Travel On My Mind

28 Mar

Maybe it’s because I’m taking a trip down memory lane every week to write about the traveling I did or the fact that I just have itchy-feet by nature, but my mind is in full travel mode at the moment. It could also just be because it’s much more fun to make travel plans than write a thesis. Or those pesky Facebook friends talking and posting pictures of their recent trips. Or a combination of all of the above.

Last sunday I booked the first flights for part 2 of my summer travel plans. On Friday I heard back from my Swedish Friend Family and basically got the go signal, saying that yes, I can come visit them for when I had planned to do so. And holy cow am I excited!!!! I’m going back to Sweden at the end of June!!! It may only be for 9 days but better than nothing. Also, summer in Sweden, yay!!! I’ve only been there in fall and winter so far and this will be exciting.

Me in Skansen

Me in Skansen

First I’m going to Stockholm to do all the outdoor things it was too cold for in January when I was there the first time. I did visit Skansen but most of it was covered in snow so I’ll be going there again, and Djurgården. I also want to visit Drottningholm because there wasn’t enough time to do it before. And a tour through Skärgården by boat. There is just so much to see and do. Like eating hamburgers at MAX because I miss them dearly and there is a MAX at every corner in Stockholm. What can I say, I’m a sucker for fast food and their original hamburger sauce is delicious!

After Stockholm I’ll get on the train to visit my lovely friend family which came to visit me last year. I’m going to be back in Växjö, staying at their stuga (summer home) which is neatly located by a lake. All I’m hoping for now is good weather and for it to finally be June so I can go back to my adopted home country. I just want to go home!!!

I understand that Sweden is not technically my home but it feels like going home. I loved my five months there and miss the people, some of the foods and the language. Ha, in preparation for my trip I’ll watch the Saltkråkan movies of Astrid Lindgren again. In Swedish of course, but with subtitles!

This is not all I’m planning right now though. If everything works out, I’ll be meeting a blogger friend in Scotland right after I handed in my thesis in June and am a free woman! I’ve only been to Morley and Leeds as far as Great Britain goes so this is also really exciting for me. Hell, everything is exciting when it comes to traveling. That’s actually part 1 for anyone who even cares for this weird numbering I’m doing here.

Trip 3 is also still not confirmed but wanted desperately. Bestfriendboy and me will *fingerscrossed* go to London for a week and then travel another week somewhere in the countryside. There are no elaborate plans yet and we can’t do anything until late July because he’s busy being a musician beforehand. I know what I’ll be doing in London an it’s surroundings though, praying that Wicked is running so I can see it in the right language and also because it’s currently not running in Germany. Then, the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff. It looks so amazing!!! Also, of course all the touristy things one can do in London. Bestfriendboy already visited most of them but well, he just has to do it again and I know he’s fine with it because he loves London.

And these are my plans for the summer after I finally graduate from university! Hell yeah, June can’t get here fast enough! What are your plans? Anything exciting on the travel horizon?

Sorry, this post was mostly so I could get my fangirling out. I apologize for overusing the word ‘excitement’ and the many, many exclamation marks.


2 Responses to “Travel On My Mind”

  1. Charleen March 28, 2013 at 14:08 #

    If I were independently wealthy, I would travel ALL the time. In school I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to go to Europe every few years. Since graduating, the only trip I’ve taken was to NYC… which was also cool. Even if it was only in my own country, I would love to travel so much more than I do.

    • WillieSun March 28, 2013 at 16:31 #

      The USA are huge so it’s great to travel there I guess even if it’s ‘just’ your home country.
      I’d travel all the time too if I were really wealthy :-) There is just so much to see and do!

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