A Nonsense Post

13 May

Today is such a beautiful day! The sun is shining, it’s neither hot nor cold, everything is just right.

As I went running today I saw all the trees were full of those pretty, light-green and new leaves. Just two weeks ago it was still looking like winter outside. Now it’s not. It’s spring ready to become summer.

Oh, and I finally finished the book I was reading so I can start reading ‘Sing you Home’. My list of books to read is continuously getting longer and I cannot keep up with it. In order to document my slow process I added a page to the Book’s menu on top of this page. I imagine this makes me look embarrassing because I only read so few books until now but I wanted to document my journey not only for your pleasure but also to get an idea of how much I actually read.

This is a nonsense post with nothing much to say (see above) I’ll leave you with this cool picture I took. It’s the result you get when you mix up the letters which stand for programs on your DSLR camera. Nevertheless I like it because it looks a bit creepy but also fascinating oh and just see for yourself…

I hope you guys have/had an equivalent magnificent day!!! See you soon :-)


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