30 Days of Books – Day 08

8 Nov

Most overrated book

Previously: Most underrated book

Todays topic would have been an easy pick if I’d gone with the most obvious choice, which would have been Twilight and it’s equally repelling companions and Fifty Shades of Grey which is basically Twilight porn. I read all four Twilight books in a masochistic attempt at making up my own mind. OMG the writing is so terrible and the characters are incredible annoying. Don’t even get me started on the first movie, I couldn’t stop laughing while I was surrounded by 16-year olds who took the Bella-Edward romance too seriously for their own good. With FSoG I refused to read them but Lor over at SnarkSquad took it upon herself to recap every horrible chapter so I’m quite up to date with what’s happening.

But for today’s assignemnt I’m going with one of the worst books I had to read in high school: The Reader by Bernhard Schlink.

I can’t begin to express my loathing for this book. We had to read it in our last year of high school and despite the fact that I love reading, German was never my favourite subject. The (over)analysing of books and my bad grammar and punctuation skills all fuelled my dislike for this subject. And then we had to read this load of shit. As if talking about WW2 in history, english, french, religion, philosophy and previous german classes weren’t enough we had to read this sorry excuse of a post-war german version of The Graduate.

The writing is fairly simple and the story is overly uninteresting. The boy, Michael, makes the acquaintance of Hannah who is much, much older than him. They have a sexual relationship, are in love and everything. BLA BLA BLAHHH. Hannah is unable to read so Michael reads to her. Later he learns that Hannah was working for the Nazi’s and that is a whole big story. And I don’t remember much of this book anymore and I don’t want to look it up. I don’t understand how it got turned into a movie but ok. The only thing I will probably always remember is my teacher talking about the significance of the shift in sexual positions throughout the book. It changes form the missionary position to the woman being on top or the other way around (probably the other way around). I’m too lazy to look it up.

I just hated this book and I never understood why this was considered so much more important than all the other post WW2 stories by various German authors. Not that I’m too fond of those stories in general but there could have been a better choice somewhere than this book.

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