What’s that? – Oh right, another Tag!

17 Sep

It’s 4 am and I can’t go back to sleep again so I thought it’s time to answer some questions. Simon from Onwindydays tagged me with his 11 questions and I’m more than happy to answer them. We’ll see though how good it goes. Let the games begin!

First of all we have our obvious statement about rules. It’s like when the police arrests you and explains you you’re right to remain silent. Sorry for that, may have watched too many cop shows recently :D

1. I must post the rules.
2. I must answer the questions the tagger listed for me (since I got tagged more than once, this isn’t going to be a nice pointy eleven).
3. I must create (or reuse) 11 questions for those I tag.
4. I must tag 11 people.
5. I must let them know they’ve been tagged.

1. What is your favorite quote, who is it from, and why?

There are so many great quotes out there, some make me laugh some make me think…it’s hard to pick a favourite but you asked for one so here it comes:

“Be who your are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind”

I don’t know who said it, it’s sometimes attributed to Dr. Suess but according to the interwebs it’s not from him so I’ll go with anonymous. First I wanted to go with this quote:

“Sing like no one’s listening, love like you’ve never been hurt, dance like nobody’s watching, and live like its heaven on earth.” [Mark Twain]

but then I remembered I liked the other one even more.

2. Which song can bring you to tears or reminds you of your childhood?

I don’t think there is a special song that brings me to tears. However there is a song I always have to think of when I think of my childhood. Janet Jackson – Whoops Now. Please don’t ask me why. I just remember it was playing a lot on the radio when I was small and I liked singing along to it even though I had no clue as to what I was singing :D

3. What is one thing that keeps you going day in and day out?

The hope that tomorrow will be different, better.

4. Why did you start blogging?

This is gonna be a bit embarrassing…because the fictitious daughter of Temperance Brennan in Kathy Reichs’ Bones-books had one and I liked the thought of it.

5. Is there one thing that you regret not doing in the past? If so, would you be willing to share what that was on here?

Not regret but really wonder and don’t understand would be more accurate so I’ll go with this one here. How could I seriously not see that I’m more interested in women than men? In retrospect it all seems so clear that it’s a miracle it took me this long.

6. What is one thing that you saw that restored your faith in the human race?

Oh boy. What makes you think that I have faith in the human race to begin with?

7. Rain or Sun?

Here comes my favourite answer again when it comes to picking between two things – both. Let me explain. I really love both. What’s better than a sunny spring day you get to spend outside. The air is warm but not too hot, birds are chirping… The sky is an overwhelming shade of pure blue and you can’t take away your eyes from the colours you’re seeing. Blue sky, green forests, cherry blossoms and so on. BUT, of course you would get bored to death and numb to this sort of beauty if you were exposed to it all forever so you need rainy days. Days on which you like to stay in and listen to the pounding raindrops on the roof, feel another way of natures force.

I hope I got my point across – you can’t really enjoy one thing without having the other. What makes it awesome is the change between them. Without it, there would be no life. That being said, I’m also one to complain when it rains too much or gets to hot. I guess I’m never truly satisfied :D

8. What movie had the most impact on you? (A movie that just really made you challenge your view on anything)

First of all I’m more of a series kinda gal. In which way I’d go with ‘The West Wing’

Then I could name a book, ‘Sing You Home’ by Jodi Picoult because it made me realise things about myself.

But a movie…I’m at a loss. The only one I can think of is ‘Temple Grandin’ but it didn’t really challenge my way of thinking. It was a real masterpiece though.

9. List five words that describe your character.

Honest. Introvert. Bossy. Reluctant. Insecure.

10. What is your greatest fear?

Not being loved and not loving enough. In a way I’ve been alone my whole life. Don’t get me wrong, I have amazing friends ( I’m seeing this now, not that I wasn’t aware of it earlier) but there’s still something missing. I’m tired of always falling asleep at night alone, of waking up alone. I’m a hopeless romantic without an idea how to put herself out there.

11. What do you ultimately want to accomplish in the days to come?

Is world domination a bit too straight forward? Hmm?! At the moment I don’t really have any long term goals except not grow old alone. I’m so used to trying to get by one day at a time that I’m not sure anymore. I have to re-callibrate, figure out what I want to do. There are random things I want to achieve but I’m not realistically pursuing them, like writing a novel, singing a solo on a big stage and not embarrass myself while doing so, landing a bigger role I get to really act and prove to myself that I can in fact act and having a big family. Like I said, random stuff.


That’s it folks. I won’t tag 11 other people cause I did so not long ago. TTYL


2 Responses to “What’s that? – Oh right, another Tag!”

  1. onwindydays September 17, 2012 at 08:16 #

    Definitely love that first quote. I have heard that one a lot and it’s definitely a good reminder to just be yourself. As for #3, that’s one thing that keeps me going when times get tough, just the prospect of another day, another beginning. For #6, of course you have faith in the human race! Just the fact that you are sharing your feelings out in the open for all strangers to see, shows that you are willing for others to relate. But I may be totally going out on a limb…

    Haha, totally true for #7…but I think I’d still have to go with rain. I just…rain is just too good. And we never get enough of it here. But I guess you just appreciate it that much more, when you don’t have it whenever you want. And for #11, that was what I was picked for in my high school year book! Hmm, we may have to talk deals then…I can’t have any rivals now…

    Awesome though, thanks for taking the time to do yet another tag! Hope everything is well :)

    • Wilhelmina Upton September 17, 2012 at 11:13 #

      That’s why I love to play Risk, world dominance! But we can take terms, I guess. I don’t remember if our yearbook had such a question but I don’t think so.
      Well, it rains here quite frequently so I’m always happy when it stops :-)

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