining, all was calm.

I think, I bored you guys enough with my recount of the weekend, so I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures. Thankfully today is our Labor Day, so I could sleep in and do next to nothing (hmm, maybe I should unpack the rest of my bag later…maybe!).

Wait, I forgot to tell you about my lovely journey back home. My granny booked the train tickets and there was a little mix-up which turned out very nice. Instead of taking the same route back as we did to get there, we went with the slower InterCity through the Black Forest. Man, that was lovely, so beautiful. I made a mental note to go there again on vacation for some hiking (I’ve never hiked in my life but it sounds like a good idea). At one time, we were at a station 806 meters above sea level which is amazing when you keep in mind that we started at Lake Constance. Unfortunately, my DSLR was packed away in my bag and out of reach also the train was moving, the windows dirty and I’m a little perfectionist, so I didn’t take any pictures there. Ok, honestly, I didn’t even think to take them because I was so stunned by the landscape which was presented in front of me.

Now the pictures :-) as promised.

Sunset at Lake Constance. How I love lakes *doublesigh*

Monday morning we took the ferry over Lake Constance to get to our train station. You can see a part of the Alps. Very cool :-)

Opposite view of the Alps

(Sorry for the bad quality of the last ones, I had to take them with my phone.)

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