Gotta Love the Post Goddesses

7 Aug

Half an hour ago I wanted to spent the time I have before I have to leave for theatre by ranting, putting all my rage in words but when I got home and checked the mailbox I saw an envelope I expected for some time now. Only it was so much better than anticipated.

A while ago a friend I made through blogging and me decided to send each other a card because we both like to get post cards from around the world. I sent her my very boring one and today I got an envelope full of SIX cards in return!! I can’t stop smiling because she is such a lovely person and I now have to find a place for them on my walls.

It’s as if the post goddesses knew how much I needed a pick-me-up today because my mom has been bad for two weeks now and it’s a real good thing I don’t own or know how to shoot a gun. She is such a handful at the moment and gets worse every day. She calls me in the middle of the night or when I have like two valuable hours of sleep left to tell me some nonsense stuff because she isn’t able to read the clocks anymore. In the last 10 days she fell down 3 times and I don’t get her up off the floor alone, so I have to call someone for help. It is so frustrating, having to explain her things over and over again.

As I am leaving in 15 days for Canada things are pretty hectic around here as it is. I have to somehow finish my project beforehand and I hope this will be easy after I get the missing drawing today (hopefully, still have my fingers crossed). Then we have to figure out what to do with my mom. Originally she was supposed to stay at home and my granny would come by once a day but as mom’s health is declining over the last weeks, this is not an option so we started to see if we can get her into short-term care centre. The only problem is, that she may need to go do her next round of chemo in the time I’m away. But I don’t see how, no one is around to driver her there and back and so on. I really hope they can postpone the treatment to after I get back because she is in no state to do really anything anymore.

The cherry on top of everything is the cold I have right now. It’s not too bad but it keeps me from running even though I desperately need to blow of some steam. Hopefully my nose is ok enough tomorrow so I can take a tour through the forest or else I might actually harm someone. I have THAT MUCH RAGE  bottled up inside of me.

On the plus side though, I booked my train ticket to get to the airport in 15 days, boy do I have to get up early that day :) And I got my International Student ID card today because the thing my university provides is a piece of paper that gets laughed at even in Germany. So, no going to Canada with that stupid thing in my wallet.

I SOOOO can’t wait to be finally leaving for 3 whole weeks. It’s been 1 1/2 years since I had even half of that time to myself without mom and I just can’t wait. Oh, I already said that I can’t wait, well, you get it I guess.

Is there anything you would recommend us to go check out in either Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa or Toronto? I’m  open to suggestions!!

Ok, enough rambling on for now. In two days. The next post will be on my blogiversary though I still have to come up with something fun to say since I only have a lot of crap on my mind. We will see :) Until then, take care everyone, write a card to a friend and make their days a little brighter through it. *grouphug*


4 Responses to “Gotta Love the Post Goddesses”

  1. 2cagedbirds August 8, 2012 at 04:26 #

    It sounds like you need a vacation! Good luck getting everything taken care of. That card thing sounds like so much fun!!

    • Wilhelmina Upton August 8, 2012 at 20:02 #

      It’s awesome getting mail from someone half across the world. Unfortunately my mom now asks questions which I hate but she just can’t help herself. It’s what mothers do I guess :)

  2. Charleen August 7, 2012 at 15:35 #

    Wow, sounds like you really deserve some time off!

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