‘Whispers Underground’ by Ben Aaronovitch

2 Apr

Serves me right to be reading a book by a former Doctor Who writer while I was making my way through the series. Even though it took me longer to read the book than watch all episodes of DW.

‘Whispers Underground’ is not bad but not fantastic either. It was really enjoyable, a mix between Harry Potter and a detective novel. I felt a little out of the loop sometimes as this is the third book in a series which I didn’t know until after I bought it. It’s not that big a deal but I just don’t like starting at the wrong point in time.

Like vampire and werewolf stories, this has its own take on magic and when you’re used to Harry Potter and Buffy magic it’s just a bit different. Like for example, your brain will fry once you used too much magic. The world created in this novel is interesting and fun. I desperately want to believe in a world where magic exists and time travel is possible so I kind of feel at home in that version of London. (The last point is not relevant for this book, just what I wish was real.)

In general I liked the book though and I realised how many books by women writers told from a female point of view I read recently so it was a nice change to read a story told from a male’s perspective with the perks of not having to read about how some male character is gorgeous and so on.

I’ll most likely give the other books in this universe a try though because I love me some mystery and magic. While this wasn’t the best book I read in a while it’s still really decent and if you like magic and police procedurals, check it out.

I don’t have much to say about this book and it was never my intention/strong suit to recap the story itself (mostly because I want to keep these posts spoiler free) so this is rather short. But after I gave the Travel category so much love recently, the Books category felt neglected. So this is me giving it some love too. Until next time. (Pray I will have more to say about Life of Pi.)


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