Can I be re-born as a Special Agent?

1 Dec

As I spent November talking about books, I will kick off December with fangirling over NCIS.

Two weeks ago, I got the overwhelming urge to watch the first two seasons of NCIS because those were the episodes with Special Agent Caitlin ‘Kate’ Todd, played by Sasha Alexander. I’ve never been into the CSI franchise, it never sounded appealing or I never liked an actor/actress that was in more than one episode of it, so I never felt the urge to watch them. I am however no stranger to police procedurals. As you can see NCIS was not that far out of my comfort zone. It was also my luck, that Agent Todd was in the first 2 seasons, so I didn’t have to go through hundreds of episodes to get to where I wanted to be.

NCIS started back in 2003 and is currently running its tenth season, I’m a little late to the party again. In the beginning I didn’t expect much of this show but the pilot episode was mostly playing inside of Air Force One with Agent Todd being on POTUS’ protection detail with the Secret Service and I was SOLD! This was so awesome. A fitting black suit and her handling a gun, what more could I ask for?! Also, the storyline was not as flat as I expected and all the other characters were pretty cool too.

There is Abby, the forensic genius working for NCIS and Ducky, their M.E. Oh Ducky, you’re so adorable!! I ended up watching the 48 episodes in a week while I still watched other shows and went to uni. To my surprise, I was never disappointed with the writing, well most of the times not. There is still that season 1 finale that puzzles me a bit (well, not so much after watching it again but still a bit) but overall it was good. I was especially pleased by the way they handled Kate’s death in the beginning of season 3.

Kate gets shot by this terrorist that showed up first halfway through season 1. His name was Ari and he held Ducky, his assistant Gerald and later Kate hostage in the morgue. Kate being the kind of badass Special Agent that she was, attempted to kill him but couldn’t. Not because of lack of opportunity but because she hesitated, she saw good in his eyes and couldn’t go through with it. It was implied that she got emotionally attached to him, like Stockholm Syndrome, but that would have probably taken longer than a couple of hours to develop. Ari reappears in a couple of more episodes and kills Kate in the season 2 finale. She had just jumped in front of a bullet in order to protect Gibbs, her boss, (she WAS wearing a Kevlar west but still) and the team is happy that all of them survived the terrorist attack when out of nowhere, a shot to the head hits Kate. Roll end credits!


The beginning of season 3 handles the aftermath of the shooting. Gibbs furiously tries to hunt down Ari but has to prove first that he actually was the killer. Meanwhile Ghost!Kate stays around and haunts her colleagues. This was all sorts of fantastic in my opinion. McGee, Tony, Ducky, Abby and Gibbs all remember her or fantasise about her in different ways that are so fitting to both Kate’s character but also the one she is appearing to.

Kate: “We’re NCIS agents, there’s a chance one of us might die everytime we walk through the door.”

Gibbs is literally haunted by Ghost!Kate because he feels responsible for her death even though it was highly likely due to her job. It’s a risk every police officer, soldier or agent accepts in order to do their jobs, save lives or protect lives and rights of others.

McGee is too scared to look at Kate’s body until the very end but Ghost!Kate appears as Trinity in front of him #amazing. Ducky performs the autopsy on Kate and as is his habit (he talks to the body’s of the victims on his table) he speaks to Kate but shock: Ghost!Kate answers him. Tony has inappropriate thoughts of Kate in her catholic school girl uniform and who can blame him. It’s both sad and funny. As is, when Ghost!Kate appears in full goth costume to Abby. The two of them together always had fantastic chemistry.

I admire strong female characters and a female ex-Secret Service now Special Agent for NCIS is definitely a strong character. She’s a badass, handles her gun like a pro and is a member of the boys club, her gender doesn’t matter much in her performance as an Agent.

See, all kinds of badassery going on here

There’s for instance the scene where Kate and McGee wrestle and Kate is totally kicking his ass. It’s perfect! They get to do so many cool things, like fly on all sorts of military aircrafts, go on a submarine, jump down from heights, be on aircraft carriers and so on. I want to do all of those things!!! But then again, I’m the kind of girl that stares dreamily at big cranes and dredges because they are amazing and huge and all sorts of cool. I can’t even imagine how awesome an aircraft carrier is. The thing is HUGE and planes land on it and it FLOATS on water, you know, without sinking. I could go on and on but I will restrain myself for now.

There is only one scene I really have issues with. Tony, Kate and Gibbs are on a shooting range, this is somewhere in season 1, and they have to do practice shots or something. In order to make both of them take more care with their aim, he sticks a valuable item for each of them on the hostage’s face so they will only shoot the bad guy. But Kate misses and shoots her Palm-Pilot instead. I don’t believe this. Kate is supposed to be ex Secret Service, she was on the freaking protection detail of the President but she cannot not shoot her Palm Pilot under ideal situations on a shooting range? This really bothers me! Unless she is the one who jumps in front of the bullet for the President, she should have been able to take out any person that was trying to kill the President under stress and in a crowd and everything but she can’t? Maybe POTUS should be afraid if that is what his detail is made of. #justsaying

There are also a lot of great quotes, Tony and Kate banter and bicker a lot which is funny. Here are some of my favourites:

Kate: I earned my jock strap.
Gibbs: Ever give you that empty feeling?
Kate: What?
Gibbs: Your jock strap.
Kate: No, like some species of frogs, I grow what I need

Kate: What’s your clearance?
Confidential? What’d you do, kill someone in high school?
Hah! Funny, Kate. No, they screwed up my paperwork with another agent’s.
Apparently, DiNozzo died in a car crash last month. Very tragic.
 Gibbs’ll get in. He’s got clearance that’ll let him see the dead aliens at Area 51.
Kate: ‘Cause he probably killed them

Tony: Have you ever been in a men’s room before?
Kate: No. Have you?

Kate: Oh!
Abby: Are you all right?
Kate: Gibbs is driving.
Abby: I’m saying a prayer in many languages.

Gibbs: [while Agent Todd is talking to Tony about sleeping with a gun under her pillow] You sleep with a gun?
Kate: Well… ah… yes.
Gibbs: [impressed] Good girl.

Kate: Give it five seconds.
McGee: Until what?
Kate: Until he notices there’s a…
Tony: Bikini contest!

Tony: Come on Kate, you’re only going 10 miles over the limit!
Kate: And that’s pushing it.
Tony: What good’s it being an armed Federal Agent, if you can’t drive fast?
Kate: You get to shoot bad guys!
Tony: True.

Abby: Even though the drive was reformatted, all the information it contained is still here. It’s just a matter of Humpty-Dumptying it.
Tony: I thought they couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again.
Kate: That’s because the king only had horses and *men*.
[Abby snickers]

I wish I could do all those things Special Agents or cops do, wear a service weapon, get to shoot it, fly on Marine One, Air Force One, tackle criminals and so on. Sadly though, I’m not a badass like that and also, life is no TV show. Believe me, I know that. Nevertheless my inner kid never let completely go of the dream of being in law enforcement or becoming a P.I. So maybe, in my next life, I will be reborn as a Special Agent…or a cockroach *hmpf* #karma


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