Still reading

4 Mar

Here I am and I still haven’t finished reading this stupid book I bought out of nostalgia. In fact I did buy three books, ‘Great Expectations’ by Charles Dickens, ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’ by Mark Twain and this one:

Unfortunately I started reading this one first because I thought it would be fun and easy and I hadn’t read a german book in a while. Also I felt nostalgic about Sweden so I kinda had to buy it, stupid me! After reading the first chapter I knew it would be a drag, and let me tell you something: It is!! Nothing interesting is happening in this book, nothing!! It’s about this german family which moved to Stockholm 3 years ago and is now having their second child. The book describes the difficulties of living in another country and how it affects their life as a family. There is no catch there, nowhere and I am on page 180 or so out of 300.

I lived in Sweden myself, I know about the quirks and opportunities of the country and I thought it would be nice to read about other peoples experiences. Boy, was I wrong! I’m sorry to say, there’s nothing new in this book for me about the country I so love. And the ramblings about their family life are boring.

What disappointed me most though is the lack of artistry in the writing itself. Even though I haven’t read a german book in a while I can still tell if the prose is working or not and here, it’s definitely not working, which is sad on two levels. First, it brings down the whole book and secondly it makes me sad because the authors are both journalists and I thought they had a certain know how and. How did this get published?? I’m not the best writer in the world, but I could have pulled this off, seriously.

So, I was disappointed, I think I made myself very clear about it. And I will continue to read on, all 300 boring pages, because there are only very few books (Moby Dick is the only one I remember at the moment) I never finished, even if it took me ages to read some of them completely. I will not surrender this time! My motivation is, that I can finally start reading one of the other two books I bought upon finishing this disgrace of the written word.

Wow, it felt good to get this off my mind. See you soon.

P.S.: I changed the name of this blog because it was just plain boring and the current one displays my being completely :D I’m unsure whether to devote an entire post to it, we will see.


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