30 Days of Books – Day 27

27 Nov

The most surprising plot twist or ending

Previously: A book that changed your opinion about something

Why do these last questions have to be so tough?! I can’t remember plot twists. I forget lots and lots about the books I read once I’m finished with them.

Lacking a better memory I want to say Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. I read it a long while ago so I don’t remember much about it but the whole mystery as to how and why Rebecca died was interesting, or so it seemed at that time. Maybe I’ll watch the Hitchcock movie sometime to get my memory freshened up. What I still remember as very strange, or I thought it was/ well still do, is that Maxim de Winter and his new wife slept in different bedrooms. My parents did that while they were still married but I knew why and they were by far newlyweds so this was confusing to 16-year-old-me.

I think this is the right choice for today, the whole fire at the end, the hows and whys fall enough into this category to make it work I guess.

Next: Favourite title


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