“I’m free, to be whatever I…”

28 Mar

Ladies and Gentlemen, tomorrow I’ll write my last exam! – Yes, it is alright if you want to cheer, after all, I can’t blame you! I can’t convey my excitement with words, I just cannot, so I won’t even try.
Originally I wanted to write another exam on Friday, but I canceled it after last friday’s debacle (or what I thought was a debacle anyways). It turns out, I passed, what seemed to be the world’s-worst-exam, somewhere in the middle of the grade-field. This is way better than I anticipated, so I was thrilled when I got the news yesterday. After all, I was already putting together a speech why my teacher must allow the re-re-oral-complementary-exam so I won’t have to prolong my studies for another year. Thankfully the teacher let everyone pass and used the worst score as a minimum criteria.

Tomorrow’s exam is just a re-exam to get a better grade, not making it a very important one but nevertheless I try to do my best, which means I will have to take another look at my study material some time today. Not now though, since I’m currently in between writing this post (who would’ve guesses, right?!) and recovering from cleaning the house.

I’m not the most neat person in the world, believe me (I just found hairs in the wheels of my desk chair to prove my point) but I like to have a clean house, especially kitchen and living room but in the last months, it’s hard to keep things tidy when my mom is torpedoing my every attempt at keeping our place organized and without spilled liquids of various sorts on the floors. That’s why I used my mom’s absence to clean most of the house and prepare a delicious meal as a treat for myself. Now I’m satisfied, happy and fat, what more could I ask for?!

I’m going to celebrate my last exam with my best friend tomorrow evening. We will go to our favorite restaurant and order a big plate of Schnitzel and fries. I haven’t been there in a while, mostly due to a lack of time for both me and best friend boy.

What comes next, you might ask – well, next stop is finally finishing my student research project. I’m working on it for a year now but I got distracted by presentations and exams and hospital visits and more exams, so I haven’t really worked on it since december, which is bad, I know! Next week, all my energy will transfer to this project though and after it comes my last stop – THESIS. It depends a bit on how long my research project will take, so I’m a little bit afraid my planned Canada trip will collide with the writing-thesis-thing so I’ll just have to work around it. And after that? Everything is possible, I don’t have a lot of plans. I’m not sure if I want to do a PhD anymore, it depends a bit whether there is a position available in the institute I want to work for or not. Actually, that is too much thinking ahead at the moment. I used to love making those kinda plans but it’s more complicated these days, so no long term plans, except for Canada in august, getting a dog at some point in the (hopefully not so) distant future and being a mother of 3 kids (for those who care, 3 is not a random number!) some time. Okay, okay, I better stop myself now, before I make even more plans I maybe never put into action.

Hmmm, it appears I can’t prolong this post for ever and thus avoid cracking open my books once more so let me end this post with a nice video and song. Well, actually it is only a part of the song and it’s a Coca-Cola commercial but I love it and the song, too. Also, it fits my current mood perfectly, cause I just feel so free to be whatever I want to be (having a clean house and everything, hahaha). It must be the excitement of writing my last exam tomorrow (man, I never get tired of saying this *g*).


2 Responses to ““I’m free, to be whatever I…””

  1. onwindydays March 31, 2012 at 23:23 #

    Well, congrats on your exam!! It’s always funny how things will work in your favor, but never in the way you expect them to. Oh well, work hard, play hard. Motto I keep to heart haha. Enjoy that weekend :D

    • Wilhelmina Upton March 31, 2012 at 23:25 #

      Thanks! This time I really did not see how it could possibly work in my favor but then it did, which was a small miracle, haha.

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