Oh Canada…

5 Feb

It write this post with an extremely happy heart because I just booked the flight to visit Canada in August!! 21 days!! After days and days of looking for cheap flights we finally managed to find the right one. I still can’t believe it, my first time on the other side of the Atlantic (seen from Europe). The best thing is, I will not travel alone but with two friends, one of whom I met during my stay abroad in Sweden last year.

“Adventure is out there” my friends!!

We plan to hit the landmarks of Toronto, Ottawa, Montréal, Quebec City and everything else we can find and fit into our timespan along the road. My only problem is, this event still being 200 days away. What will I do in the meantime? I mean, I already packed my backpack mentally, although I might actually have to pack it 3 times before everything fits in the way it’s supposed to. Of course there are still some preparations we will have to go through, planning each stop along the way. Thankfully we already know where we will stay and how to move from place to place, since all of us are under 25 thus making it too expensive to rent a car. Therefore we plan to go Via Rail, it seems like a good alternative and not too stressful since we are not the ones driving.

For me this marks an epic event because I’ve never been this far away from home alone and never on that side of Europe. I have been to a number of places, many of them in Europe and the Near East. But this time it will be totally different, no cruise with my mom, it will be an individual tour, where I don’t have to choose between pre-arranged tours and listening to a tour guide when all I want to do is wander the streets and absorb the life happening around me.

Ok, ok I know this will be embarrassing but I re-arranged the text of Canada’s national anthem, or at least part of it. Here it comes:

Oh Canada,
We will visit in August
Thy Indian Summer may shine golden.

With giddy hearts we await thy
Friendliness and beauty.

I didn’t manage more, and at least in my head it matches the anthem :D

That’s all for now, I will soon return to studying for one of my exams next week but rest assured, I will jump up and down a few times before settling in front of my desk again! Oh, and I apologize for overusing the exclamation marks but I’m just THAT excited ;-)


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