I went Book-Bananas

23 May

Don’t ask me what it is about today that gave me the urge to go into a bookstore but something did. Originally I wanted to go visit the vintage bookstore in town but when I got there the shop was gone, which made me very sad.

So in order to compensate for the loss I went to two other bookstores (they sell new books, which is so not the same but whatever) and went a little crazy as I spent way too much on books even though I still have unread one’s sitting on my shelves. Here’s the result of today. Oh yes, and afterwards I went into a stationary store (ah, they are just great) to buy a new pen which is why there is a pen in this picture.

All in all this was a very satisfying afternoon even though I hate the fact that the english book sections in our local stores are just so small. Too small for my taste which is why I order a lot from Amazon but sometimes I just have to walk into a real store, feel the books and read the covers. See the displays of popular books and get inspired about which one of all the pretty books will get to go home with me that day, to be loved and treated like a friend, a member of my family.

When I left store number one I had a HUGE smile on my face and a hole in my wallet. The people passing by me must have thought I was crazy :D

And now I’m going to dive in head first into one of them and hope I get lost in the story. Happy reading to everyone out there!



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