Music and Me

15 May

Music and me, we go way back. Back to a time when I still was in primary school. I didn’t know anything about the english language, nevertheless I recall feeling the urge to sing along to Janet Jackson’s ‘Whoops Now‘ mimicking the sounds of the words I didn’t understand.

As I am currently reading ‘Sing you Home‘ by Jodi Picoult I have to think about what music in general and certain songs in particular mean to me.

My family is not the most music-affine family you can find around, my mom barely knows any songs by their names and even my granny is not so good at the singing. I noticed it the few times I sat beside her in church where I usually fail to sing along properly cause I don’t know how the melody and lyrics of the church songs go together.

Music for me though is a means of coping with my feelings, of expressing joy and sadness. I feel that a day without singing is a lost day.

When I was sixteen I wanted to become a singer-songwriter just like Meredith Brooks (you may know her only big hit song of the 90s Bitch), needless to say that I failed at it, well I didn’t really pursue it that much but whatever.

It can take me quite a while to finish brushing my teeth because I stop to sing along my favorite tunes.
In my car the radio is always on and I modulate the volume according to my liking of the song that’s currently playing. The louder the more I like it. I don’t care if the other people who drive by me think I am crazy when my sidewindow is down and I’m belting out ‘Love is a Battlefield’ when I feel like it.

There’s the Sheryl Crow album I had on repeat while reading 1984 or WASP Star [Apple Venus Vol. 2] by XTC during Lords and Ladies (Terry Pratchett) and they remind me of chapters I read in those books.

I can’t help but start to smile and in some form dance along to the Macarena and The Rigga-Ding-Dong-Song because they’re a part of every good theater party. As soon as we hear the song we align on the dance-floor to do the group dances that goes along with them. Needless to say that I love it.

The summer after I left school I had to do an internship for my following studies which had me leaving the house quite early. When I drove to the firm I sometimes just wanted to turn my car around so badly just as the lyrics of that song told me to. I never did though.

Hearing the ‘Plans’ album by Death Cab for Cutie, I always picture myself sitting in a car, the windows down, my long brown hair fluttering in the wind, cruising through the ever changing sceneries destination nowhere. I’m independent and free. I see mountains and beige grass along the never ending road I’m traveling on.

Thanks to my best friend (he studies baroque music) I’m no stranger to gorgeous classical music that sometimes lets me think I’m inside of Pride and Prejudice.

I have my problems though, with music without lyrics because I love to sing along too much and sometimes it’s really hard to hum along a piece of classical music.

Granted my singing voice is not the best one can wish for but it’s a decent alto and I know I can hit the right notes. Sometimes I just sing them a little off on purpose because I want to make it mine, my version, my interpretation of a song, a melody.

Of course there are more songs that mean something to me, only this is all I can remember at the moment so instead of boring you further, I’d much rather ask you to share some of the songs that are special to you.


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