The End of House M.D.

9 Feb

This morning I read the news that House will end in May for good. I can’t say that I was shocked, to be honest, I was rather happy because I think the show lacked it’s genius from the former seasons.

In the beginning House was a brilliant show, at least in my opinion (I know that is a very debatable point). I stood by the show when a part of it’s original cast left and they were replaced by new one’s. But upon the season 7 finale of May 2011 I cut the rope and let go of this show. And I have managed to stand by this show longer than any of my friends, who initially introduced me to it. I thought it was ridiculous when Greg House (Hugh Laurie) ran the car into Cuddy’s dining room and then the news came that Lisa Edelstein was leaving the show I thought there is no point in watching it anymore ’cause I was past caring. All good elements had gone.

In the first seasons, every episode was about another fascinating case which, of course, was solved by the end of the hour but still was fun and intriguing to watch. My friends and I talked about episodes referencing them by the case that was presented in it. Contrary to that, the last seasons were not like that anymore. The new cases were kind of boring, not worthy of remembering. House seemed to care even less than before, if that was even possible.

Of course the character of Gregory House was a very ‘special’ one to begin with, he was reckless care-free but still interesting and funny from time to time. His relationships with Cuddy and Wilson were always a source of witty dialog and hilarious pranks. Of course this couldn’t last forever.

I’ve been a fan of many TV shows in my life and probably will be till the end of it, so I prefer ending a show before it goes totally wrong, meaning, that it is better to shut it down while there are still stories and people watching so you remember that it was good. There is nothing worse for a TV show than to be run down by a false urge to keep it on the air. With House, this point would have been even earlier than May 2012, at least that’s what I think. I’m relived to see it end and not being totally wrecked by staying on season after boring season.

Part well, former friend…


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