Ryan Murphy, We’re Done!

24 Jan

There is a reason behind me watching the shows I watch or have watched in the past. It may be a recommendation by a friend or the internet, an actress I like that is playing a role in it, the fact that my friends talk about it non-stop and I need to watch it so I can talk with them, there being lesbians or non-canon-canon shippable couples or I liked another show from the same creator and so on. The list is endless.

For example, I watched Friends because it’s awesome and it was on TV back in the days when there still were new episodes. And bestfriendboy made me watch Scrubs and I loved that too, so I started watching Cougar Town (that I made bestfriendboy watch and he loved it) which is from the same creator, Bill Lawrence, as Scrubs and stars his real life wife, Christa Miller, who also appeared in both shows. What completes the circle is is Courtney Cox from Friends and now on Cougar Town who also made a little stop on Scrubs. There a many other examples of this but I will spare you the details.

Coming back to why I’m actually writing this, so far, I’ve watched 3 Ryan Murphy shows for various reasons. My first was Glee, it was a sensation when it came out (remember those days? me neither) and lured me in with it’s singing and dancing and sometimes good dialogue, mostly delivered by Sue Sylvester and Santana. Then I watched a part of Nip/Tuck because Portia de Rossi (whom I first saw on Ally McBeal way back in the days) had a story arc playing a lesbian and because it’s Portia. And last but not least, there is American Horror Story Asylum which I watched for Clea DuVall and Sarah Paulson being lesbians and the amazingness that is Sarah Paulson whom I loved on Studio 60.

Aside from being all created by Ryan Murphy these shows share another trait, their very short expiration date.

Glee lost it’s appeal to me halfway through season 2 and is now unbearable. When they have the New!Rachel, I think her name is Marley, convinced that she is too fat thus giving her anorexia and bulimia things are not ok with me. Also, Sue lost her bite, Santana had to graduate, move away and break up with Brittany. Kurt and Blaine broke up because things got stupid and don’t even get me started on Mr. Schue. Murphy basically recycled the characters that graduated at the end of season 3 and substituted them with new actors and new names, not much more. Except for Santana, as far as I know, there is no New!Santana as she is impossible to replace but it also makes me sad.

I don’t know much about Nip/Tuck, only that I was glad when I was finally through with Portia’s episodes because that show was really crazy and not my type of show. The few, around 10-ish, episodes I watched started out rather good but ended terribly. It felt like everyone slept with everyone at least once up to the point where it got even worse than Grey’s Anatomy. Bestfriendboy watched season 1 and 2 last summer even though I strongly advised him not to and after he was through he told me I was right.

And then there is my current Murphy nightmare, American Horror Story Asylum. It started out scary, what I of course expected and was ok with. But, and there’s a big BUT, the way the show turned out to be, is just a big NO! NONONONONONOOOOOOOO!! Sure it has some good scenes, the actors are fantastic but the horrors of a 1960s mental institution run by the Catholic Church combined with women abducting and impregnating aliens is just too much for me. One or the other I could have gone with but both combined was just a weird clusterfuck of craziness. I mean, how hard is it to choose one? For me, the alien part was completely unnecessary, the writers should better have focused on one of those things instead of both. Oh, and then there was also the ex-Nazi doc now doing weird experiments with the helpless inmates of the Asylum essentially turning them into zombies, a serial killer hidden as the harmless looking psychiatrist and the devil taking over the soul and body of a helpless nun. All of that in just 13 short episodes.

Actually I was ok with AHSAsylum until the second to last episode. The characters, mostly that of Sarah Paulson, started to act so out of character it was unbearable. After watching the season finale I’m a bit more gracious towards AHS because that was a great episode all in all but it makes its predecessor stand out even more. There was not a lot in it that was needed and it hurt more than it helped. I cannot shake the feeling of it being a filler-episode but whatever.

Lana Winters, aka Sara Paulson’s character, was back to her sassy self, I might say the best one she ever was and it is congruent with how she acted throughout the season except that dreadful episode. The alien-storyline still left me kind of baffled. It was never fully explained and I truly do not understand why it was necessary at all to be included.

Still, even after having reconciled with AHSAsylum, I’m still done with all Ryan Murphy shows. He may tease me with fantastic actresses, such as Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson, lesbians and singing but I made a decision not to give him another chance. I just reached the point where the good bits don’t outweigh the bad ones and that is that. I walk away from Murphy’s shows and I am fine.

<\end rant>


4 Responses to “Ryan Murphy, We’re Done!”

  1. viveka January 31, 2013 at 21:34 #

    Have only watched Glee once .. that was enough for me.

    • Wilhelmina Upton January 31, 2013 at 22:15 #

      I get that. And you haven’t missed anything.

      • viveka January 31, 2013 at 22:16 #

        Okay … have you seen “Suits” ??? Just love those guys.

        • Wilhelmina Upton January 31, 2013 at 22:18 #

          No haven’t seen them yet. But then again it’s two men and drugs and that is not my usual hunting ground for shows.

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