Why I just cannot not go into a book-store.

7 Mar

I originally set out to find a bolero jacket which fits perfectly with the blue dress I bought off the internet for my cousin’s confirmation in late April. As I am not the most patient shopper and am just too picky, I ended up with nothing. Most of the times, my problem is that I know exactly what I want, there is just no store offering it. It’s the same with me an man only they’re not displayed in stores to shop around.

Before I could set out to find nothing, I was asked to participate in a competition to win something. Unfortunately I stopped before I knew what it was, I initially thought the guy just wanted to give me  flyer for something but no. He asked me if I was already 18. Helloooo?!! I’m 24 for god’s sake and while I know I don’t look my age, I don’t think I look like a minor. I never know whether I should take thinks like that as a compliment or not. This made me slightly uneasy which probably did not help my ability to shop.

So, after leaving the mall with nothing, I passed by this book store. It’s a chain, and I never really liked it, still don’t but I had to go in, because I wanted to buy something! Last time I went in, I bought three books, one of them was a total drag but I finished it last night. Finally!

Isn't the cover beautiful?

There I was, looking at all the pretty books. I found one of my fave’s in the recommended pile, ‘The Monsters of Tempelton’ by Lauren Groff. It’s were I initially took my Twitter username (WillieSun) and later my WordPress name from ’cause I’m horrible at making up names. I love, love, love the book, it’s beautiful cover and the author. Can’t wait for her third book to come out in paperback. But I’m drifting away.
I wasn’t in the mood for a contemporary book translated into german which, unfortunately, are most books you can buy in a german book store, so I strolled over to the english book section. They tend not to be big, which always makes me sad and I end up ordering my books from amazon. But there was nothing there either which brought me to my last stop, the classics section. And alas! I found something. Actually, I was eying it the last time I was in the store but I wasn’t sure.

I am now the proud owner of my own copy of ‘War and Peace’ finally. I spent one summer searching for my granny’s copy of the book but never found it. It’s a huge, very long book and I will probably not read it right away but owning it makes me really glad. I remember reading ‘Anna Karenina’, same author, long russian book but it was excellent.
Alongside ‘War and Peace’ I also bought ‘Oliver Twist’ because I didn’t have it yet.

As you probably already guessed correctly, I love books and own a big bunch of them. I’m even running out of bookshelf-place by now but what the heck. You can never have too many of them. Right?!!

Part of my overflowing bookshelf

It’s just the best thing to loose yourself in a good story and you know that, after whatever number of pages, most problems will be resolved and everything has found it’s place. A similar thing applies to TV shows as well, only there you have a finite number of episodes but otherwise it’s the same experience for me.

So, I simply cannot not enter a book-store, even when I don’t particularly like the store, I still feel like missing out when I pass it. There could be a book, a potential friend, that wants to come home with me to eventually enlighten my day.

Now I find myself in the awkward position where I have to choose which book to read next and I’m not sure whether it’s the right choice because mood does play a role in my enjoyment of a book. My studies have me in a pretty tight grip these days, so I don’t have the time I would want to devote to reading and it is easier to find time when I really enjoy a story.

I chose ‘Tom Sawyer’ for now. My first book by Mark Twain and I do hope I’ll like it. It was a tie between this one and ‘Great Expectations’ but after reading the first page I ended up with the Twain. And I’m gonna start right now!


4 Responses to “Why I just cannot not go into a book-store.”

  1. aix March 25, 2012 at 10:37 #

    Oh wow those are sets and sets of books! Im having trouble with my storage solution ideas for my books as well. But we can’t just stop buying them books now can we? :)

    • Wilhelmina Upton March 25, 2012 at 10:45 #

      No! We can’t. Actually the picture is only part of my book shelf and there are also standing books on the other side which you can’t see :D

  2. Addie March 12, 2012 at 07:56 #

    I want your bookshelf! It’s like my dream bookshelf!

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