A new Season is upon us!

4 Oct

No, not speaking about autumn, although I love it. Leaves changing colour and the air that is not yet winter but isn’t summer anymore either. It’s gorgeous except when it rains like this morning and you start to think about how to best build an ark #truestory

What comes with autumn though, is the new TV season which means a TV junkie like me gets to see all his precious shows return to the screen, along with many new shows to explore. This year, I’m a little late to the party, it took me some weeks to catch up with everything TV-wise that was already going on but I finally got caught up this week, thanks to the national holiday in Germany yesterday. (Side-note: Yes, yesterday was the Mean Girls day but it was also the day we Germans celebrate the re-unification of our very own country, which happened on October 3rd, 1989. You’re welcome for that history lesson btw)

Continuing with what I wanted to write about (yep, sometimes there is an actual point to my posts), here’s what I watch right now:


So, so good. I love this show to pieces and all their characters! It saddens me though, that Haddie left for College and is not featured as regularly than she was before. Also, Kristina’s breast cancer hits a little bit too close to home after my last 2 years but I won’t let it keep me from enjoying one of my favourite shows.
Also, also, what will become of Sarah’s fiancée considering she has quite some chemistry with her new boss. They’re more age appropriate for each other as well *fingerscrossed*


Same as Parenthood. Cannot get enough of Brennan, Booth and the hot Angela. Now that Booth and Brennan are finally an item with baby and all I’m looking forward to their whole new dynamic.


It’s annyoing as ever but I can’t get away. They sing, you know? So, I’m hooked until they pull a Grey’s Anatomy on me. The new McKinley High students that joined the choir this year are just replacements for those who left the school. Sorry, but Marley is so set up to be the next Rachel. Unique will be a combination of Kurt and Mercedes. Also, 3 episodes without a real appearance by Santana is just wrong. I don’t care much for Brittany without Santana. Same goes for Blaine, he’s just boring without Kurt. Really, Kurt and Rachel are my favourites and I like that they reunited in New York. Although I’m dreading all that Finn drama which is coming our way but ok. Let’s hope it blows over quickly.

New Girl

Adorable, but I mostly watch because Schmitt is hilarious and CeCe is HOT! Jess and Nick are the characters I like least, I know it sounds stupid but what can I do?! This whole will-they-won’t-they set-up has just been done too much.

How I Met Your Mother

Please, let Barney and Robin marry and tell us who that damn mother is! Love it though! Just bought Season 1 on DVD which is a huge commitment from my standpoint. What I’ve seen so far was hilarious and I can’t wait to see the rest of the season and hope it’s as good. Need a 1 minute recap of all seasons? Let Barney help you with that:


Eh, I think Season 1 was probably enough for me. Will try watching another episode and then I think I’m done. Too much intrigue for my liking. I probably already fell off the wagon a couple episodes before the season 1 finale.

30 Rock

Tonight the final season will begin and I’m sad, oh so sad, about this because it means I will not see Tina Fey on a regular basis anymore. I don’t know how many times I watched this show but it’s a lot and I can only hope that the end of 30 Rock will allow Tina to make more movies like Mean Girls. At least she’s under contract with Universal for a couple of more years. We will have to see what that brings.

Also, here’s the Liz Lemon Guide to Life and Love. It’s perfect!

Go On

This is a new show on NBC staring Matthew Perry, also known as Chandler from Friends. His new character, Ryan, just lost his wife and has to deal with all his emotional shit by going to a transitional help group which is very, very funny. I laughed a lot and cannot wait for more episodes to come. NBC just gave this show a full season order which is all I can ask for at the moment. It’s much better than Perry’s last year show Mr. Sunshine which, despite it’s great cast, just wasn’t so well rounded and funny.

The New Normal

Is a new show by Ryan Murphy, the dude who created Glee, yes. This gay couple wants to have a child so they look for a surrogate who turns out to come from a family of women who get pregnant as teens. She’s 25, has a 9 year-old daughter and a grandmother who is such a Republican, it’s basically the best thing about the show. Leisha Hailey will do a story arc soon, so I’m sold!

Cougar Town

My favourite cul-de-sac-crew will be back in January and it’s gonna be awesome because all they ever do is hang out, have fun and get drunk. Seriously, what is not to like about that? It’ll be interesting to see what the switch from ABC to TBS  changed for the show, or if it changed anything. Here’s your 30 second recap of the entire show.

And another adorable clip where they all sing.

Rizzoli & Isles

Those lovely ladies will be back in the beautiful month of November with 5 more episodes to their 3rd season. They’ll probably still not go canon but for that the gods invented fan fiction and subtext recaps on afterellen.com

The newest promo photo is just such a tease, candlelight, them staring at each other…


12 Responses to “A new Season is upon us!”

  1. Mariana October 9, 2012 at 22:02 #

    Definitely with you on HIMYM and 30 Rock! :D

    • Wilhelmina Upton October 9, 2012 at 22:04 #

      Yay, someone to like 30 Rock!!

  2. Charleen October 6, 2012 at 22:41 #

    Yes! New TV is awesome! And I love the 60-second Barney clip. “Ted got a tramp stamp, not really relevant to the story, I just like mentioning that as much as possible.” And how, at the end when he still has a little time left, adds on, “… also I went on on The Price Is Right and I won a dune buggy.”

    I watched the first episode of Glee this season but I don’t have much inclination to continue past that. Other than those two, I don’t watch any of the shows on your list. I’ve heard great things about Parenthood, though. Oh, and Bones. That’s one I’ll probably marathon through on Netflix at some point.

    • Wilhelmina Upton October 6, 2012 at 22:48 #

      That 60 second recap of Barney is just awesome filled with more awesomeness. I love it so much. Yeah, I don’t see myself following Glee that long I think. It’s okay but it kinda lost its sparkle after season 1. Parenthood is just great. It has a huge cast filled by lovely actors and thus many, many stories to tell.
      Ah, Bones! Do the Netflix marathon, haha. I watched the whole show many many times by now because despite the murder and gross bodies, the relationships of these characters make me happy.I’d love to work at that place :-)

  3. 2cagedbirds October 5, 2012 at 03:23 #

    Love glee, but Rachel is my least favorite character. She’s better this season though. And I adore new girl!! Totally agree that Schmidt is hilarious and CeCe is hot, but I’ve had a crush on Zooey for ages!

    • Wilhelmina Upton October 5, 2012 at 11:46 #

      Rachel is so annoying, no question there. But I like her with Kurt, they compliment each other. Also Santana was not in any of the first 3 eps :( Also, Rachel can sing!

      Zooey is nice but sometimes a little too quirky for me. But none of the characters would be good without the others around.

  4. tryingtosurviveonemomentatatime October 4, 2012 at 22:25 #

    Did you ever watch LOST? How are you doing by the way? I have a package for you sitting on my counter ready to mail. This stupid wedding in consuming my life. Blah. Is there anything that you particularly love that you can only buy her in the US you want me to stick in the box? You have way better chocolate than we do so I know that wouldn’t be something to put in there. But any other candy or something small to fill up the rest of the box? Why waste space right?

    • Wilhelmina Upton October 4, 2012 at 22:36 #

      No I haven’t watched LOST yet. I think I tried watching the pilot once but gave up. Wasn’t the right time for it. And I am not sure if the show is for me even though I like Maggie Grace very much.
      I’m still doing way to good. I may be taking too much satisfaction out of telling those stupid telemarketers that Mom’s dead when they only want to speak to her and then it’ BOOM! Dead mother card. I know I’m avoiding anything that could actually make me cry because I’m afraid once the flood gates open it’ll be hard to close them again. It’s probably stupid but I don’t want to cry. I did cry myself to sleep on too many nights in the last year,
      When will you get married? Ummm, I’m not that well accustomed to what’s good in the US candy-wise. We got Oreos too and yes, we have awesome chocolate. Other than that I dunno. I fell in love with chewy chocolate chip cookies in Canada but they are quite voluminous so no. There’s nothing coming to mind. How’s your dad?

      • tryingtosurviveonemomentatatime October 4, 2012 at 23:35 #

        My dad is doing extraordinarily well. Eerily well actually. I keep waiting for something to happen because it isn’t like he is even sick. I am getting married in 16 days. It is driving me crazy! Can’t wait for it be over with.

        It sounds like you are doing well. It’s not stupid avoiding things that might make you cry. This whole cancer thing is such a long and drawn out situation. I know there have been many nights I have cried myself to sleep. It wipes me out. Cry avoidance is high on my list everyday! The telemarketer thing is awesome, I can only imagine the silence on the other end after you say that.

        I LOVED LOST. What an amazing show. You should try it again sometime and tell me what you think.

        I will just throw in some of mine and my kids favorite candy in the box. Candy makes me happy. Chocolate from your part of the world makes me even happier. You are so lucky to have it so easily available to you!! Ours is a sad sad comparison.

        • Wilhelmina Upton October 4, 2012 at 23:44 #

          I’m so happy to read that your dad is doing so well! Enjoy it while it lasts!!!!
          Wow, 16 days! I cannot imagine how that must feel. Are you turning into a bridezilla? In Canada we watched this show on slice called Bridezilla and it was amazingly awful. I think it was american in fact but dunno. Very entertaining :D

          Candy makes me happy too. Everything with sugar. I’m missing canadian maple donuts and good blueberry muffins. It’s just not the same here. I didn’t try any chocolate because well, ours is pretty great. I was just amazed how expensive all our good Haribo candy and Lindt chocolate was in Canada. You poor folks, hahaha. What’s your favourite, if you have one?

          • tryingtosurviveonemomentatatime October 5, 2012 at 00:02 #

            I like Lindt. I also had a friend come back from over there and brought something that translated into English called Stumps. They are a harder chocolate outside with a whipped chocolate inside. It was heavenly. I am actually very much in love with any chocolate, well not dark or white, but love milk chocolate anything.

            Bridezilla is an American show. Where else would they have stupid enough people to be on that show. I have taken more of the opposite attitude on this wedding. I don’t care anymore what happens. Just want to get married and have my dad there. I used to love the show Say Yes to the Dress we have here in America. But now that I am getting married I can’t even watch it. People spend so much money on wedding dresses. It is stupid.

            I remind myself everyday to enjoy this time with my dad. We are very lucky he is doing so well.

          • Wilhelmina Upton October 5, 2012 at 11:51 #

            I don’t know the Stump you’re referring to, sorry. But it’s christmas soon, so Lindt will have my favourite cinnamon winter chocolate back on sale. Yay! I also don’t like dark chocolate and don’t care much for white chocolate :-)

            Bridezilla was an experience and I don’t know Say yes to the Dress. Well I heard the title before but never watched it. Getting married is expensive but I somehow don’t like the idea of spending so much money for a dress you’re only wearing once.

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