Confessions of a TV junkie

10 Oct

Ever since I was a child the tele had a big influence on me. My now twenty-something years of age have not changed me a bit in this particular habit. Whenever I come home from work or studying, the first thing (after checking my mails and Facebook) I want to do is go watch an episode of a good TV show in order to unwind.

There you have it, I’m one of those who grew up watching too much TV, at least some would say. But the thing is I’m picky, I like good shows but what does classify as a good TV show? This is really hard to answer and I believe everybody is different in that way.

For me it is all about characters and decent writing. Whether I like the actor’s job in portraying a character is also very important to me. If they suck, I don’t bother about the show and move on to something closer to my taste. One of my favorite drama shows is The West Wing because it does make me feel that I get smarter every time I watch an episode, whether this is actually true or not. Though to be honest, it is not a show you can watch while doing something else, because it moves at a fast pace and is quite intense so it requires some dedication from its viewer but is so worth it after all!

Although I have watched a lot of TV-shows, I do not even come close to having seen all or even a majority of those that are out there. In a lot of cases the premise of the show is just not interesting to me, which is fine I guess. We cannot all have the same taste not regarding TV or clothes or anything. But then again, why do some shows succeed and some don’t? I don’t think that I am able to give a satisfying answer. Because so far, I did fall in love with a number of one-season-only shows and could not figure out, why they didn’t get the audience they  deserved and thus remained on the air for more than one season. I only know that I rather watch something which requires a little brain function to understand all that is going on than something so mind-numbing I want to punch my fist through the wall.

Even though I still don’t feel sleepy I will try to fall asleep now, who knows, maybe my next post will be about insomnia ;-)


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