The One in which I ramble again

12 Jun

So I have some time to kill before work and I thought, what better way to waste my time than by blogging?! Sorry, of course, blogging is not a waste of time.

As it turns out, I don’t really have anything to say, so I just ramble on for a bit and share the music that is floating around my head for some days now. I’m listening to it right now because it’s a little bit like drizzling honey on my insights. What I’m talking about is the band Uh Huh Her and two acoustic versions of their songs. Usually they are more electro than this but I like the acoustic versions better.

Maybe a link would be good? Ok, here it is then:

and the second one:

I can’t stop listening to them. They remind me of some songs from Sheryl Crow’s album ‘Wildflower’. I remember having that one on repeat after it’s release.

What else is there to share? Hmm, I have some drafts saved on WordPress but they don’t seem to be fit for publishing. The problem is, I start writing them late at night, then I get tired, I save them and the next day, my reason for writing about whatever it was is gone or shifted and so they probably end up forever as drafts.

Finally the sun is coming out again, it has been raining for most of last week and it’s nice to see some change.

I also wouldn’t mind a change of scenery. I long to see the ocean again, feel the waves around my feet and the sand between my toes. I miss the sound of the waves and the wind; the wind that always seems to be blowing harder at the coast. I want to wake up early to go and see a sunrise on the beach, walk into a sunset. I miss having water close by, but even a big lake is not as magnificent as an ocean. Growing up, my family spent a holiday every year at the sea on some island in the North Sea. Now, I haven’t been there in a couple of years and I hear the longing of my heart for it. The longing for something so familiar, so much part of myself like my curly hair.

I see that I spent enough time on here now and before this one becomes another destined draft I’ll just hit publish and go off to work. See y’all!


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