Funny Stuff on the Interwebs

23 Jul

Today I’d like to share with you some of the funny stuff I found while avoiding to do something else.

Amazon yesterday shipping is hilarious and very (!!!!!) confusing. Imagine a service that knows exactly what you will order before you know it? Ah, good times.

Then I found this very, very cool song on soundcloud about the show Rizzoli&Isles which I have watched religiously over the last couple of weeks. Damn that Angie Harmon is hot. I applaud the singer/writer for turning ‘The Edge of Glory’ into this amazing song about the two leading characters (since everyone who ever watched the show knows they totally have the hots for each other).

And as if I wasn’t already wasting more than enough time on WordPress, I created a Tumblr on saturday in order to keep up with the amazing gifs that are out there. I still don’t really have a clue what I’m doing on Tumblr but it’s a cozy place to hang out.

It’s so sweet what you can do with such a simple layout *sigh*

Ok, enough of that, I’ll move on to Great Expectations again. The sooner I finish the sooner I can buy new boosk *yayme*


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