Last Man Standing

17 Jan

Last night I bought a bag of my favorite potato chips but when I finally had time to enjoy them, nothing good was on TV. Maybe some of you know the feeling, you eat something you like, you need to watch TV to accompany it, well maybe you don’t but that’s how it works for me. Love to eat while watching something good.

So, after wondering what to watch, since there was no new episode of the shows I usually watch (I already watched the season 2 finale of Sherlock during lunch) I had to think of something else. Then I remembered a tip I got from a very dear friend of mine, to check out Tim Allen’s new show Last Man Standing, and it saved my evening. Well, actually it cost me some sleep because I couldn’t stop watching it until I barely could keep my eyes open. But that’s the price you pay for watching good TV :-)

And I have to say, it is awesome to see Tim Allen back on TV because I grew up watching Home Improvement. I loved to see Tim Taylor screwing up week after week. Though Mike Baxter has almost nothing in common with Tim Taylor, except for both of them being fathers to three children, it is good to have Tim Allen back on a TV screen week after week and I know that I said it twice, but who cares ;-)).

I know that I came a little bit late to this particular show, because it started 13 episodes ago and the broad reception it got, was mixed. But the fact that I managed to watch all 13 episodes in less than 24 hours should show my appreciation for this show. Especially when you consider that I had three lectures and a dentists appointment today.
So, to sum up this post, Last Man Standing is going on my weekly WatchList. Just like another new show of the season, New Girl, but that my be a topic for a completely different post…


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