Ding. Dong.

18 Jun

The witch is dead, the wicked witch is dead!


I know it’s been a bit late but I just finished watching The L Word and I am so glad to have seen Jenny Schecter killed. This sounds bad, but really, I’ve never hated a fictional character as much as her!
Even Lord Voldemort, or the whole Twilight saga weren’t as bad as this little evil character.

There were ups and downs in this show, some characters I really liked but there was too much drama for my taste. Maybe it has to do with the fact that the show was on Showtime. I couldn’t bring myself to watch season 2 of Weeds until the end because I thought it was ridiculous and from what I read of the following seasons it got even worse. The L Word was not as bad but still comes close.

Personally, I run from drama in real life and it’s what made me stop watching Grey’s Anatomy after season 7 because I couldn’t stand to see all the couples constantly screwing around, screwing up, breaking up and getting back together, or not. Same here. There is almost no couple that made it through, I guess Bette and Tina came closest to a happily ever after but not really.

Happily ever afters are probably not as much fun for a lot of other viewers but I like them, it’s what I look for in a good show or movie even if it sounds boring. At least to me it isn’t.

For example, why was Alice not allowed to find lasting happiness? I liked seeing her with Tasha but they had to break up, naturally. I mean, why would they stay together? Because they loved each other? Oh please!  Just as Alice and Dana did before and then Dana even died which was even worse.

I must say that I was disappointed by the final episode. Not because it wasn’t revealed who killed Jenny. Honestly I don’t even care as long as she is gone. Maybe they pulled an Orient Express on her and everyone took a turn, I don’t know. But in total the episode was pretty uneventful. Bette and Tina prepare to leave LA for NY and throw a going away party and then the thing with Jenny happens only we saw this already in the beginning of season 6. So no surprise, and nothing really.

Ok, I think this is enough of a review for a show that ended three years ago and nobody cares about anymore, it’s just that I haven’t posted anything about TV in a while so I seized the opportunity.


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