30 Days of Books – Day 17

17 Nov

Favourite quote from your favourite book

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As I don’t really have ONE favourite book, I cannot come up with one quote from my favourite book. There are however quotes from books I liked very much that I’ll be sharing with you here. Also, I find it easier to quote TV Shows, maybe because I saw the good ones over and over again.

From ‘Sing you Home’ by Jodi Picoult:

“In life, perfect pitch is the ability to know someone from inside out, even better maybe than she knows herself.”

From ‘The Hotel New Hampshire’ by John Irving:

“‘It’s Sorrow,’ he murmured. ‘You can’t kill it,’ Frank mumbled. ‘It’s Sorrow. It floats.'”

From ‘Jar City’ (also known as ‘Tainted Blood’) by Arnaldur Ingridason:

“Children are philosophers. My daughter asked me once at the hospital, ‘Why have we got eyes?’. I said it was so we could see.” Einar paused. “She corrected me. She said it was so that we could cry.”

From ‘By the river Piedra, I set down and wept’ by Paulo Coelho:

“The universe always helps us fight for our dreams no matter how foolish they may be. Our dreams are our own, and only we know the effort required to keep them alive.”

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