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Mina goes Grown-Up

30 Jul

Yep, you read that right, this little blogger is in the business of growing up, just a little bit though. I’m not ready for the whole nine yards yet. However, I managed to graduate from the university with my very own diploma in Industrial Engineering!! I think this calls for a little dance party, what would you say?

lemon dance 4

lemon dance 3

See, that was fun. Now onto the not so fun parts of graduating, having to actually work for a living, look for a job and all those other pesky things. I’ve taken my sweet time to get there when you keep in mind that I handed in my thesis at the end of May. Whoops. Sorry, not sorry. I took some time off traveling and avoiding responsibilities but now it’s time to actually do something useful with my time. (Not that marathoning all the TV shows of ever is not a useful thing in my book, but, you know, something that pays the bills.)

Yesterday I sent out a couple of applications and just in time I might add to get my uncle off my back because they’re coming over on the upcoming weekend. This had me spending my sunday night analysing why I’m dreading their arrival. Many points were already made in a post earlier this year. He won’t be able to complain though since I actually applied for some jobs. I even bought my very first pant suit which incidentally makes me want to throw up because, ugh, adulthood. I may also have created my very first online dating profile and I still don’t know how that makes me feel.

I fully plan on blogging about my holiday sometime soon but I’ve been too lazy to do so until now and with VEDA starting on Thursday, I guess it won’t happen too soon?! Will see, can’t promise anything. Have a Blurred Lines gender-swap video while you wait, m’kay?

How has life been treating you guys? What’s new? Talk to me!


No, 30 Rock, why do you have to leave me?

1 Feb

Yesterday the last episode ever of 30 Rock was broadcast and I feel like this:

lemon crying

I don’t want it to end. It’s one of my all time favourite shows because it was funny and smart and nerdy and just everything. ALL THE FEEELS!!! Tina Fey is the woman I want to be one day, well, kind of. Except for the being on TV part. She is smart, sassy and incredibly funny and talented and she loves Star Wars!! I on the other hand have no talent for purposefully making a fool out of myself or doing it with style.

I could write so many things about this show but I won’t. 7 seasons is an alright run, well for Comedy it’s rather short but overall it was good. The show never was a ratings hit much to my dismay so I’m glad it even stayed on this long. It coined so many wonderful phrases and catchwords that I’ll celebrate with my favourite 30 Rock and Liz Lemon/Tina Fey moments in a gif-parade. Sorry if you expected more but my little heart is broken and I don’t know what to do in the future except re-watch 30 Rock, maybe. But it’s just not the same. There will never be a new episode *imagine the Piano of eternal sadness playing in the background*

bad ideas

That’s right, the Jack and Liz bromance has taught me everything about business and life that I’ll ever need to know.

I want to go to there

Blergh, I never go to there.

Running for food, duh!


I especially agree to the staying in more part.

stride of pride

Yup, Stride of Pride, that’s how I roll!



Liz struggles through 7 years, trying to have it all, love, a fulfilling job, friends, a family. And in the end, guess what? She’s got it all! Liz Lemon is my spirit animal! Also, she got married while dressed as Princess Leia. GAH!!



(Maybe, when I’m not so sad about this show ending and I have more time (LOL) I will do a best quotes post because there sure are a lot of them. Maybe, maybe…but don’t get your hopes up)

If you were looking for something more substantial from me today, I was asked to do my first guest post (YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY) by my lovely friend Anju so be sure to head over to her blog and check that out. It’s about actual dreams and what happens to my dream-stalkers.

A new Season is upon us!

4 Oct

No, not speaking about autumn, although I love it. Leaves changing colour and the air that is not yet winter but isn’t summer anymore either. It’s gorgeous except when it rains like this morning and you start to think about how to best build an ark #truestory

What comes with autumn though, is the new TV season which means a TV junkie like me gets to see all his precious shows return to the screen, along with many new shows to explore. This year, I’m a little late to the party, it took me some weeks to catch up with everything TV-wise that was already going on but I finally got caught up this week, thanks to the national holiday in Germany yesterday. (Side-note: Yes, yesterday was the Mean Girls day but it was also the day we Germans celebrate the re-unification of our very own country, which happened on October 3rd, 1989. You’re welcome for that history lesson btw)

Continuing with what I wanted to write about (yep, sometimes there is an actual point to my posts), here’s what I watch right now:


So, so good. I love this show to pieces and all their characters! It saddens me though, that Haddie left for College and is not featured as regularly than she was before. Also, Kristina’s breast cancer hits a little bit too close to home after my last 2 years but I won’t let it keep me from enjoying one of my favourite shows.
Also, also, what will become of Sarah’s fiancée considering she has quite some chemistry with her new boss. They’re more age appropriate for each other as well *fingerscrossed*


Same as Parenthood. Cannot get enough of Brennan, Booth and the hot Angela. Now that Booth and Brennan are finally an item with baby and all I’m looking forward to their whole new dynamic.


It’s annyoing as ever but I can’t get away. They sing, you know? So, I’m hooked until they pull a Grey’s Anatomy on me. The new McKinley High students that joined the choir this year are just replacements for those who left the school. Sorry, but Marley is so set up to be the next Rachel. Unique will be a combination of Kurt and Mercedes. Also, 3 episodes without a real appearance by Santana is just wrong. I don’t care much for Brittany without Santana. Same goes for Blaine, he’s just boring without Kurt. Really, Kurt and Rachel are my favourites and I like that they reunited in New York. Although I’m dreading all that Finn drama which is coming our way but ok. Let’s hope it blows over quickly.

New Girl

Adorable, but I mostly watch because Schmitt is hilarious and CeCe is HOT! Jess and Nick are the characters I like least, I know it sounds stupid but what can I do?! This whole will-they-won’t-they set-up has just been done too much.

How I Met Your Mother

Please, let Barney and Robin marry and tell us who that damn mother is! Love it though! Just bought Season 1 on DVD which is a huge commitment from my standpoint. What I’ve seen so far was hilarious and I can’t wait to see the rest of the season and hope it’s as good. Need a 1 minute recap of all seasons? Let Barney help you with that:


Eh, I think Season 1 was probably enough for me. Will try watching another episode and then I think I’m done. Too much intrigue for my liking. I probably already fell off the wagon a couple episodes before the season 1 finale.

30 Rock

Tonight the final season will begin and I’m sad, oh so sad, about this because it means I will not see Tina Fey on a regular basis anymore. I don’t know how many times I watched this show but it’s a lot and I can only hope that the end of 30 Rock will allow Tina to make more movies like Mean Girls. At least she’s under contract with Universal for a couple of more years. We will have to see what that brings.

Also, here’s the Liz Lemon Guide to Life and Love. It’s perfect!

Go On

This is a new show on NBC staring Matthew Perry, also known as Chandler from Friends. His new character, Ryan, just lost his wife and has to deal with all his emotional shit by going to a transitional help group which is very, very funny. I laughed a lot and cannot wait for more episodes to come. NBC just gave this show a full season order which is all I can ask for at the moment. It’s much better than Perry’s last year show Mr. Sunshine which, despite it’s great cast, just wasn’t so well rounded and funny.

The New Normal

Is a new show by Ryan Murphy, the dude who created Glee, yes. This gay couple wants to have a child so they look for a surrogate who turns out to come from a family of women who get pregnant as teens. She’s 25, has a 9 year-old daughter and a grandmother who is such a Republican, it’s basically the best thing about the show. Leisha Hailey will do a story arc soon, so I’m sold!

Cougar Town

My favourite cul-de-sac-crew will be back in January and it’s gonna be awesome because all they ever do is hang out, have fun and get drunk. Seriously, what is not to like about that? It’ll be interesting to see what the switch from ABC to TBS  changed for the show, or if it changed anything. Here’s your 30 second recap of the entire show.

And another adorable clip where they all sing.

Rizzoli & Isles

Those lovely ladies will be back in the beautiful month of November with 5 more episodes to their 3rd season. They’ll probably still not go canon but for that the gods invented fan fiction and subtext recaps on afterellen.com

The newest promo photo is just such a tease, candlelight, them staring at each other…

Out of Hibernation

26 Sep

It’s about time I move out of hibernation. The week between Mom’s death and her funeral, I barely went outside, except to meet with some people and visit my grandma, oh, well and make sure I didn’t starve but other than that? I read fan fiction (cause that’s all I can focus on at the moment…fluffy, happy ended fan fiction #sueme), spent hours on Tumblr and started watching Rizzoli&Isles again (also because of all the happy feelings they give me).

But now it’s definitely time to get my shit together so I started the week with dropping my gran off at the hospital for a little procedure and then went on to go through all the mess Mom left me. It’s really a mess. Years upon years of unfiled papers, which I’m leaving as they are now, neatly stacked on top of each other. I could spend weeks dividing and filing them appropriately. No, not gonna do that.

Yesterday I went to apply for orphan’s pension which proved to be rather annoying. Ugh, I had to fill out 5 forms, more or less the same, and get a statement from my university that I’m still studying. Of course the certificate of enrolment the university provides is not enough, they have their own little form which has to be signed and stamped by the uni. Bureaucracy, hello!! And then I had to cancel subscriptions and credit cards and all that stuff. You get the picture.

What I should be doing now, is going to uni to see my professor and ask him what he thought of my research paper BUT I’m procrastinating another day. Yes, call me lazy, I know that I am but after all the running around yesterday, I want one day of not doing anything. Which, obviously made me end up on WordPress because a new post was in order.

Also? My blog now has over 4,000 hits which is pathetic but makes me happy :-)

On account of Mom’s death, I guess I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop. Sometimes it feels surreal but mostly it feels like nothing is different. I’m still waiting for that one day when apprehension will come crashing down on me and I’ll finally break down. For now though, I’m happy to be cry-free for over a week. It’s a welcome change.

“Hey nerds! Guess who’s got two thumbs, speaks limited French, and hasn’t cried once today? This moi!”

Now I’m out of things to bore you with. I just needed to write anything to get blogging again and that’s about all this post is about.

Funny Stuff on the Interwebs

23 Jul

Today I’d like to share with you some of the funny stuff I found while avoiding to do something else.

Amazon yesterday shipping is hilarious and very (!!!!!) confusing. Imagine a service that knows exactly what you will order before you know it? Ah, good times.

Then I found this very, very cool song on soundcloud about the show Rizzoli&Isles which I have watched religiously over the last couple of weeks. Damn that Angie Harmon is hot. I applaud the singer/writer for turning ‘The Edge of Glory’ into this amazing song about the two leading characters (since everyone who ever watched the show knows they totally have the hots for each other).

And as if I wasn’t already wasting more than enough time on WordPress, I created a Tumblr on saturday in order to keep up with the amazing gifs that are out there. I still don’t really have a clue what I’m doing on Tumblr but it’s a cozy place to hang out.

It’s so sweet what you can do with such a simple layout *sigh*

Ok, enough of that, I’ll move on to Great Expectations again. The sooner I finish the sooner I can buy new boosk *yayme*

My all-time favorite shows

16 Mar

When it’s Friday afternoon and you feel sleepy even though you didn’t do anything real that day, it’s time for a new blog post. Maybe it’s also just me, procrastinating some more since I know any attempt at studying would be a colossal waste of time at the moment. After all, I do know my brain (though a little less lately, if it were a computer, it would desperately need a reboot). So here it comes, the essence of my tired mind.

As you may have already figured, I love (and by that I mean really LOVE) TV shows and I wanted to put together a list of the shows I love the most. I don’t know exactly where this will end (like with every post I write) but I’m going to try it.

The West Wing

I fell in love with this show very late in relation to it’s original air date but what can I say, it never aired on german TV, so it took some time to eventually stumble upon it on the net.

The West Wing was created by genius Aaron Sorkin, (creator of Sports Night, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and writer of The Social Network) and lasted for 7 seasons on NBC.

For those of you, not familiar with the show I’ll try to give a short summary of it. The show centers around fictional, democratic (of course, duh!) President, or POTUS, Josiah ‘Jed’ Bartlett (Martin Sheen), his close staff and family located in the West Wing of the White House. Together they have to deal with the day to day crisis of running the most important office of the USA while encountering problems as everyone does at their own job. I love it when Josh Lyman (Deputy Chief of Staff portrayed by Bradley Whitford) screws up a press briefing simply cause he thinks he has it in his pocket, or when he goes on-line and finds this fan site of himself and he’s almost overthrowing the government. One of my favorite characters is Press Secretary C.J. Cregg (played by Allison Janney) who later becomes Chief of Staff. She’s a strong, smart and confident women, what more do I need say more?! I could go on and on, but that is not the point here.
These characters made me  believe in governments and I know more about american politics than german ones, thanks to them. I’m a proud owner of an all seasons boxset I ordered off Amazon.co.uk because I just had to have it, to enjoy the show over and over and over again. It’s simply THAT good.


I really shouldn’t have to tell you what this show is about, if you don’t know it, seriously?! Where did you grow up? Me, I grew up watching reruns of this show every day of the week anxiously awaiting new episodes. Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, Joey, Rachel and Ross are part of my family, I still watch them on DVD. Just last Sunday, my best friend and I sat down to watch a couple of episodes since I had a rough couple of days and they were the only DVDs he had with him at his parents house. It doesn’t matter which of the 10 seasons we turn into, we know them that well and still laugh at the jokes. I must be in the double-digist in my viewing them, but they never get old. I remember when I was on a school-trip in Leeds in 11th grade and I had to buy season 10 there since they already had DVDs out when it hadn’t even begun to air over here. It’s also the time I started watching them in English and not dubbed as everything is here by default (I hate it, and it’s probably why I don’t watch a lot of real TV anymore).

Gilmore Girls

I know, there may be better shows out there and whatever but I love them. Actually I am currently in season 6 out of 7 re-viewing them, I haven’t done this in maybe two years because I was watching other shows and re-watching some other old ones. I like season 7 the least since it’s the one show-runner and creator Amy Sherman-Palladino left and it just wasn’t the same after that. Nevertheless, I enjoy the show, still! Although I was Rory’s age when they first appeared on TV over here, I always liked Lorelai more, she is just amazingly strange. I don’t even notice that they talk particularly fast, for me it seems normal, maybe because I tend to speed-talk myself or because I watched them so many times.
A big part of the show are references to mostly 80s and 90s pop culture trivia and it’s always fun to see if you get it and know WTH they are talking about or not.


Another show I didn’t appreciate while it was on TV, only later. But I made up for it, big time, I can tell you! Haha. Although it’s a comedy about interns in a hospital it never failed to portray the hard parts of being a doctor. It was silly a lot of the times and then suddenly made a cut and was really serious. It never felt wrong though, which I think is amazing. Creator Bill Lawrence did an outstanding job with it. To be fair, I don’t include season 9 of Med School in Scrubs. For me, Scrubs was over with the finale of season 8, the rest was ok if you think of it as it’s own show and a disaster when you consider it to be a season 9.
This, along with FRIENDS is a show I can always watch with best friend boy. We know it so well but never fail to laugh about the same jokes over and over again.

30 Rock

Ah, how I love Tina Fey! She is smart and funny and don’t even get me started on her portrayal of Sarah Palin.  From week to week I’m awaiting new episodes to see what ridiculous thing happens next on TGS and if Jack’s wife Avery will ever be released from North Korea. This show is rather new in comparison to the others I mentioned before, but I still managed to watch it like 3 times at least by now.
Sometimes I think, Liz Lemon and me are not so different, well of course she is over the top crazy but in a sweet and lovable way. Who wouldn’t want to set Jenna and Tracy on fire sometimes if you had to deal with them on a daily basis? Also Liz’s love for the original Star Wars movies makes her dear to my heart. What a geek.
The show is an assembly of strange characters, especially Kenneth the Page who now works for Standards&Practices (oh, my!) and they couldn’t be more different but they still manage to come off as this family although they would maybe disagree when asked.
I’m looking forward to find out, how long the show can stay on the air, since NBC has troubles with it’s whole program and 30 Rock is not really a ratings magnet. Will Jack rise to the top again? Who knows, but I hope we will see it in the future. After all, NBC was very gracious with this show so far on the numerous occasions 30 Rock made fun of it’s network, for example when Conan left or NBC was acquired by Comcast.  You can’t throw a thing like this away, NBC!

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

My second favorite Sorkin show that unfortunately only lasted one season. It’s the counterpart to 30 Rock. Both shows started around the same time, both on NBC with a similar premise only one was a comedy the other one more of a drama. As 30 Rock managed to gain an audience Studio 60 didn’t and was axed.
It’s about a late night sketch comedy show like SNL which has to start anew after the producer Wes gets on live camera saying the show is crap, the writing is not good anymore and Standards&Practices is embarrassing itself because they don’t allow a sketch called ‘Crazy Christians’ even though it killed at dress rehearsal. After Wes is fired Matt Albie and Danny Tripp (Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford), two former writers for the show, take over and have to deal with the aftermath of Wes’s bold move. It was a great TV show with a terrific cast and writing and I was sorry to see it getting axed as soon as NBC could. Fortunately for me, I own the show on DVD and can watch it again whenever I feel like it.

Cougar Town

Is a bad-titled show about friendship, hanging around with your friends in a cul-de-sac somewhere in Forida while drinking lots and lots of wine and playing Penny Can.
After the first couple of episodes it became clear to the shows creators (Bill Lawrence from Scrubs and his crew) that this show is absolutely not about older women chasing young dudes, but by then it was too late and the only possibility was to stick with the title but mock it in every opening. They still do it and I always look forward to see what they did come up with.
If you haven’t seen this show, well, you should! I laugh my ass off every time, because the writers just come up with the most ridiculous stuff and you wish to hang out with the gang and have the time of your life. Unfortunately the show’s 3rd season was cut down from 22 episodes and only programmed in mid-TV-season. I hope they can attract enough viewers so ABC won’t cancel the show. It would be a shame if they did!


It’s the only procedural show I watch. It’s smart and fun and David Boreanaz and Emily Deshanel have definite chemistry as Booth and Bones. And they’re awaiting a baby soon, so that’s great.
This show is not solely about solving crimes by looking at bones and dirt samples, it’s also about friends you make while working and how you grow together over a period of time. That’s probably what attracts me the most, since the case of the week is always changing, the characters aren’t. You get to know them a little bit better every week which makes you tune in week after week. The crime solving is just a gimmick, at least for me. I don’t know what else to say about this show and if you made it this far through the post, you’re probably appreciating me cutting it short while introducing my last favorite one. So here it comes:


This is also a rather new show, currently in its third season on NBC. The Braverman family is a rather big clan with Zeek and Camile as the parents to Sarah, Adam, Crosby and Julia who also have families of their own. It’s a clever big cast show which is always good. It has many many more stories to tell which I look forward to see in the future. The cast is great so is the writing and the sets. Don’t get me wrong but for me it’s a mix of West Wing and Gilmore Girls.

And this concludes my favorite TV shows. When I look at the list, I am really attached to NBC because 7 out of the 9 shows listed aired on the network. Only Bones and Cougar Town don’t. Does it mean anything? I don’t think so, or I just can’t think of anything. I’m close to 2000 words now and you’re probably wondering if this post will ever end. Well, it does, now.

See you soon.

Happy Valentine’s Day…NOT!

14 Feb

Instead, let me wish you a ‘Happy Anna Howard Shaw Day’ or ‘Happy Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre’!

To be honest, I did not come up with those on my own but rather draw inspiration from some beloved TV shows because every one has a Valentine’s Day episode. Naturally the protagonists are not always happily in love, as so many other people are.  ‘Anna Howard Shaw Day’ was taken from 30 Rock, one of my favorite shows. Anyone who has ever watched 30 Rock is not surprised, that Liz Lemon does not believe in this romanticized day, invented by the greeting card companies! She, like me, rather calls herself a feminist, so she can deny the impact of Valentine’s Day in order to celebrates the birthday of an activist for women’s rights! (Until she has a boyfriend that is :D)

I am a feminist, and I wear this label proudly, because I don’t see anything wrong with it. I’ve been like this since school. In grade 12 I choose Virginia Woolf and the question whether she was a role model for the women’s movement of the 1930s in Britain as a topic for my assignment. Needless to say, I aced it! My english teacher was very pleased with the result and it made me his favorite pupil in my year.

Calling myself a feminist also makes accepting the fact of being single or alone easier for me. I tell myself that I don’t need a man to be happy, to feel complete and so on. Bla bla bla. Just the typical rant you tell yourself when you’re single so you won’t feel bad, especially on a day like today, where it’s impossible to watch TV or listen to the radio without being reminded of Valentine’s Day. Blergh!! Then I tell myself: ‘You will not be single next year!’ Ha! The times I told myself this, and it’s never been true.

Instead I should just go into a shooting ranch next year, like Booth and Brennan on season 6 of Bones. I kind of like this idea though I’ve never held a gun in my life. But of course, there are many many things I’ve never done before, so I should start doing them instead of sitting at home writing blog entries to keep myself busy.

The best thing about tonight is though that Cougar Town is finally back on ABC!!! I’m desperate for the new season and to see Big Carl again! For everyone who’s not hooked on the show yet: It is NOT about older women wanting to sleep around with younger men. It’s a show about friendship, drinking whine and just having a great time. It’s simply a bad title, so if you haven’t already, GO CHECK IT OUT!!! Seriously!

With that, I part for tonight. Tomorrow all this talking about love will be over, a new day, new problems. I can’t wait. Till then: Happy Valentine’s Anna Howard Shaw Day Massacre!

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