30 Days of Books – Day 10

10 Nov

Favourite classic book

Previously: A book you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving

One of my friend always asks me why I even bother with reading classics, she finds them uninteresting. Well, I don’t agree, some of them are rather dull, yes I’m looking at you Great Expectations, but there are also classics that are still read for a reason. Because they are wonderful and never loose their appeal. To me that is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

I still haven’t read every Austen novel but I’ve read enough to know that this is my absolute favourite. I just ended watching the 1995 BBC adaption of the book and holy grounds was it awesome. The feels Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle gave me with their portrayal of Darcy and Elisabeth…I just can’t. I’ve seen the movie with Keira Knightly before but that is just not the same. Also, Keira needs a good meal every once in a while #justsaying

Maybe it’s a rather dull and obvious choice but this is my blog so deal with it. I REALLY, really love this story and who can blame me. Who doesn’t want to find their Mr. Darcy or their Elisabeth Bennet??

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