Belated Eurovision Roundup

22 May

Last week marked the time Europe went crazy and I apologise to those who follow me on Tumblr or Twitter because I live-tweeted the Eurovision Song Contest and it got a little bit out of hand. Especially my Amercian followers must have thought I was crazy but I just had soooo many opinions and a few of my Twitter friends were also watching. Fun times!!

This is not going to be a neatly organised post about this years Eurovision Song Contest. If you’re looking for that, I direct you towards Kirsti’s blog because she has covered both semi-finals (here and here) and the grand finale (click). I, on the other hand, was suffering from a medium-sized thesis-related meltdown (of which I am still recovering). The pesky thesis is also the reason this post comes so late that nobody even cares about it anymore. Anyhow…

To be honest, I’ve never been very interested in the ESC. The voting is a shame because neighbouring countries vote for each other based on politics and preference. This year though, for the first time, I sat there and had fun. Not because the event was of better quality or because my favourites won, no, because I finally realised that the contest is about crappy entertainment which let’s you point your snarky finger at your neighbouring countries. It’s not a serious singing competition. Far from it and if you consider it as such, you’re in for disappointment. Just sit back and enjoy the ridiculous ride. And that’s what I did, snarking the stuff on Twitter and Tumblr because I live on the internet.

I had a fantastic night! Denmark won and I cannot say anything against it. The song was great europop and the singer had such a beautiful face that I lost any ability to care.

Then there was the controversy about Finland’s entry because at the end of the performance, two ladies locked lips (which had never happened before in the 57-year history of the contest) which resulted in an outrage from more conservative members of the Union like Turkey who threatened not to broadcast the show. Not sure if they followed through but since Turkey didn’t even qualify I guess they didn’t care much altogether. I’m still not sure why it was part of the act; if it was just to attract the male gaze or a stance on marriage equality. The singer said she wanted to oppose Finland’s stance on refusing to let gays marry but I’m not sold on that interpretation. The song was kinda awful but so very catchy. Europe’s best and I am sad it didn’t score any higher. They only got 13 points which resulted in the 24th place out of 26 contestants. Not cool.

Germany did score 5 points more (21st place) which was not a big shock to me. You just cannot go to the ESC with a song that sounds exactly like last years winner. It doesn’t work that way.

Euphoria is still a fantastic song and after a year I think I finally understand most of the lyrics. Ha! That’s something.

My favourite part of the show was Romania’s entry though. I cannot keep from laughing as soon as he opens his mouth and I dare you to sit through his performance with a straight face. Gay Dracula was robbed of his win (or at least a higher place) is all I’m saying because this was just fantastic entertainment. This is the essence of Eurovision. Something that stays with you even after the event and even if it’s just due to a horrible costume or performance (not saying his performance was shitty because I can’t sing that high and I’m a woman). I WILL NEVER BE OVER GAY DRACULA! So. Fucking. Amazing.

And on a last, a little bit more serious note, Iceland’s entry. He sang in Icelandic which I, of course, do not understand. It still sounds beautiful and is a testimony to his father. I like it very much.

Now I have to wait another year for more of this ridiculous mess *pouts*


8 Responses to “Belated Eurovision Roundup”

  1. tryingtosurviveonemomentatatime May 24, 2013 at 23:31 #

    I am not familiar with this contest since I live in the US. But oh my gosh. Gay Dracula. I was laughing out loud at work…. best thing I’ve seen in a long time. I don’t know if you have seen “Prince Poppycock” (no it isn’t porn) from American’s Got Talent a few years ago. He was awesome. Your gay Dracula made me think of him. Although he never did a Dracula bit, and he actually sings amazing. Anyway……ramble ramble. I loved him. I wish he would have won. Here is a link to a little bit of all he did on the show.

    • WillieSun May 27, 2013 at 00:50 #

      What an excellent performance. I’m glad Dracula made you laugh :) Hope you’re well these days.

  2. viveka May 22, 2013 at 21:48 #

    Great write up … I had Denmark as favorite for over a months now … I also like Ireland (didn’t do that well) – but I think Ukraine … had a fantastic song and it did very well. Still I think the right song won, but last years winner .. the best since Waterloo.
    Thanks for happy post and music.

    • WillieSun May 22, 2013 at 22:01 #

      Ireland definitely didn’t deserve being voted last. Ukraine…eh…I just listened to it again and the song is not bad but it bores me and I kind of stop listening, idk why.

      I really liked Norway, it was dark and moody. Not complaining that Denmark won, it’s a great song.

      I wouldn’t go as far as comparing Euphoria to Waterloo but it is still one helluva song.

  3. AbsentElemental May 22, 2013 at 20:10 #

    Your tweets about this amused me, even though I had zero clue what this was about.

    • WillieSun May 22, 2013 at 20:23 #

      I can’t even imagine what it looked like without knowing/seeing it. Oh it was a fun night!

      • AbsentElemental May 22, 2013 at 22:18 #

        To me, it came off as American Idol, only with talented singer and with the competition being between countries rather than people.

        • WillieSun May 22, 2013 at 22:20 #

          It kind of is but more amazing and better because it is concentrated to one weekend. Also, there are no mean commentators, as the contest is there to bring Europe together, lol.

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