I Want More Veronica Mars!

27 Jan

You want to know how I spent my weekend? Watching season 3 of Veronica Mars while nursing my sore throat back to health. Now I’m out of episodes and that just makes me sad because this show was awesome and should have continued.

In the beginning, I was not so sure, the whole Lily Kane murder thing was a bit much to deal with and there was so much story the viewer wasn’t aware of yet while being aware of the fact that there was a lot of backstory to where the show started. The characters were great, first and foremost of course Miss Mars herself. That is a sassy, smart woman and if I had known her in real life, I would have totally been at her mercy because she is the epitome of cool to me. Maybe this is due to me wanting to be a PI ever since I was a little kid.

Veronica Mars to me is like Buffy but without the magic and vampires but with criminals and crooks instead. What is better than Buffy though, is the parent-kid relationship of the main character. Since I’m re-watching Buffy thanks to SnarkSquad, I’ve come to be very judgmental about Buffy’s mom Joyce. She is a negligent parent, sometimes a real bad mother and rarely a decent one. Keith Mars on the other Hand is pretty awesome and I want to trade in my scumbag father for him.

Keith is genuinely interested in his daughter’s life, doesn’t always approve of what she is doing but never fails to come through for her, protect and rescue her. There have been rare moments I didn’t approve of his character which is much more than I can say for Joyce Summers.

Veronica goes through a lot of relationships in these 3 little seasons and the whole Duncan-Logan-on-again-off-again-thing gets a tad annoying at times but I can deal with it because I got crimes and teenage drama to disturb me from it.  There is usually a big case that spans through the whole season and in most episodes a little piece is added to the puzzle, leading to a conclusion in the finale.

Have I already mentioned how much I love the characters? Yes? Well, let me say that again. The characters and the cast are fantastic. Wallace, Veronica’s BFF is a great dude, then there is Mack, the computer geek whom I’d like to hang out with if she were real. Veronica’s dad of course. Weevil, the gangsta-kid who really is an old softie and has a big soft spot for Veronica. Seriously, I love them all!

There have also been a long list of great guest stars on the show, such as Charisma Carpenter, Alyson Hannigan, Amanda Seyfried, Max Greenfield, Ed Begley jr., Matt Czuchry, The Todd and Keith from Scrubs, Dianna Agron and Paris Hilton. One episode even featured George-Micheal Bluth and Maeby Bluth from Arrested Development, which was completely freaky. And there are more but I leave you at this.

One of the best things of season 2 you ask? Um, Charisma Carpenter in her bikinis!

One of the best things of season 2 you ask? Um, Charisma Carpenter in her bikinis!

Aside from the crime fighting, which, let’s be honest would never sustain in real life, they are a bunch of teenagers and go through stuff we all can relate to in one way or another. There’s the peer pressure, not belonging to the cool kids, unwanted pregnancies, coming outs and so on.

I’m also in love with the opening credits, well, mostly the song by the Dandy Warhols.

I leave this requiem review with one of the best quotes…um…ok…the only one I can actually remember at the moment:

It’s like you’re this giant jackass piñata, begging for someone to beat the candy out of you.


4 Responses to “I Want More Veronica Mars!”

  1. Viveka January 28, 2013 at 19:13 #

    Never heard of … niether UK or Sweden has invested in this, at least now what I know … maybe on the pay channels … but I never had them. Intresting reading about this .. very special young woman.

    • Wilhelmina Upton January 28, 2013 at 19:22 #

      It’s a rather old show, 2005-2007 I think. I remember it was on in Germany but I never watched it when it was on back then.

  2. Mariana January 28, 2013 at 01:50 #

    I LOVE Veronica Mars. It’s such a great show! Definitely deserved more than three seasons, seriously. Also, Kristen Bell should be in more things she’s an amazing actress!

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