My very own belated Sex and the City Review

11 Apr

I suppose most of you spent Easter around your families, hunting for eggs, eating too much, going to church etc. Well, I did some of the above but most of all I watched Sex and the City. I know, the show ended some years ago and I admit I’m a bit late but whatever.

When Sex and the City was on regular TV over here I still had to share a television with my mom and she would not have approved of me watching it for some silly reason, even as I was more than old enough to watch it. It was the same with Buffy and The Simpson’s, she just couldn’t relate. My only chance to watch those shows was when she was out in the evenings, so no Sex and the City for me most of the times.

Thankfully I don’t have to share a TV anymore and my best friend owns the complete series on DVD by now, so he (not kidding!!) graciously lent me the DVDs after we ended somewhere in season 2 to watch the rest.

From the very few episodes I watched some years ago I mostly remembered Carrie using the phrase “I couldn’t help but wonder…” a lot which I thought was her trademark sentence only to learn it was not in the early seasons, but then again so was my approval of this show.

Sex and the City and I had a rocky start. I’m not your typical girlie-girl so spending all this money on shoes and clothes seemed (well still seems) wasteful and the girls featured on this show were also very, very complicated. Another thing I noticed right away was the swearing and heavily use of ‘Fuck’. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with that, I curse and swear a lot myself but I felt a bit overexposed to it all, like I did during ‘Six Feet Under’, another HBO show.

Carrie Bradshaw must be the most complicated and annoying woman on earth, at least in my book. Especially in the beginning of the show I wanted to hit her over and over  to keep her from saying all that ridiculous stuff, to make her quit smoking and put on some nice clothes. For me, she was a perfect fit for Mr. Big because he was as complicated as her. All those problems seemed so superficial and unnecessary that I couldn’t help but wonder if this is an accurate portrayal of most women. I don’t think it is.

What I didn’t understand was, where all her money came from. I mean, come on, writing a weekly column for a newspaper can’t possibly pay enough to rent a decent apartment in Manhattan (even if it’s rent controlled) and leave enough money to buy designer clothes and 400$-pairs-of-shoes. And those clothes, especially in the earlier seasons, were ugly, maybe you disagree, but I thought them ugly, big time!

Moving on to Miranda Hobbs who was the successful lawyer that looked like a lesbian. I’m sorry, but I just can’t believe that she could pull off all those dates looking like she did, again especially in the first seasons. But I like her better than Carrie and after she has a child with Steve I grew even fonder of her.

Charlotte York for me is the prettiest of the four women and the most naive, too. How she managed to be friends with the other three is a bit of a miracle since she is a tad prude. I don’t get how she could marry Trey MacDougal. That marriage was bound to be a disaster. Nevertheless I felt bad for her, when she discovered that she couldn’t have children.

Last but never least, Samantha Jones is the most open and fun character of them all. She fucks everything that moves, isn’t afraid to talk about it. She is so direct, you gotta like her!

At some point during season three I started to like the show, before, I just enjoyed some laughs but was equally annoyed with all the drama. Also the quartet made me extremely judgmental of every little thing that I started screaming at my TV. There was just so much I didn’t like but it got better and during the last episode I even cried a little bit (this is mostly because I am a big old softie) which is a good sign. The girls were still complicated and annoying but not as much as in the beginning and they also dressed better, especially Carrie. Also, as a big fan of romance, I was happy to see Steve marrying Miranda, Charlotte falling for Harry and Carrie ending with Big.

I don’t regret spending all that time watching the six seasons, after all, it’s a big part of our pop-culture. This whole experience started out of a feeling for completion, I wanted to cross this heavily popular show off of my to-watch-list but I ended up enjoying most of it. Although it still is a highly superficial show with ridiculous problems and all that it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. It won’t end up on my regular-re-watch-list but you can’t put every show on that, right?!

Maybe now I can finally manage to concentrate on my student research project! Haha, who am I kidding, I still have this blog to make my waste my time.


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