Liebster Blog Award

15 Dec

Here comes award post number two. Jacqui gave me the Liebster Blog Award which is very cool because unlike a lot of other bloggers, this one speaks my language :)) ‘Liebster’ is a term of endearment in German, for those of you that didn’t know yet.


-When you receive the award, thank the person who gave it to you, and include their link in your blog.
– Post 11 things about yourself.
– Answer the 11 questions of the person who nominated you.
– Choose up to 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers.
– Create 11 questions for your nominees!
– Inform the nominees of their nomination.

11 things about me:

1. I don’t drink coffee, I don’t foresee it ever becoming my beverage of choice.
2. Play the Macarena in my presence and I will start to dance along to it, same goes for the Rigga-Ding-Dong-Song.
3. Buying underwear is really awkward.
4. I rather shower than take a bath
5. I once dreamed of becoming a writer but that goal has reached its expiration date a while ago.
6. I like wearing glasses. My face feels empty without them.
7. My .gif-collection is getting bigger by the day.
8. I spend waaaaay too much time on the internet.
9. I’ve never visited London even though it’s not far away.
10. I can juggle.
11. When I’m bored I tend to fold ships and airplanes out of paper.

Exhibit A

Exhibit A

11 Questions from Jacqui:

1. Why did you start blogging?

Because I read about a character in a book that was blogging and wanted to try it for myself.

2. What do you do in your spare time?

Watch all my shows, surf the web, read, hang out with family and friends or go to some rehearsal.

3. Your stangest dream?

That I lived across the street from a serial killer called ‘The Butcher’ but I was also living in the same building as him (my subconscious doesn’t do consistency) and saw how he murdered someone. I think that counts as my strangest dream.

4. Is there somewhere you’d rather be right now?

Nope, not right now. 

5. What’s the first thing you think of in the morning?

How I wish I could go back to sleep.

6. Who did you talk to last?

My granny :)

7. How did you decide to start blogging?

Umm, see question #1?!

8. Favourite holiday?

Christmas. Cause I get to spend it with family and there are presents.

9. Favourite place away from home?

Close to an ocean or a big lake. Also, Växjö in Sweden.

10. What is your most prized possession?

My 50l trekking back-pack. I can’t wait to travel again.

11. What’s on the top of your Christmas Wishlist.

I don’t really do wish lists. The only material thing I wanted was a Blu-Ray player which I got for my birthday and christmas together already. Other than that, I only have wishes money cannot buy. 

My 11 questions:

1. How will you celebrate Christmas, if you celebrate that is?
2. What is your favourite dish?
3. Have you ever made a snow angel?
4. Can you juggle? Have you ever tried it?
5. If you could swap your blog with another one for a day, whose would it be and why?
6. Are you a procrastinator? Probably, since you’re a blogger…so what is your favourite way to procrastinate?
7. What is your favourite season?
8. What do you think is the best thing about yourself?
9. If you could pack your bags right now, where would you like to travel to?
10. What do you wish 2013 to be like?
11. Are you as happy that these 11 questions are over as I am? Because it is hard to come up with decent questions, at least for me.

And finally, the nominees:

Betwixt an Between (I know you already got this one, but you’re still one of my favourites)

thoughtsonmybookshelf (Why do all my favourites already have this Award?)



The Little Butch That Could




I think that’s it. If you already got this one and I nominated you again, well, I’m sorry but I’m not sorry because I love your blogs. Also, I feel like I’m always naming the same blogs, I guess I am a person of habit.


I was fortunate enough to get this award again from The Little Butch That Could so I’m just going to add her questions on this old post.

1. What is your favorite smell?

– Probably freshly baked cake or cookies. 

2. Who is the most influential person of your life?

– My lovely Grandma, who today forced me to eat ice cream. Se loves me way too much and I can only hope I’ll live up to her expectations. 

3. If you could invite 3 living people to dinner, who would they be and why?

– Sasha Alexander because she is damn pretty and also funny. A.L. cause she is my oldest fan. And Tina Fey, she is hilarious and I love what she does. 

4. What’s your favorite childhood memory?

– Playing games with my Granny.

5. What was your first paying job and what did you learn from it?

– The first job I was paid for was sorting paperwork and doing basic office stuff at my Mom’s company. Well, it was not her own company but she worked there. Not sure if I learned anything specific from it. 

6. If you are familiar with public transportation and you are lucky enough to hop on an almost empty bus, where do you sit and why?

– I’d sit in the middle, close to the middle door, most likely bow side. I don’t like sitting in the back but I choose the position that gets me as far away from people I don’t know as possible. 

7. Cat person, dog person or neither one and why?

– Dog person all the way. I don’t get what is so great about cats. Seriously! I don’t. 

8. (Borrowed from James Lipton of “Inside the Actor’s Studio”) If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

– I hope this settles your questions, I do exist ;-) But I don’t mind you just didn’t trust the Bible blindly. I actually like that about you, not following for following’s sake. I hope this place lives up to your expectations though. And yo, I don’t have anything against gays!

9. What word or phrase do you use too often?

– This changes a lot. At the moment I feel that I overuse ‘however’.

10. What is the title of the last book you read?

– Currently I’m reading “Whispers Underground” and I’m almost finished. 

11. What is your favorite dessert?

– I’m a dessert person, it’s the best thing about every meal. I like cake and ice cream and basically you can serve me a lot of different desserts, I won’t complain. I can’t name ONE, but cheesecake is on top of the list. 


11 Responses to “Liebster Blog Award”

  1. Honey April 10, 2013 at 22:39 #

    Thank you, for some reason, I never saw this, until now. Thank you so much for adding me to your list. I am completely honored. I love your blog. Thank you once again!

  2. rmiles December 22, 2012 at 01:28 #

    Thanks for the shout out! Happy Holidays to you! Cheers.

  3. Addie December 16, 2012 at 15:30 #

    Christmas gift! Yay. Ms. Upton, I feel undeserving but I’ll still take the award. Mine!

  4. malna December 16, 2012 at 00:01 #

    thank you so much!!! I would like to send you a Lussebulle as Tack!! :-D

  5. Jacqui December 15, 2012 at 23:08 #

    Great answers!! Congrats once again :)

  6. viveka December 15, 2012 at 22:35 #

    Congratulation to … everybody! Well deserved. *smile

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