30 Days of Books – Day 07

7 Nov

Most underrated book

Previously: A book that makes you sad

I’m not sure if this counts as an underrated book but I haven’t seen it around a lot and I believe everyone should read it because it is written beautifully. Usually I’m not big on short-stories. I can’t help it, I prefer having more to a story than 40 pages or so which is why I love book series so much. There’s always more goodness coming your way even after you finished one book.

In this case though, I’m going with Delicate Edible Birds from Lauren Groff.

Lauren Groff is an amazing young writer and this book includes 9 very different short stories. Some of them even made me cry which I think is a good sign. It’s been a while since I read it so I won’t recap it, which is also hard when it’s 9 different stories. You should discover them for yourself, I can only recommend reading this book. This will also not be the last time I’ll be mentioning Lauren Groff during this challenge so be warned.

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