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Mina goes Grown-Up

30 Jul

Yep, you read that right, this little blogger is in the business of growing up, just a little bit though. I’m not ready for the whole nine yards yet. However, I managed to graduate from the university with my very own diploma in Industrial Engineering!! I think this calls for a little dance party, what would you say?

lemon dance 4

lemon dance 3

See, that was fun. Now onto the not so fun parts of graduating, having to actually work for a living, look for a job and all those other pesky things. I’ve taken my sweet time to get there when you keep in mind that I handed in my thesis at the end of May. Whoops. Sorry, not sorry. I took some time off traveling and avoiding responsibilities but now it’s time to actually do something useful with my time. (Not that marathoning all the TV shows of ever is not a useful thing in my book, but, you know, something that pays the bills.)

Yesterday I sent out a couple of applications and just in time I might add to get my uncle off my back because they’re coming over on the upcoming weekend. This had me spending my sunday night analysing why I’m dreading their arrival. Many points were already made in a post earlier this year. He won’t be able to complain though since I actually applied for some jobs. I even bought my very first pant suit which incidentally makes me want to throw up because, ugh, adulthood. I may also have created my very first online dating profile and I still don’t know how that makes me feel.

I fully plan on blogging about my holiday sometime soon but I’ve been too lazy to do so until now and with VEDA starting on Thursday, I guess it won’t happen too soon?! Will see, can’t promise anything. Have a Blurred Lines gender-swap video while you wait, m’kay?

How has life been treating you guys? What’s new? Talk to me!


Accidental Defrostation #20sbprompt

3 Apr

I’ve said it before and it will never not be true – I’m only a bad impersonation of an adult; I suck at adulthood and most of the time I don’t mind. I still feel like the little girl I once was with pigtails, clutching my stuffed animal. Maybe one day I will outgrow this but not now and not anytime soon. I like hanging onto my childish ways. Even if it results in stupidity like this little mishap I’m about to share with you.

I have a fridge that’s integrated into the kitchen, it looks like one of the cupboards, very normal. And then I’ve got another fridge-freezer combination that Mom once bought because apparently we needed a second fridge. Now that I’m alone I don’t need all that space especially since I usually eat lunch at the university so I turned the second fridge off as it was empty. The freezer on top of it doesn’t have a separate switch so I wasn’t completely sure but still thought as long as the thing is connected to the socket everything is peachy.

And it was. Until I checked on it yesterday. Turns out, the freezer only works if the fridge is running and everything I had stored in the freezer had melted and was sitting in a puddle of disgusting water.

Way to go, me!

A normal, responsible person would have tested this thing when the freezer would have been empty but not me, nooooo! I did it after grocery shopping. I added stuff to it like ice cream that is now gone too. Sometimes, I should not be allowed outside of my bed. Seriously!

So, I spent yesterday evening cleaning the fridge (which was overdue) and then the freezer after I cleared it of the disgusting water. Ugh. I really mourn that ice cream though. 2.5l of it. The one time I buy a big container. And the pizza! Poor pizza! I love pizza.

At least I defrosted the freezer which was necessary and may earn me 1/100,00th of an adult-point but not much more.

I hope this counts as enough of an error and confession for this weeks blogging prompt. What are your failings? Killed a plant? Threw your stuffed mole against the wall out of anger (or is that something only past!Me ever did)?

Winning Adulthood … Or Not?!

13 Mar

Like any self-respecting 20-something blogger I struggle with the concept of adulthood in one form or another. Most days I consider myself a failure at being grown-up. I eat all kinds of shit and not the most appropriate things in regard to the time of day, watch too much telly and dress in all colours of the rainbow. Also, referring to adults as grown-ups should clearly show that I’m not yet a full member of that club.

I couldn't find a bloody gif for this scene of Gilmore Girls so you get this instead. Also, reciting life-advice from TV shows?! No adult!

I couldn’t find a bloody gif for this scene of Gilmore Girls so you get this instead. Also, reciting life-advice from TV shows?! Not an adult!

Last week I tweeted how I again failed at being a responsible adult because I stayed in bed instead of getting up at a reasonable hour to go working on my thesis. It didn’t matter that I planned to get up in the morning on the night before because against better judgement of myself, I turned my alarm clock off. Kirsti was kind enough to put things into perspective for me though.

Please ignore the typos. I was still in bed and only typing with one eye open because the screen was so bright.

Please ignore the typos. I was still in bed and only typing with one eye open because the screen was so bright.

So, as it turns out, I’m actually winning adulthood. BAM!

The thing is, I don’t even know what makes an adult and adult. Working? – fail; Catching up on responsibilities? – about 50/50; Being able to call non-family members on the phone? – Only if I mentally prepare myself for a couple of days; Being asked if I’m old enough to drink? – Too many times to count.

That’s all I can think of and it doesn’t even sound legitimate as a point of reference. Maybe I’m better than I give myself credit for; maybe I’m worse. Who knows?! I sure as hell don’t! After all, there are days I have cheesecake for breakfast but because I’m 25 years old and nobody sees me while I do so, I actually can do it. I may have the ingredients to someday make a decent adult (if I ever figure out what that exactly entails) but so far, I’m taking the best parts of both worlds, mix them together and make my life up as I go along. Hello there, yellow brick road, where are you taking me?

“Is there a point to this post at all”, you may ask. Not so much, sorry. This is a long winded and contrivance-y approach for putting the link to my first awkward vlog on this blog.

rmiles, remember when I told you I don’t have a real German accent? This is your opportunity to find out if I was right even though I know you are more of a reader.

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